7 Benefits of Massage Therapy

POSTED BY Cathrine William


When we hear the word “massage”, we often think it to be a luxury body relaxing spa treatment offered by high-class spas and upscale health clubs. Believe it or nor, in today’s era, it has found to hold many more benefits of Massage Therapy than just relaxation and pampering treat for your body.

That’s why, you can find massage therapy centers everywhere; clinics, hospitals, luxury resorts, and even airports nowadays. Indeed, it is a hands-on technique that releases tension, increases circulation, reduces anxiety, encourages relaxation, etc.

Astonishingly, many other benefits of massage therapy can boost your health and wellbeing and can relieve all kinds of ailments- from physical anxiety to depression and body pain.

So, here, we are bringing in the seven most common benefits of massage therapy for your knowledge. Find out below.

How Massage Therapy is beneficial for your health

#1. Promotes Muscle Relaxation

Massage therapy is the best treat you can give to your body after an intense workout or a tiring day spent in front of a computer screen. And, the sore muscles need the right kind of pampering provided by massages.

Certainly, when the body is under stress, it produces high levels of the stress hormone known as Cortisol that contribute to weight gain, insomnia, and muscle tension. With massage therapy, you enable the body to start recovery and triggers the feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Additionally, it improves mood and relieves body and muscle pain.

#2. Alleviates Stress And Anxiety Level

Muscle therapy helps to promote physical and emotional relaxation by releasing endorphins that are basically pain-killing hormones. And, these hormones boost dopamine and serotonin levels in the body. Subsequently, they also help the body emotionally by promoting deep healing, feelings of happiness, and gratitude. In this way, positive energy surrounds the person, and a sense of euphoria and peace generates.

#3. Improves Posture

Sometimes, work makes you tired, and you slouch on the desk or slump on the chair at some point. Also, the hours of continuous working causes stress in your shoulder and neck muscles leading to immense pain and poor posture simultaneously.

Massage therapy helps your body to relax and strengthen natural and healthy movements. Likewise, it promotes proper body alignment and succumbs body muscles. Therefore, consistent massages lead to a straightened pain-free posture of the body.

#4. Relieves Arthritis Pain

Furthermore, arthritis pain is a degenerative condition that occurs due to inflammation of the joints. You can reduce or cure it to some extent by massage therapy. Of course, with light pressure on your bones and circulation on your skin that has tiny pressure receptors, the arthritis pain can be relieved. This therapy works by increasing the circulation of blood and boost blood flow. Correspondingly, it increases the flexibility and mobility of body muscles and joints.

#5. Strengthen Body’s Immune System

We know that stress levels can weaken our body. Various studies prove that a reduction in stress levels leads to a strong immune system. Massage therapy not only helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, but it also works to strengthen the immune system. It boosts the white blood cell level in the body. White blood cells are referred to as the police of the body as it fights against diseases and illness.

#6. Helps Lowering Blood Pressure

It is believed that Regular massage sessions help the body in lowering blood pressure. The massage therapies reduce the level of stress hormone Cortisol, increasing blood flow, and improves body functions. Lower blood pressure levels reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, and stroke.

#7. Improves Sleeping Pattern

Insomnia is prevalent in our generation. Sleepless nights can cause various health-related problems in people. A proper sleeping pattern is very critical for maintaining good health. People who have insomnia can treat this problem by attending different massage therapy sessions.

Massage therapy helps insomniacs by releasing serotonin in adequate quantity. It is a neurotransmitter that enables you to feel calm. Regular massage sessions can lead to improved sleeping quality and pattern.

Over to You!!

Since now, you are aware of the immense benefits that massage therapy offers. Start using this therapy as an alternative to medications!! Massages are becoming popular for its medicinal benefits, that too, with absolutely no side effects.

Massage is not just a luxury. It’s a way to a healthier and happier life!!