Benefits Of Salonist Membership Program

POSTED BY Cathrine William

Salonist Membership Card

Salonist Membership programs are an important component of business development. It helps increase profits, drive repeat customer visits, and increase the frequency and volume of purchases. 

With their help, you can attract new salon customers and make old ones more loyal. A Salonist’s membership program should work in a complex way, solving several problems at the same time. It is aimed both at those who have already used the services of the Salon and at potential customers who have not yet made their first purchase.

The system of discounts or bonuses should in one way or another motivate customers to return. Besides, rewards for recommendations, reposts, or other exchange of information about the company helps to find new clients who may be interested in your offers. To achieve these goals, various means are used:

  • increase bonus points;
  • multilevel systems of discounts tied to the total volume of purchases;
  • cashback, that is, the return of part of the amount spent;
  • the reward for the purchase of a certain number of products, etc.

To know more about the membership programs, you should find out the benefits it presents to its potential customers. Keep on reading!

How Membership Programs in Salon are beneficial?

#1. Frequent bookings

The customers generally have the incentive to be a member as they can get more advantages at less cost. It could be in the form of free discounts, credits, and services (paid at the membership price). To take full leverage of membership, the customers will visit the Salon on a regular basis.

#2. Boost in Salon sales

The aim of upselling is to influence the customers to buy services or products that they were not considered initially. Here, membership works as an upselling strategy with the less conventional yet effective service and less popular service. The customers may analyze the improved value and check out something unique. 

Such as many customers save time or some dollars by trying something at home when they really should visit you. The membership package and the maintenance plans such as discounted hair color stripes and free hair count will definitely increase the appointment bookings, more revenue, and retain the damage done before. Certainly, as the maintenance grows, customers will also get higher satisfaction, which will lead to a greater retention rate!

#3. New customers

In addition to getting higher satisfaction, which leads to more favorable reviews and more word of mouth, you can also include a “bring a friend” program to attract new customers to your place.

The customers usually value recommendations from friends, but sometimes it’s not adequate for them to try your salon. Encourage them to visit you by permitting the members to bring the family or friends in free (including the membership cost as well) service several times a year. The members will enjoy this and you can please their friends and convert them into regular customers.

#4. Regular Cash Flow

Customers must pay for their members before providing any services. Even in many months if they are not claiming any advantages, you will surely get the revenue. With the regular cash flow for the membership program, you can more confidently pay off your expenses.

#5. Constant Rebookings

In a severe economic situation, customers tend to reduce spending. Though, compared to eliminating daily activities, they are more likely to reduce one-time expenses. Like; they are more apt to postpone buying new clothes than buying a cup of coffee every day. Likewise, your Salon members see monthly appointments as part of their lifestyle and would be more reluctant to delay or cancel their massages (particularly if they are locked out for some time).

Why Avoid Membership Program

It is important to understand that the elements of a membership program are somehow associated with additional costs. You provide some kind of discounted service or offer customers a free offer. Therefore, it is necessary to track the effectiveness of the promotions that you offer to customers. If they truly drive loyal customers, the costs will soon pay off as they come back for shopping again and again. For some membership programs, the effectiveness is reduced due to the fact that using them requires additional effort.

#Confined Capacity

We have mentioned before as well, the membership programs will lead to booking inquiries. You will like to assure that these discount service appointments do not lessen your ability to accept regular service appointments. As members have previously paid for specific benefits, they have to be prioritized. By spending regular sales, you will cut your savings and may lose few customers because they cannot get appointments. This can be alleviated by increasing working hours, hiring a new hairstylist (if available), or restricting membership redemption to close hours. Some salons also restrict the number of members available.

#Management Issues

Do you own the resources required to manage the membership program? At the very least, you have to track the history of billing and redemptions to understand who paid the charges and whether they have asked for benefits or not. 

Though, you got lucky! Our Salonist Software is here to simply make, sell and handle the memberships. Besides, the Salonist also supports you to manage online bookings, track inventory, send promotional text and email messages, etc.

Concluding Remarks

Maintaining a client base in the membership program allows you to cope with problems. You will be able to send information about bonus offers and promotions, taking into account the current information that customers have indicated about themselves, the history of previous purchases and other information. As a result, the likelihood of responding to proposals will significantly increase.

In addition, it is important to understand that a membership program in itself is not the only means of attracting customers. It will only work if you offer quality products and services that are highly praised by your customers.

So, start using the Salonist membership programs to have additional Salon benefits. Do share your thoughts with us. Thanks for reading!