10 Tips to Increase Salon Customers Reviews

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Salon Customer Reviews

Do you know how much value customers’ reviews hold for your salon business?

Do you know the power of people’s feedback? 

Honestly, customer feedback works magically. It builds your brand gradually and develops customers’ trust. Whenever a person plans to choose a beauty salon, the very first thing they do is drive deep research. After all, it’s something related to their body and wellness. So, customers don’t want to compromise on the same.

Here customer feedback plays a vital role. When new customers read previous salon customers’ reviews they got the confidence to go ahead with the respective beauty brand. It gives them the courage to spend their hardened money. Especially the young youth as they are at their early stage of earning money.

Though beauty salons are a part of the life of people of all ages. But youth is the major source of salons income. So, they always read reviews before stepping into any salon. This is how reviews hold big potential. 

Well, stay tuned with us to know how you can get plenty of positive reviews.

Effective tactics to maximize the number of Salon Customers Reviews

#1. Install an efficient communication system

A good communication system is a crucial element to deliver a happy customer experience. 

A great system eliminates all the communication barriers that ruin clients’ experience. Every customer-facing business demands quality communication. And if you are failing to deliver then start working on it.

A good communication reminder system works great as it keeps reminding you regarding your scheduled appointments. It let go of all your frustration related to keeping a record of every client detail.

#2. Make them feel glad about complimentary services

Offering complimentary services is the best way to make customers’ experiences more outstanding and unforgettable. An extra effort from your side takes you nothing rather makes customers extremely happy.

This is simply a little gesture of love and concern that you can show to your customers. This way you can express to them how they are valuable to you.

For instance, if you are giving a haircut to your client, you can offer an extra service like hair styling, straightening, etc. If you are giving a body massage, you can give a complimentary service like a head massage to give customers more relief.

#3. Offer recommendations based on customers preferences

To retain customers’ preferences in mind is the best trick to make customers fall for your brand. There are many ways by which you can deeply understand a customer’s desires and preferences. The very first day customers step into your beauty salon start noting down their likes, dislikes, or whatever they are allergic to. By doing this you can serve them better on their next appointment.

By keeping things in mind, you can suggest services or products to clients as per their issues. If a customer is upset with her dry frizzy hair you can fly off his/her pain by recommending good products to them. On their next visit, you can keep this issue in mind and serve clients accordingly. 

We assure you they will surely cherish these lovely gestures of yours.

#4. Share your clients thanking words on social media

Nowadays, EQ i.e., the Emotional Quotient is playing a major role in the success of any business. Don’t stop wooing your clients even when they leave the salon. You can take further steps to build an emotional connection with your clients so that they feel valued. 

Once you are done with a session, take permission from your client to take pictures of your work for social media.

Post the picture on your social media platform and tag your client. They will surely appreciate it and reshare your post. Hence it will help you to increase more exposure.

You can share the post that was reshared by your client thanking you for your services. In this way, you will earn the trust of other clients even more and you will most likely attract new ones.

#5. Never hesitate to ask your customers to leave reviews

When a client visits your salon, ask them to leave a review about their experience. How can it help your business? It would be like killing two birds with one stone. Firstly, it will give you the opportunity to improve in the areas where you are lacking in. Secondly, it makes your clients feel worthy as this will give them an impression that you are respecting their opinions.

You can do this by sticking those stickers on your mirror. Then, also show them an appreciation for taking out the time to leave a review. How can you do this? You can put Salon Customers Reviews as testimonials on your website and social media platforms. Along with this, never forget to reply to all salon customer reviews, whether they are positive or negative.

#6. Post a follow-up email

Sending follow-up emails to get feedback is the easiest way to receive feedback. You can send an email to the customers after they have availed of your service. Or, even when the customer has purchased any product from you.

You must have experienced an email after availing of online services to rate them. Several instruments and providers are there to assist the salons to automate the same procedure.

Also, they assure that the feedback is sent to the important portals. Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Google are some of them.

#7. Assure two-way communication

It includes feedback from the receiver to the sender. This allows the sender to know what experience the receiver had while taking your services. After providing the services to the customers or on their reviews on the services you can revert them either by “Thank You” note.

“Put yourself in customer’s Shoes”, If you reviewed after taking the services but didn’t get a response on it then how would you feel “Neglected”. Both, Positive and Negative reviews are important to acknowledge if you want to earn the trust of your customers. You can know the customers’ needs more effectively through two-way communication and can get an idea of what actual improvement is required.

#8. Be authentic and real to your customers 

No matter what, in the end, everybody loves authenticity. If you are running a business it’s highly important to be realistic to customers. To generate happy and satisfied customers it’s very important to be authentic to them. 

Show what you are, what you can serve, not more than that. Never flaunt you offer these professional products or services if you actually don’t. Because when customers themselves realize things completely different after taking your services it pinches them badly. It breaks their trust. They will never think of coming back to your salon again. 

Breaching their trust once means letting your brand image down in your client’s eye. You will not get another golden opportunity to welcome those customers. 

Most importantly, it lets your image down. Unhappy customers start showing your real face to the world by giving negative reviews. As we know these days Salon Customers Reviews hold great value for every business. Thus, bad remarks result in the decline of client rates. 

We simply recommend, stay authentic to your customers. Show what you are. Command on the art of delivering outstanding customer service. It is more than sufficient for real clients.

#9. Always stand on your commitment

If you promised the moon, try to deliver it along with a handful of stars. In today’s competitive world, keeping promises is necessary to build salon customer loyalty. Making false commitments directly impacts your credibility and professionalism. 

To earn and maintain the trust of the client is easier rather than trying to get them back once it is lost. If you don’t want your business’ pillars to be shaken then always try to deliver your services as per your commitment. A scheduled appointment is your commitment then make sure to arrive on time until some dire comes up. 

If it’s not possible so instead of making excuses or lies make your customer understand by telling the actual challenge reason being you couldn’t make your commitment.

#10. Enhance customer service standards

Your top priority should be the customers as they are the core of every business. To enhance the customer services, first, you need to take the reviews from the customers and to understand their needs and experiences. To improve customer services, you can begin with building a strong customer service team like you can hire and train professionals with the right skills. You can send reminders to customers so the chances of missing appointments may become less which can make them feel that you value them. It would be beneficial if you listen to their suggestions and work accordingly.


Positive customer reviews act as a gamechanger for your salon’s business progress. Plenty of Salon Customer Reviews can change your whole image in the market. You don’t need to make extra efforts to market or promote your salon. Because half of your marketing gets done by your happy customers. 

Happy customers via word-of-mouth marketing promote your brand to the next level. Additionally, their feedback on your salon app or website plays a crucial role in increasing your clientele. 

The more positive salon customer feedback you have the more you have chances of turning prospects into customers. 

Good feedback wholly solely depends upon how you treat your customers and offer quality customer service. Your exceptional services are the reason behind the smile and satisfaction of your clients. Keep winning your customer’s heart with your incredible beauty business. 

Hopefully, our write-up proves to be productive to you. It’s our plea to you to kindly share your views with us in the comment section below. 

Thanks for sharing your precious time with us!