How to Earn a 5-star Salon Reviews

POSTED BY Julia Ching

5 star Salon Reviews

For the success, fame, and name of the salon business, customer reviews hold great value. In today’s world, customer Positive feedback acts as a testimony for new clients who want to try the new salon. These remarks minimize the level of fear among new clients that they have for the new beauty salon.  

Based on the previous client’s experiences they build trust and develop the courage to invest their earned money in the new salon. Most importantly it lets them know whether the respective beauty salon maintains quality or not as this matters most to the customers. The first thing that revolves around their brain is quality services. And when they get assurance of the same, their biggest worry flies off.

So you can yourself sense the true importance of salon customer reviews for the progress of your salon.

In this blog, our emphasis is on the same that how to earn 5-star salon reviews for your salon. Stay tuned with us to learn the same.

Golden Rules to Earn 5-star Salon Reviews 

#1. Make your customers day by complimenting them

Who does not like compliments? Everybody, right!! Charm them by praising them. Surely, it will make their day. Moreover, it’s the best way to initiate a conversation with your client if you don’t know how to start. 

Doing this will surely help you in maximizing engagements. If your clients are always on time, do praise them for their punctuality. Other than this if they hold an appealing personality, sincerity, or whatever, do compliment them. 

Most importantly, after their makeovers compliment them for their new look or style. This gives confidence to them in their new makeover. 

#2. Give your level best while serving customers

If you wish for 5-star salon reviews, you need to serve the same way as well. Running a salon business is not a piece of cake. You need to make praiseworthy efforts to get salon customers positive feedback.

If sometimes your team feels low, boost them, motivate them, you can’t disappoint your clients. 

To serve customers top-notch services should be your foremost goal. Make sure every customer should leave your salon doorstep with a smiling face. 

Promise to pursue excellence by delivering an unforgettable experience to your clients.

#3. Pay attention to quality services 

Pay keen attention to offering quality services, positive salon customer reviews will automatically come to you. And these customer reviews are great to uplift your salon and client base as well. 

These days, customer reviews play a significant role for every business. Because before choosing any brand related to anything customers first read reviews over online platforms. Positive feedback assures a guarantee to clients and builds customers’ trust in the respective brand. That’s why command over offering top-quality services to get positive remarks from clients. 

#4. Don’t forget to ask for reviews

In many cases, customers forget to give reviews and ratings even after having a pleasing experience. They are in so much of a hurry or sometimes it gets skipped from their mind to give reviews. 

So it would be better if you yourself ask for reviews. This way, you can gather tons of remarks from your customers and boost your salon presence. 

If you think it will sound awkward to clients, no it’s not. Ask them politely, they will never step back. 

Tip: Never miss the opportunity when customers are extremely overwhelmed by your services. This is the peak time to ask as clients are also waiting for the opportunity or way to express gratitude. 

#5. Respond to all the reviews good, bad both

Always keep in note that you have to answer all the reviews, not only positive ones. Response to positive remarks only and leaving behind negative seems you don’t value customers’ opinions. 

It is always good to accept mistakes, it shows how humble you are. If a customer is complaining then surely he/she has felt something. Respect their views instead of arguing to show yourself right. 

Express your sorry in reviews, say we are extremely sorry, and not repeat such things. Additionally, suggest them for a free visit at one of your exceptionally best specialists. This way you can show them that you so wanted to rectify your mistake. 

Responding to negative remarks in the most humble manner signifies your professionalism and work ethic.

#6. Keep a happy face while working

You might be thinking how does it matter. But truly it matters, a happy smiling face attracts tons of customers. On the other hand, a stressed face leaves a customer in worry whether his/ her makeover is going to be done rightly or not. A tiring face reveals that the respective employee may not finish appointments quickly just to cover all that day’s appointments. 

Thus, no matter how overloaded you are with your salon work, your customers should not sense it. It would be better if you will expand your salon team or find a solution for the same instead of compromising on quality. 

We simply mean a happy, joyful face plays a vital role. It leaves a positive impression on clients. So, always greet your clients with warm genuine smiles. 

#7. Offer reward points to loyal customers

Few clients raise maximum sales and revenue for you. They act as a saviour for your business. You should be always grateful to such clients for showing so much love and consistent faith in you. 

Show appreciation to your loyal clients with gifts, discounts, and coupons as a token of gratitude for their unwavering trust. In addition, emphasize the importance of a referral program, where they can refer friends and family, further strengthening your beauty brand’s growth through their valuable word-of-mouth endorsements.

Wrapping up

5-star Salon Reviews matters a lot for every beauty brand. Always make efforts to maintain the same. So you must know the tactics of how to generate as much positive feedback from customers. Because ultimately, it works great for your business, it builds your brand image among potential prospects. 

Simply, it’s the way to attract customers to your salon’s doorstep. Above mentioned pointers will surely help you out. Implement all these steps to attain maximum affirmative remarks from your clients. 

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