How to Increase Salon Clients Satisfaction Rate With Technology?

POSTED BY Cathrine William


Technology has been a great help in many sectors, so it is in the beauty industry as well. Many successful salons and spas have attained success in this field by integrating their salon business with technology. 

If till today you are not leveraging technology to the fullest honestly, you are missing many advantages. You can’t imagine how many privileges it offers. 

Integrate your business with the latest tools and techniques to get maximum output. Gone are the days when people used pen and paper to keep a record of their administrative tasks. Nowadays, there are several smart tools specifically meant for salon workflow. They intelligently complete every key salon operation without bothering the staff team. Thus, saves salon staff time and enables them to focus on their prioritized tasks.

Well, in the succeeding paras of our write-up we will share a few tips to increase Salons clients satisfaction rate with technology for more enhanced productivity.

How technology proves to be a boon in the beauty industry

#1. Social media marketing 

Technology has widened the scope of salon marketing trends. Earlier, there were fewer options to market business and for the same people have to invest huge bucks. But, with technological advancement, there are plenty of options available, and that too cost-effective.

In many cases, salon teams themselves promote their brand over different social channels. They frequently share their product images and videos as well showcasing their services to aware people regarding their brand. Salon marketing through social media is quick, easy, cost-effective, and most importantly yields quick results.

With the help of chatbots, customers can instantly ask their queries which is the best part. Simply, technology quickens your marketing in comparison to traditional old practices.

#2. Organize online surveys

We all know, holding a survey is the best mode to get a complete analysis of anything. You can also get a real-based analysis of your salon workflow by organizing a survey and technology provides the easiest channel for this. You can drop an email of your prepared survey to all your clients to know their views on your salon.

Now, you might be thinking about how it is productive? The feedback given by every client works great for you. It gives you a complete titbit of your salon functionality. Many customers appreciate you for your exceptional services and much more which gives you a sense of motivation. And, negative feedback is of major help as it gives you an idea of where improvements need to be made.

To get the survey done and not to be skipped by any client of yours, you can offer them a 10/20 % discount on their next visit.

#3. Enable online Scheduling

To increase salon clients satisfaction rate you need to enable online scheduling process., More than half of your clients prefer to contact your salon through an online channel instead of making calls at your reception. Online scheduling can show you more professionalism in your business in many ways. Some of your clients may not have time to call at your desk so can use online scheduling to book an appointment without hassle. 

Online scheduling is much more convenient for the client and for the staff of your salon as well. Digital scheduling can reduce the workload of your front desk employees so they can focus on your client’s needs already sitting in your salon.

#4. Accept new flexible payment methods to enhance customers journey

We all know in today’s world many customers prefer online transactions instead of offline. The whole world is going cashless as it is a quick, easy, and flexible mode of transaction. You can’t deny this fact, if customers don’t find an online mode of payment somewhere, they get annoyed and disappointed. 

Remember, you don’t have to give them any reason for disappointment. Many people still prefer to make the payment in cash where many of them prefer to use online payment methods as per their convenience. If you do not accept the payment in all modes then it may become a barrier for client retention as clients may get unsatisfied. Despite giving the best services, if in the end the client faces issues in making payment as per their ease then your complete efforts may ruin.

#5. Send clients regular reminders and check-ins

In today’s modern life, all are occupied in several works and your clients are also busy as are your employees. While there’s nothing more helpful than an appointment reminder and post-appointment check-in. Sending appointment reminders to your clients separately can be time-consuming. Therefore, technology is a pillar for the growth of your business as, the more time you’ll save the more can be utilized in salon clients satisfaction rate. 

There are such business SMS platforms that can automate the process of sending this easy communication quickly to all your registered clients. Sending reminders a day before their appointment conveys how each client is important to you and makes your clients more loyal to your brand. Similarly, sending an SMS after the service, to take the review of your salon clients satisfaction rate, also shows your professional conduct where the client also can put some suggestions.


Well, above mentioned pointers are just key benefits that you can get from technology, other than this there are plenty of other benefits. 

Keep yourself updated with all the technological advancements related to the beauty business. To fasten your salon operations, to save time, money, and energy, nothing could be better than salon technology. Trust us, when you use salon technology you will never end up taking the stress of your salon operations. Additionally, from marketing to managing every task of the salon, like inventory handling, quick payments, and whatnot, technology offers a helping hand.

Hopefully, you find our write-up interesting and beneficial, do let us know the same in the comment section below.

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