Tips To Promote Your Salon On Social Media

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Salon On Social Media

If you don’t have your business accounts on social media sites yet, you are living under a cave. The greatest marketing you can in this day and age is through Snaps and Insta posts. Here we are discussing the Tips To Promote Your Salon On Social Media.

Tips To Promote Your Salon On Social Media:

#1. Hashtag & Geotags So They Know Where To Find You

Clients are likely to post pictures of their new dye jobs. Remind them of your hashtag and politely ask them to geotag your location in case other people want to head over.

#2. Facebook Lead Ads Can Lead You Right.

Unplanned marketing does not target the right clientele. Facebook lead ads advertise your brand geographically, so you can become the go-to salon in town.

#3. Talk About Real Issues!

You have the power to influence people. Discuss movements, issues, and events on social media, so people realize you are more than just an average salon.

#4. Local Influencers Are Your Gateway.

Offer a few services to your local Instagramers to promote your brand on their platform. They could even go live to show the world your customer service in real-time.

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#5. Educate Your Followers.

Have informative posts related to hair and skin care products and tips? If your blog gives an ounce of knowledge out into the world, people will see you as more than just an average salon.

#6. Professional Photos Will Pay Back Big Time.

Don’t be shy to invest in professional photography for your social media accounts. In this era, imagery attracts people more than words.

#7. Lucky Draws For Sharing Your Page.

People love surprise gift hampers. Ask your followers to share your page and tag their friends in your posts to enter a lucky draw, and a chance to win exciting gifts.

These seven tips can kickstart your salon on social media accounts to target potential customers. Remember, use your power to show people you genuinely care.

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