Ways Salonist Empowered Sea Sand Sun Studio to Thrive in Thailand

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Sea Sand Sun Studio

Sea Sand Sun Studio is one of the most reputed nail and eyelash studios situated in Thailand. They are famous for offering different kinds of nail, beauty, and eyelash care services at affordable prices. The salon has the most polite, talented, and knowledgeable staff that focuses on giving the best experience to customers. The Sea Sand Sun studio provides a relaxing environment to clients to make their experience more enjoyable. Staff members’ main focus is to provide satisfactory services to customers.

At Sea Sand Sun Studio, our team focuses on transforming beauty services.  We always keep on finding new ways to make our clients feel happy and satisfied. Whether it’s giving them longer nails or smoothing out rough skin on their feet, we’re here to make them feel pampered and confident.

-CEO at  Sea Sand Sun Studio

What Problems Did They Face?

Sea Sand Sun Studio faced several challenges in managing its operations efficiently. They used the old appointment scheduling methods which led to booking mistakes such as double bookings. This disturbed the staff’s working schedules and frustrated customers. Also, they faced difficulties tracking inventory stock which affected their service quality and spoiled customers’ experience. Moreover, they faced huge losses as they were managing finances manually. All of this affected their overall growth and affected image in the industry.

Why Salonist?

Now, the owner realized they needed an effective solution to save their salon from further recession. While searching for an effective solution, they found Salonist. They noticed that Salonist provides all the features that their business needs to improve. The owner checked that the software provides the most advanced and useful salon management features such as appointment bookings, finance management, inventory tracking, etc. They were impressed by the online positive reviews of the software posted by other users. After checking its free trial they finally decided to use Salonist for their salon’s improvements.

Appraisal Words for Salonist Software

Salonist is the best decision for my Sea Sand Sun Studio. Its attractive design and easy-to-use interface made it easy for my staff members to use. Salonist’s advanced features automate administrative tasks which reduces the chances of errors and saves employees time. Now, my employees focus on offering the best services to customers.


  • Its online appointment booking feature reduced the cases of double bookings and any scheduling mistakes. This helped staff attend to each client according to their scheduled appointment.
  • Salonist monitored both in-house & retail inventory stock and sent reminders when the stock was low. This helped management to refill the inventories on time.
  • It automated the financing tasks such as billings and expense tracking. This reduced human errors and resulted in better finance management.
  • The Salonist collected data and provided business activity reports that helped the owner find troubling areas and make improvements.

Learning points

  • It is vital to invest in technology such as salon management software like Salonist to compete with other salons in the industry.
  • Always gives priority to salon customers’ satisfaction and making their experience wonderful. They are responsible for creating a new image and bringing in new customers.
  • It is suggested to follow smart strategies to run every task smoothly and change according to the changing demands of modern clients.
  • Always stay aware of the new trends and styles to provide fresh services to clients.


Salonist helped Sea Sand Sun Studio to grow its salon business in Thailand. It made their daily routine tasks easy to manage and reduced no-shows. The software provides many advanced features that reduce staff work burden and give them enough time to work on their skills to provide excellent customer service.  Thus, Salonist comes out to be a cost-effective and transforming solution for Sea Sand Sun Studio to bring success to the market.

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