How Ayara-Bien-être et massage Thaï switched to Salonist and increased Their Client Base

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Ayara-Bien etre et massage Thai

Ayara – Bien-être Et Massage Thaï located at Quais Ferry in Noumea is recognized for its relaxing massage on the whole body. They have a team of experts who specialize in Thai massages that help to relieve clients’ tension & improve blood circulation. They pride themselves on creating a peaceful haven for their clients, which ensures a truly relaxing experience.

However, everything is going well, Ayara finds itself with a loyal base of existing clients but a need for new leads. This makes the owner worried and forced to take some steps to increase their client base. Then, Ayara came to know about the Salonist

Their Issues 

  • Inconsistent and poor customer service leads to lower customer satisfaction. As a result, customers may choose to refrain from returning for future services.
  • Massage Center records all customer information in booklogs, which leads to errors. This impacts personalized service delivery.
  • Need more marketing tools to reach new potential clients.
  • They face challenges in managing the appointment booking process, which leads to double bookings. This hurts the customer’s mind regarding the massage center.
  • Not appreciate the loyal customer base, as they don’t have a record of who are their loyal customers. 

What Makes a Salonist the Best Choice for Your Business?

Salonist is a great tool for wellness businesses because it makes things simpler. It offers online booking,  reminder texts, CRM abilities, a sales system, and detailed reports—all in one cloud-based platform. Its easy-to-use interface means massage centers can start using it quickly without a lot of training. Salonist also has special loyalty programs to help centers attract new salon customers.

How Salonist help Ayara – Bien-être et Massage Thaï to Uplift their Customer Base?

  • An online booking system streamlined the appointment scheduling process. This also lowered no-shows via sending reminder texts to clients to be on time for the services.
  • It helps to build customer profiles that are useful for providing personalized services and follow-up communications. 
  • The system can run targeted email marketing campaigns. This attracts new clients and retains existing ones.
  • Salonist has a loyalty and referral program. This program incentivizes repeat and referral visits in the form of offering special discounts that lead to increased customer engagement.
  • Use analytics to understand customer choices that help to refine marketing plans accordingly. 

Statement From a Professional Massage Center Owner

As the owner of Ayara – Bien-être et Massage Thaï, adopting Salonist has been a game-changer for our business. We have seen a massive level of improvement in our day-to-day operations, particularly in how we manage appointments & interact with our clients. The platform’s advanced features have not only simplified our workflow but also enabled us to provide a personalized experience that keeps our clients coming back. I am truly impressed by how much our client base has grown since we started using Salonist.


  • A great hike is seen in appointment bookings.
  • Customer retention rates improved by 30%.
  • A 20% growth in new client acquisitions through SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Improved customer satisfaction scores due to timely delivery of services.

Learning Points 

  • Active engagement is the key to retaining and expanding a customer base.
  • Regular analysis of business analytics helps in making decisions that lead to growth and success.
  • Funding in the right solution enhances working efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Final Words

Switching to Salonist has helped Ayara – Bien-être et Massage Thaï step up their game. It proves how important it is for salons and spas to use tech to grow. This solution helps to improve service and attract more customers into the business.