20+ Proven Strategies for Attracting New Salon Clients

POSTED BY Cathrine William

Attract New Salon Clients

In the beauty industry, the growth and retention of your salon client base depend on your ability to draw in new customers. However, with the abundance of salons, it might be challenging to deal with the competition and attract new salon clients. Fortunately, there are a number of tried-and-true tactics you may employ to differentiate yourself from the competition. You can build your salon clientele and expand business by implementing certain efficient marketing methods and concentrating on providing a superb salon experience.

These strategies range from offering promotions and events to social media marketing. They can help you expand your clientele and create a successful company.  In this blog, I’ll go over 20+ such tactics that you can start using in your salon and get results right away.

Let’s get started and discover how to increase traffic coming through your salon door!

Proven Strategies Need To Implement for Attracting New Salon Clients

In this segment, I will cover the most amazing tactics to attract more customers to your salon. These strategies are sure to work if you implement them right, so pay attention.

#1. Build a Strong Online Presence

In this modern digital era, having a reputable website and active social media profiles are essential for any business. Thus, having a professionally designed website that displays your salon’s offerings and costs, as well as top-notch images, is a must. This will draw in prospective customers who are doing online salon shopping. Similarly, you may engage with potential customers through posts, stories, and promotions on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

#2. Offer Referral Incentives

Offer referral incentives

Word-of-mouth advertising is an effective technique for marketing your salon services. Moreover, if you treat your customers well, they’ll be more inclined to recommend your salon to their friends and relatives. Encourage your current salon clients to draw in new business by providing incentives like discounts or free services for each client they bring. As a result, you might attract new customers who eventually become regulars in your salon.

#3. Host Events

Organizing events like product launches, fundraising activities, and themed parties might draw new customers who are curious about your salon’s offerings. Potential customers can connect with your personnel at these events, learn more about your services, and possibly schedule appointments. This is a proven technique that can get people talking about your salon services and can help to gain more salon clients.

#4. Create Seasonal Promotions

Create seasonal promotions

Another strategy to attract new customers and increase your sales is offering seasonal promotions. These seasonal discounts or promotions can attract new salon clients who are looking for a satisfactory deal. Also, promote these special offers through your website, social media accounts, and email marketing. Doing so will help you reach a wider audience and potentially gain new salon clients.

#5. Partner With Local Businesses

Partnerships have proven to be a mutually fruitful practice in many industries. Similarly, collaborating with local companies like hotels, gyms, or bridal salons might help draw in more customers. You can reach a larger audience and possibly attract new customers interested in your salon’s services by providing package discounts or cross-promotions.

#6. Attend Trade Shows And Conventions

To survive and flourish in the beauty industry you need to create a network of knowledgeable and experienced people from the industry. Well, attending industry events is a great way to network with other salon owners and professionals. These connections and meetings can help you learn about new products and techniques. You can also observe and learn how to unlock your salon potential clients who may be attending the event.

#7. Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

Search engine optimization strategies are a great way to increase the online presence of any business. If you use the right keywords and SEO strategies, your salon’s website may rank higher on Google and other search engines. By doing this, you might gain more visibility and even draw in new customers who are looking for salon services. You can also optimize your salon website to target the nearby audience with Local SEO strategies.

#8. Offer a Loyalty Program

You can promote repeat business and develop a devoted clientele by giving loyal customers discounts or free services. It can be done best by creating a loyalty program that rewards loyal customers for their repeat business. A well-crafted salon loyalty program can encourage customers to recommend your salon to their friends and family. This increases the possibility of your loyal customers bringing in more customers.

#9. Use Email Marketing 

Email marketing is an awesome way to keep your existing customers engaged and attract potential customers. You can send newsletters and marketing emails to inform customers about new services and specials. With such emails, you can keep your salon client’s attention, and you can even attract new customers who are looking for your services.

#10. Host Giveaways On Social Media

The majority of people with smartphones are on social media, and they are constantly looking for something exciting. Well, you can offer them this excitement by hosting social media giveaways and competitions. These events can bring in new followers and prospective customers who are interested in your salon’s services. Moreover, you can entice potential customers to test out your salon and possibly become regulars by providing a complimentary service.

#11. Encourage Online Reviews

Encourage Online Reviews

Feedback and reviews are necessary for every business to learn how their services are received by their customers. So, to engage audiences and invite new customers, it’s important that you encourage them to leave honest reviews about your salon services. For your salon, positive online reviews can be a potent marketing tool. Encourage and ask happy customers to submit reviews on websites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. These reviews will improve your salon’s reputation and draw in new customers who are looking for highly-rated salons.

#12. Offer Package Deals

For customers wishing to save money or try out new services, package deals that bundle many services can be a tempting option. You can engage your existing customers with these value-for-money package deals. Plus, you can draw in new customers by advertising these deals on your website and social media pages.

#13. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a relatively new handy marketing tool for the promotion of products and services and increasing customer base. You can collaborate with a local influencer who has a sizable social media following and ask them to promote your salon services. With this, you can get in touch with a larger audience and possibly attract new customers to your salon.

#14. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is the fundamental factor in ensuring great client satisfaction and brand image. This improved image can help you develop a devoted clientele and draw in additional customers through word-of-mouth. Be certain that your personnel receive the necessary training to deliver top-notch customer service and go above and beyond to satisfy your salon clients.

#15. Showcase Your Work On Social media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are wonderful places to showcase your salon’s work and create a buzz among the audience. For this, you can frequently share high-quality pictures and videos of your salon. Salon tour videos are a popular way to showcase the ambiance and services of your salon. With these, you can promote your abilities and attract more customers.

#16. Offer Free Consultations

Before booking appointments, giving prospective customers free consultations will help them gain trust and learn more about the services offered by your salon. Also, respond to the queries of your potential customers with personalized recommendations and answers. You can also update blogs explaining the latest trends and developments in the industry and your concerning services. With free consultations and personalized information, more people will be drawn to your services and they might become a customer.

#17. Participate in Local Events

Apart from organizing events, you can also participate in them and both of these will help you gain exposure. Participation in neighborhood events like festivals or community fairs can help you attract more clients to your salon. At the event, set up a booth and offer a trial of your services or distribute discount coupons inviting them to your salon. With this practice, you can come in contact with new audiences and can attract them with your services or advertising material.

#18. Use Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business presence for your salon can help increase its visibility in the local search results. With this improved visibility your business can draw in new customers who are looking for salon services nearby. However, just getting a higher rank on local search results is not enough to convert more sales. To make a good first impression on potential customers, make sure to frequently update your ad with correct information and high-quality photographs.

#19. Partner With Local Charities

By collaborating with local charities, you demonstrate your dedication to giving back to society and may increase the visibility of your salon. You can also hold or participate in charitable events and cater to the needy through your services or otherwise. In these events, you may encounter customers who are enthusiastic about doing business with companies that give back by contributing goods or services.

#20. Offer Mobile Services

Mobile services can be a brilliant way to increase your customer base and expand your business area. With these services, you can approach and serve customers who are unable to visit the salon. Your services will be more approachable to people who want salon treatment in the comfort of their homes. Offering mobile service can open up new avenues for you to reach out to a wider audience and gain more customers.

#21. Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on websites like Google Ads and Facebook Ads can help your business become more visible. You can also focus these advertisements on particular demographics and geographic areas to target audiences from these areas. This will help you personalize the ads and reach out to potential customers.

Parting Words

So, this brings my guide of 20+ proven strategies for attracting new salon clients to your business. As you can see there are numerous tried-and-true methods for drawing new customers to your salon. By implementing the strategies I shared, you can develop a huge client base and keep bringing new customers to your salon. You can also combine these techniques to attract more salon clients and build a loyal customer base. So, put this valuable information to good use and flourish your salon business.