Why Do You Need a Manicure and Pedicure?

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and pedicure are often thought to be a way of pampering yourself, but they are more than that. Along with making your hands, feet, and nails look gorgeous, it has a long-term advantage for your overall well-being.

The aim of this article is to show you why having manicure and pedicure is a must after some time. Keep on reading!

Why Do You Need a Manicure?

A neat manicure is a kind of visiting card that neither a housewife nor a businesswoman can do without. You can take care of your hands and enhance the appearance of your fingernails, but it is still better to entrust your handles to nail service specialists.  

  • Manicure is primarily a hygienic procedure. Cleansing your nails prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria. If they enter the stomach, they can cause serious illness. 
  • Clean nails and sensitive skin are always reflected as a hint of aristocratic influence. Now the pedigree does not matter, but we are still greeted by clothes. It is unlikely that a person of high social status is ready to appear in public with sloppy nails. If you want to make a good impression, don’t overlook your manicure. 
  • For some professions, a manicure is a mandatory attribute. Along with the dress code, some companies have beauty standards and employees must watch their nails. As a rule, this applies to office professions: managers, accountants. Also, a manicure is required from service workers: waiters, bartenders, masseurs, managers.
  • With the help of a manicure, you can express yourself and attract attention. For example, bright nails can represent a creative personality. Pastel nails – express a calm mood. If your activity is related to the stage and artistry, then a bright manicure with rhinestones or drawings will help to attract attention.
  • A manicure will help to complete and complement the look in an advantageous way. Nails to match the dress or shoes will emphasize your beauty and give confidence in your irresistibility.

Why Do You Need a Pedicure?

We believe that pedicure should not be neglected. It is worth keeping your nails in good condition not only in summer but also in winter.

  • A pedicure is done not only for beauty but also for health. For example, the skin of the heels can be rougher due to sudden changes in temperature and dry warm air from heating. Failure to moisturize and soften the skin in time can lead to cracks. Cracks, in turn, can cause pain and infection. 
  • In the cold season, feet can sweat due to too warm shoes. Hygiene procedures can help prevent fungal infections and eliminate unpleasant odors. 
  • Like a manicure, a pedicure can complement a summer look in an advantageous way. The bright color of the nails seen from the sandals will appeal not only to you but also to those around you. 
  • Experts do not recommend cutting your toenails on your own – this can lead to ingrowth of the nail into the skin. If this happens, only a podiatrist can help. But do not forget to remove the length of your nails. Pedicure is a good prevention of an ingrown toenail.
  • Another reason to get nails done in a Moscow salon is the opportunity to please yourself, relax, and take a break from every day worries.

Why Should You Get Manicure and Pedicure Done in the Salon?

Nail and feet care in the salon include many additional procedures, thanks to which the beauty and health of the nail plates are ensured. After all, cleaning, moisturizing, massage, and polishing can be performed. In addition, it is much easier to make an unusual and original design in the salon, taking into account your preferences. It is enough to explain to the master what the result is to be obtained.

There are many techniques for obtaining a specific design. As professional craftsmen are constantly improving, they can complete complex designs that cannot be done on their own. 

A quality manicure and pedicure is not only a neat finish but also proper care. All steps are very important to make your nails strong and beautiful. It is enough to choose a suitable procedure in a manicure salon, with the help of which you can find a neat look of nails with the desired color and design.