Discover How Hairbar Salon Chain Uses Salonist to Manage Their Locations

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Hairbar Salon

Hairbar is a great hair salon in Bangladesh. Customers visit here again and again just because of the excellent beauty services. It has a rapidly expanding franchise with multiple locations in the following cities. These are Gulshan, Dhanmondi Shankar, and Mohakhali DOHS. Their unique blend of salon services primarily focuses on hair care treatments. They also focus on hair styling and grooming to meet the specific styling needs of their customers. With these services, they aim to provide the best customer experiences at their every visit. However, as their network of salons continued to grow, managing operations became more complex. Therefore, they need an advanced management system to transform their salon business.

List of Challenges Hairbar Faced

Hairbar struggled with the below challenges that need to be improved:

  • The first challenge is that each location has its own set of staff members. In addition, it has its own client base, and most importantly, a range of services. So, it is quite difficult for the salon owner to manage all locations alone. Likewise, a hairbar owner faces the challenge of coordinating hair care operations and more.
  • Coordinating appointments at many hair salon locations proved to be time and effort-consuming.
  • It is difficult for the manager to keep track of all hair salon stocks. This leads to stockouts and even results in overstocking sometimes. 
  • Each hairbar location has a different customer base. It is challenging for a manager to keep a complete record of all the customer’s information. This comprises their preferences, past buy history, and much more. Misplacement of customer data leads to poor customer satisfaction.

Solution Deployed

Salonist was chosen as the solution to solve these problems. This is due to its advanced salon management features and an easy-to-use interface. Plus, it can manage all salon chain operations across each and every location over just one dashboard. This way, it improves staff productivity as well as the customer service experience. 

How Salonist Manages Hairbar Salon Across Locations?

Salonist is the best cloud-based solution. There are many different ways it manages the Hairbar salon. Here is how it helped them overcome their challenges:

  • Salonist provides a centralized dashboard. This dashboard is accessible from anywhere 24/7 with ease. All that is needed is just a strong internet connection. The salon owner can oversee all of their hair salon operations right from all locations in real-time. Moreover, they can analyze all the salon performance reports on all the outlets. This helps make better and even more informed decisions.
  • With Salonist’s appointment scheduling feature, clients can book appointments online with quite less effort. They can choose their best salon location, service, and even the hairstylist. The system automatically syncs bookings across all the locations, which helps to avoid double bookings and manage the staff schedules well.
  • Salonist simplifies the entire inventory tracking and also management for the Hairbar chains. It provides them with the right tools to monitor stock levels, automate reordering as needed, and track their usage across all locations. This convenience saves a great amount on the cost of stock wastage which helps to improve and make the customer experience better.
  • The client management functionality of the Salonist allowed the Hairbar chain to create client profiles. These profiles have important customer information. This may include their service history, purchase patterns, and much more. This enables you to provide personalized services to clients. It also helps to run targeted marketing campaigns across the entire chain and attract more customers.

After Effects of Salonist Integration

The integration of Salonist has changed our hair salon chain’s operations. Yes, we now have a centralized platform. It simplifies every aspect of our business, such as appointment scheduling, inventory management, and more. This has made our staff members more organized now. Even our customers are happier & satisfied with our vast range of beauty services. Our profitability has increased significantly. We now have more and much better growth opportunities.
– Sabikun Nahar Khan

Results Achieved

The following are the outcomes achieved: 

  • The whole appointment scheduling process improved. This leads to less wait time and increased customer satisfaction & retention as well.  
  • The enhanced inventory management reduced stockouts by a greater number. Also, it minimized a greater level of the wastage of hair care products.
  • Customer loyalty is enriched through targeted marketing efforts.
  • Greater transparency in staff performance as well as hair salon functions.
  • There is better usage of staff resources across all locations. This results in reduced labor costs.

Learning Points

  • The importance of centralized management solutions for multi-location businesses.
  • The impact of streamlined operations on customer satisfaction as well as profitability.
  • The value of real-time data and reporting in making informed business decisions.


In the end, the integration of cloud-based Salonist software in Hairbar is a big success. It helps to overcome the great challenges of managing many salon locations. Salonist has strongly helped to improve the entire customer experience. It has also helped to increase the chain’s profitability by centralizing operations and optimizing key processes.  This case study showcases the potential of salon management solutions for businesses in the beauty and wellness sector.