10 Tips to Increase Salon Customer Reviews

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Salon Customer Reviews

Increasing customer reviews for your salon is a great way to build trust and improve your online presence. These reviews act like personal recommendations, helping potential customers decide to use your services. More positive reviews can make your salon appear more trustworthy and easier to find online, attracting new clients. Encouraging happy customers to share their experiences online can help draw in more people and build a loyal customer base.

In this guide, we’ll explore 10 simple yet effective strategies to help you increase both the quantity and quality of your salon reviews.

Why Positive Salon Customer Reviews Matter?

Satisfied customers are great but in the digital world, their positive feedback is invaluable. These glowing reviews and testimonials act as a megaphone, building trust with potential customers, fostering loyalty from existing ones, and propelling you ahead of the competition.

Positive customer feedback is gold for businesses. Here’s why:

  • Boosted Reputation: Good reviews help build trust with new customers who might choose your services.
  • Happy Customers Stay Loyal: Customers who feel valued often come back.
  • Better Products and Services: Feedback helps you improve what you offer by showing what’s good and what needs work.
  • Empowers Your Brand: Good feedback highlights your strengths and makes you stand out from others.
  • Boosts Employee Morale: Happy customer comments can motivate your team and create a positive work atmosphere.

How to Increase Salon Customer Reviews?

#1. Make It Easy to Leave Feedback:

To boost the number of reviews your salon receives, focus on making the process as easy as possible for your customers. Start by integrating review links prominently on your website. Place them in a visible spot where clients can easily click to share their experiences. Include these links in all your email communications, such as appointment confirmations and follow-up messages.

Another effective strategy is to use QR codes in your salon. Display these codes at key points like the reception desk or styling stations. Customers can simply scan the QR code with their smartphones, and it will take them directly to your review page on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. This method removes extra steps, making it more likely that clients will leave a review right after their service when their satisfaction is highest.

#2. Ask at the Right Time:

Timing is crucial when asking for reviews. The best moment is right after a service is completed when the experience is fresh in the customer’s mind. Train your staff to politely ask for a review as part of their service wrap-up routine. This can be a simple question like, “Did everything go well with your service today?” followed by, “We’d love to hear your salon feedback, could you please leave us a review?” Providing this gentle nudge can significantly increase the likelihood of receiving feedback while the positive experience is still top of mind for the customer.

#3. Provide Incentives

Small incentives can motivate your customers to take the time to write a review. Consider rewarding them with a discount on their next visit or a complimentary small service, such as a brow touch-up. Alternatively, you could offer entry into a monthly draw for something more substantial, like a free haircut or product bundle. It’s important, however, to ensure that these incentives comply with the guidelines of the review platforms you’re using. Transparently communicate that the reward is for writing a review, not for writing only a positive review, to maintain the integrity of the feedback.

#4. Make Paper Feedback Cards

Most of the salons are still practicing the old ways to engage customers. Why not? If they are providing even some percentile of improvement, then it is worth it.

With an easy way of getting feedback with pen and paper questionnaires, you can improve!!

Though it is one of the most economical ways of collecting feedback from customers, it might have some hidden costs when it comes to understanding and sorting the provided feedback.

To obtain the essential actions from the feedback, the tabular method in the spreadsheet can be used. Examine them with notable time and effort. Then, find out how you can improve your flaws and make the appropriate changes.

#5. Respond to All Reviews

Show your customers that their opinions matter by responding to every positive and negative review. A simple “Thank you” shows appreciation for their time and positive reviews. For negative reviews, offer an apology and a solution to fix the issue. This method helps repair relationships with unhappy customers and shows others that your salon values feedback and strives to improve. By doing this, you boost your salon’s credibility and customer loyalty.

 #6. Leverage Social Media

Use your salon’s social media pages to encourage customer reviews. Post regularly about the importance of customer feedback. Include links to your review pages to make it easy for clients to leave their comments. Sharing positive reviews as testimonials can also attract more customers. These posts can show potential clients the quality of your services and the satisfaction of your current salon customers.

#7. Email Follow-Ups

Send a follow-up email after each appointment to thank customers for their visit. In the email, ask them to leave a review. Include direct links to review platforms to simplify the process. Personalize these emails to make them feel more genuine. You could mention details from their visit or reference any conversations you had. This personal touch can make customers more likely to respond and share their experiences.

#8. Create a Review-Friendly Atmosphere

Decorate your salon with gentle reminders for customers to leave a review. Place a tasteful sign at the reception desk that prompts clients as they check out. You can also use small table cards or posters in waiting areas. Ensure the atmosphere is always conducive to positive reviews by maintaining high standards of customer service and salon cleanliness. This creates a pleasant experience that customers are more likely to share in their reviews.

#9. Train Your Staff

Make sure your staff understands the importance of customer reviews and knows how to ask for them. Conduct role-playing sessions to train your team on how to request reviews naturally and effectively. These sessions can simulate various customer interactions, helping staff learn the best approaches to encourage reviews without making customers feel pressured. This training can greatly increase the likelihood of your salon receiving consistent and genuine customer feedback.

#10. Highlight the Importance of Reviews

Educate your customers on how their reviews can help improve the quality of your services. During interactions, mention that customer feedback is crucial for maintaining high standards and catering better to their needs. Explain that reviews not only help potential customers make informed decisions but also allow your salon to continuously improve. This transparency can motivate customers to contribute by leaving their feedback, feeling that they are part of your salon’s growth and excellence.

#11. Make Use of Special Occasions

Encourage customers to leave reviews during special occasions, such as after a seasonal makeover or a holiday special service. These are times when customers are likely to feel more engaged and appreciative of the exceptional service they received. Highlight these moments by asking for their feedback, which can capture their positive sentiments. This approach can lead to more enthusiastic and detailed reviews, as customers reflect on their unique experiences at your salon.

Grow and Promote your Salon with Customer feedback

To conclude, we assure you that feedback from salon customers is one of the best ways to engage customers in your salon.

You are definitely not going to regret it!!

To make it more convenient for you, we have listed some of the benefits you can experience with reviews.

#a. Engage new customers

As the salon owner, you must be aware of the power of personal recommendations or referrals. Recommending a friend or family member improves 10X the engagement of new customers.

#b. Grow customer loyalty

Engaging the customers publicly will make them feel that they are respected, valued, and recognized.

#c. Develop confidence and trust

Remember, your salon is a reflection of your customers and their experiences with you. The mixed reviews spread instantly and amplify confidence and trust in your salon.

#d. Boost the local Google ranking

If you have an urge to achieve success,  local Google reviews are essential.

#f. Strengthen brand awareness

Your competitors are experiencing reviews. And if you are not joining it, then you are neglecting the main object of building your salon brand.

#g. Do not hamper your Salon image with bad reviews

Imagine you have only two reviews—one positive and one negative. It will inevitably affect more shoppers than the ten reviews that have a single negative review.

#h. Know your customers

Feedback from salon customers helps you know what your customers are liking and disliking about your services and products. They might give a review of those points that they feel hesitant to make in front of others.

We hope you liked this article. If you have a query, then let us know in the comment section below. Or, if there are some more related points, do share them with us.

Thanks for reading!!

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