How to Engage more Nail Salon Customers with Booking App

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Nail Salon Booking App

Living in a world of modernization, everyone is looking for measures to adjust properly!!

Indeed, for the business, it has become a challenge. The traditional ways of managing every daily task have evaporated. And it has become a dire necessity to follow the aspects that can make you stand out in this competitive world.

The beauty industry also got affected, and to keep up the production, they are following the best practices. Let us be very clear: some pairs of good scissors are not going to increase salon efficiency; there is more than that!

For nail salons, the competition is tougher. From managing the day-to-day tasks to scheduling appointments, marketing, and salon promotion, there is always a lot of work. The Nail Salon Industry comprises nail care services such as pedicures, manicures, false nails, selling nail care accessories and nail polishes, etc.

We have seen most of the best salon managers step back because they did not get the ideas to streamline their nail salon business.

Surely, you might be thinking, What could be done then?

You can have a long debate on how to engage more customers in your hair salon. But is it worth it?

You need to spill the beans and get the Nail Salon Booking App. Yes, you heard me right!!

By getting an outstanding beauty app, you are not only showing your customers that you value them but also assuring them that you are ready for the next level. The appointment booking app is known to give your nail business new customers, unleash repeat business, and improve the customer retention rate.

If we look at some of the statistics, then we have discovered that the nail salon Industry sale in 2019 were $5.9 billion. And $.2 million was the approximate average sales per company. The forecasted inflation is -1.2% in 2020. The graph is a depiction of the market forecast for future growth trends and the long-term industry outlook. The forecast until 2025 implies both short-term and long-term trends.

So, what are your ideas regarding getting a nail salon app? Or precisely, how are you going to boost your salon sales and increase bookings?

Do not let any hurdle come in between just because of the lack of online visibility. Now, you have the master that can help you improve your sales funnel.

A mobile app for your salon business is definitely a boon. It completely improves your customer volume, therefore increasing your booking and then the overall salon ROI. Above all, your brand value will increase.

We promise you that this app world is not going to end anytime soon. Customers are going to love this convenient and user-friendly approach. In short, it does not let you miss any of the business opportunities, even though it will improve your online visibility and connect you with more customers.

How Nail Salon Booking App essential?

The best nail salon application is a mixture of the latest technologies. It has a user-friendly application interface that includes comprehensive features for your salon business and, especially, for your customers.

This salon app permits the salon owner to get connected with the customers on an entirely different level. It allows you to centralize your attention on other important business activities and, most importantly, on engaging more and more customers. To get straight to the point, it is personalized customer service at its best.

In this digital age, no one prefers to work on the desktop every time to execute their business tasks. The mobile app is there to give you convenience. Now, you can get to know your local customers and schedule their bookings with you conveniently. Or, enable them to use your app to book with your nail salon.

You can integrate your mobile app with your website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. This way, you are making it seamless for your customers and Instagram visitors to book with you and enjoy your services and products. All they need to do is click on the “Book Now” button, and that’s it!!

Continuing that, let’s look at the features of the Nail Salon App that make it the best choice for your business.

Features of Nail Salon Booking App

#1. Online Booking

As of now, we know about the digital changes that have revolutionized the salon industry. If we consider the current scenario, customers have to book appointments prior to visiting the nail salon to get the services. This is what everyone does before visiting the doctor.

The Nail Salon App has an integrated calendar for customers to easily schedule their appointments with you. The Salon app allows customers to pre-book so that they do not have to wait for their turn to get the services and, therefore, saves time.

After booking, the app sends an email and SMS in the form of a notification to the customers to confirm them. Hence, they will get to know about their upcoming appointments and make the time adjustments accordingly.

In addition, the Nail Salon app even allows several customers to book with you at one time. You can check out your booking schedule and book accordingly. Hence, you can increase your customer volume and improve sales.

But the customers have to fill out the booking form before booking an appointment with you, which contains information like:

  • What service do they want to have?
  • What is the appropriate time and date?
  • Are they visiting for the first time at your nail salon?
  • Any feedback or reviews for the services?

#2. Reward or Loyalty Programs

Allow your potential customers to book with you only whenever they need to with the loyalty programs in the online booking salon software. Make them loyal, offer them some discounts and special offers, and engage them more.

You can offer them discount coupons to give them tailor-made services and some free services. Also, ask them to refer their friends and family to your salon for pampering, relaxation, and beauty.

This can also be done through rewards programs and memberships. And in return, give them some rewards. Moreover, your staff members can also get in on the referrals, and you can give them incentives. Implementing the full-fledged program will not only improve the frequency of bringing in new customers but also improve your loyalty to them.

#3. Inventory Management

Every nail salon these days has a variety of ranges and types of products that could be used according to the services provided to the customers. With the salon booking app, you can get an idea of which products are required in what percentage and which in what percentage.

Make an eye on your salon inventory and do not let your salon products get out of range. Now, you can check your products regularly by their name, and if they need to refill, then just place the order. Also, if some of the items are not required, then remove them from the inventory.

You can also add up the full information about the products, like their name and description, in the app. And know how much of your products are used on a regular basis. Do not forget to update the stock as per the customers’ demand and market demand.

#4. Notification System

It is essential to maintain regular footfall at your salon. Therefore, you should notify your customers regarding what your nail salon is currently offering in the form of SMS and emails. Make them aware of every single piece of information that is important for them to know.

The app sends notifications to customers regarding upcoming appointments, pending payments, birthdays or anniversaries, etc. Show your customers that you value them and start using the mobile app now. You can use any of the methods, either SMS or email, to send reminders or notifications to the customers and engage them more with your salon brand.

Even in the downtime, if you want to create more revenue, use push notifications and do it proactively. From the mobile app, notifications across different platforms, such as Facebook, iOS, Android, and Twitter, can also be managed.

#5. Online Shopping Cart

Shopping from an app is such a convenient task; you can attract as many customers as you want. How? We know that customers like to purchase nail products, like nail paints, nail extensions, nail filers, nail paint remover, etc., online nowadays, as it saves time and is highly comfortable. On top of that, the online websites provide discounts and offers to a high extent on the products themselves. Including the “Online Shopping Cart” feature in your cart will surely give you more customers and enable them to make purchases promptly.

The customers can check the number of products your nail salon is offering. And, additionally, you can include gift cards, memberships, packages, and want-to-buy products in the shopping carts. Besides, they can remove or review the products that they do not want to buy.

#6. Business Analytics

To know how your salon is performing, you need to know its analytics—existing and future. With the right knowledge and at the right time, you can increase your salon productivity. This even shows where you are lagging and what you need to improve to capture more customers at your salon door.

And this is what you can achieve with the Nail Salon Booking App. From this, you can keep your salon ahead and defeat your competitors. It shows you an error-free analysis report, and, therefore, you can determine the well-being of your nail salon business. Develop your salon business comprehensively and improve your position in the beauty market.

#7. Staff management

You cannot run your nail salon alone; you need a team that helps you get the top position. Get a team of the best and most experienced stylists who are efficient at different tasks.

Be smart while hiring them, and check out their profiles effectively. Hire only those that you think are according to your desires. After hiring them, manage them effectively. Check out how they are performing, and know their performance. For that, you need to enter their names, the date of joining, their expertise area, and some other details, like their email ID, address, and contact number.

Additionally, you can keep their payment structure record. From here, you will learn about their salary and how much you have paid.

#8. Point of sale (POS)

The Salon app has a point-of-sale system with an integrated appointment system. This is because of the reason that it makes selling the Salon products more. Now, you can track your Salon sales, appointments, inventory, services, etc.

POS notifies you whenever your salon products are out of stock and allows you to refill accordingly. It encompasses reliable and convenient payment gateways. This way, the customers can easily pay for the services they have taken from the salon.

Concluding Remarks

Modern-day nail salons are very different from traditional ones. Indeed, they have to be!! Only then the customers visit their salons.

Embracing new technologies and solutions is needed to make your online and offline presence stronger.

The time is mobile now, so the salon has to be mobile-driven. You need to get every detail of your salon mobile-only to involve more customers.

Keeping that in mind, we have curated the features that the Nail Salon Booking App should have. Include them and take a step towards development.

Let us know your views regarding this article. Do you find it informative? Or do you have some queries? Also, if you are experiencing the Salon app, then share your experience with us.

Thanks for reading!