Best 10 Benefits of Spray Tanning

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Spray Tanning

Everyone around the corner loves to get the bronze look!! The market is full of amazing and awful products that enable you to have a sun-kissed look!! The one trend that is liked by each and everyone is- Spray Tanning.

It has become one of the finest ways to achieve tanned skin, besides, it has many benefits too!! You might have a question in mind- what is the need to pay extra when there is a good source of vitamin D as the sun for free!!

Undoubtedly, spray tanning can cost you much, but, believe us, it does not cause any damage to your skin as the sun does- skin cancer, dark spots, sun spots, and premature aging are some of them!!

Spray tanning is here to give you a sunless and safe glow, for sure!! Despite the sun damage caused by UV rays, the spray tans are not permanent!!

All about Spray tanning

To be precise- Spray tanning has DHA- the vital component in sunless tanners, obtained from Sugar, generally from the beets. It reacts with the amino acids and the epidermis and converts it into brown.

When the skin cells drop, the sunless tan drops itself as well, accordingly, the sunless tan serves for only seven to ten days.

Another major component in spray tanning is Bronzer. It takes some of the seconds and the minutes after getting tanned. Bronzer is the color guide that shows where the tan is implemented; it also gives you an impression of how it will appear after the development of DHA. It is seen that the traditional spray tan usually takes almost 12 hours to set and the accelerated tan takes less time comparatively. In all, it takes 24 hours to develop fully.

After knowing the exact measure of spray tanning- you must have made it clear that it uses the protective approaches to make the tan look amazing. The results it gives are far better than the DIY tanning; also; they don’t even last for a long time.

Recent Analysis on Spray Tanning

While looking at the figures, it is estimated that Europe is one of the biggest buyers with approximately 40.55% of the share in the consumption market globally. It has a consumption volume of 62406 K oz. Next on the list is North America which has a consumption volume of 55441 K oz with a 36.02% sales share.

The spray tanning market will be 342.7 million US$ in 2020 and it is foreseen that it will touch 484.1 million US$ by 2026. It will grow at 5.0% CAGR from 2021 to 2026.

Knowingly, with some amount of color on us, we can experience skin cancer and some more risks linked with the sun. So, how to get rid of that?? What measures can we follow?

If you are asking us- then the only answer we have is Spray tanning.

We are here to give you the benefits you and your skin can experience but, it is also essential to know what safety precautions you can follow before getting tanned!!

Precautions To Have Before Getting Spray Tanned

#1. Do not self-tan

We cannot do everything on our own, sometimes, experts are required. So, when it is about tanning- you do not want any dull appearance, particularly, when you are used to bronze glow. Do not use the tinted moisturizer and self-tanner to get the glow; this can make your skin look patchy and uneven.

#2. Say no to a hot shower

Yes, you might love having a hot shower. It lets you feel relaxed opens the skin pores and enables the spray tan to merge into the skin unevenly. This can give you brown dots on your body for almost a week.

#3. Do not shave or wax

Though, these hair removal methods are just simple ways of grooming, but, when it is about spray tan, you should get it done before 24 hours, or after two or three days.

The wax heat can open up the pores and make the self-tanner to indulge in gives your skin the spots. Similar in the case of Shaving. The skin demands time to recover from the scrapes and the cuts of the razor. It is suggested to get the shave done before one day of spray tanning using a body wash or moisturizer soap to clear any residue.

#4. Do not get facial

It is advised to avoid facial hair before spray tan, as it can get inside the open pores and can develop a blackhead-appearing spot on the skin. Wait for a day at least, and let the irritation go away to ensure the even sprays. Or, you can cover the face during the spraying process; but; this can also make the skin look uneven.

#5. Avoid wearing tight clothes

Wear only the flowy and loose clothes for spraying the tan on your body. Usually, it takes almost minutes for Bronzer and DHA to get dry. So, it would be better if you wear loose clothes to avoid the risk of rubbing off the tan.

#6. Say No to laser treatment

The lasers also make the skin spots dry; besides, the skin can get darker in major areas. Let the skin stop peeling before the treatment of spray tanning. The case might be different in laser treatment of the face and you can get your body sprayed.

#7. Do not get tan in the booth and outdoors

The real tan obviously will make the unnatural tan look fake. But, if you want to use the spray tan, then do not spend much time in the sun before, it can burn your skin. And, after having shots of the spray tan, you can get the orange and reddish hue. Besides, if you have sunburned skin peels, then, the spray tan will also get peeled off and make your skin multicolored.

#8. Do not use any acne medicine

Usually, the acne medicines have the benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that dries the skin. This can affect the tanning results majorly. Indeed, it could be a part of your daily ritual, but, taking it before getting the spray tan is not a good idea.

#9. Do not over-exfoliate the skin

The effects of over-exfoliation are disastrous- it can give you more dryness and scratches as well. After spray tanning, the skin can become darker and uneven as well. Better is to exfoliate the skin in the night before using an oil-free scrub and loofah.

#10. Do not use deodorant with aluminum

The aluminum in the deodorants can make your underarms green while spray tanning and it resides for some days. If it is so important for you to use the deodorant, then, you can use the one without aluminum. Postpone it if possible.

#11. Do not have a lash extension

As per the professionals, it will be better if you wait for a day or so to get the lash extensions before getting the spray tanning. You might know that you cannot get the lashes to get wet for 48 hours at least. Even though the spray tan does not wet everything and creates any problems.

As of now, you might have got an idea of what spray tanning’s ill effects could be if some care is not taken. Let’s move to the important segment of this article; the major benefits of Spray tanning.

Benefits of Spray tanning

#1. No UV Exposure

The first and foremost benefit of spray tanning that everyone notices is the protection from UV rays. It lets your skin keep your skin kiss glow without risking your health. When exposed to the sun or the UVs, the danger of developing skin-related cancer, like, Melanoma reduces. You can trust this lifesaver method.

#2. More toned and more slimmer

70% of people believe that spray tanning not only makes the skin toned but also makes you look slimmer. The products of spray solutions and tanning developed so immensely for some years. The products are more flexible to suit every skin color.

#3. Streak-Free and Natural Glow

A lot of DIY methods are there for the spray tanning that you must have noticed telling some of the horror stories. Do not make your skin look like a zebra stripe streak or the freshly peeled orange and do not embarrass yourself. Take assistance from the experts and get an even-toned, 100% natural and bronze look. Let the other ask you about the destination you have been to and blush. it is also one of the benefits of spray tanning.

#4. Hydrate and nourish

Hydrating a body is vital in every aspect; and so, is the skin. It is important to maintain the nourishment of the body and keep it hydrated all the time. From the hydrating spray tan, you cannot only make the skin feel good but also look good as well.

#5. Instant and Time-Saving

Let your skin be photo-ready 24X7. We all know how tough it is to get the summer glow back after the winter. From the spray tan, you get more possibilities to protect your skin from sun- tanning. Get the shade you want to have seamlessly. The spray tan Salons not only save your productive time but, also, give you enduring results in some minutes only.

#6. Get the Shade of your choice

The products you buy from the market for self-tanning are not known accurately if one shot is not given. You cannot understand whether that color you have bought will be according to your skin type or not; is it dark, light or medium.

Take an appointment with the best Spray tanning salon choose the best color according to your skin and get your skin tanned. Also, take the Benefits of Spray Tanning

#7. Healthier and Fitter

Who does not want to be healthy? We all do!! From the spray tanning method, you can feel healthier as soon it is applied to your skin. Taking vitamin D is almost impossible in winter, but you can have its shots from the Salon and make yourself fitter and healthier.

#8. Make Your Safer

Taking a tanning spray from the experts will not let your skin to feel more dreadful. The UVB and UVA rays can give your skin more negative effects. After having tanning sprays, you do not need to put on excess oil and roast yourself to show that you have been on the holiday.

#9. Enhance your skin appearance

When we look good, we feel good. The natural glow, in addition, on your skin can do wonders. When you have spray-tanned skin, your skin is enhanced and beautiful.

#10. Boost Your Confidence and Raise Your Spirits

Both men and women assure that getting tanned improves their self-confidence and makes you more beautiful. If you are promoting your self-image then it is totally worth the deal. It can change the way others treat you. This is the best Benefits of Spray Tanning.

#11. Less messy

While self-tanning, you are not only waiting for many hours to let it dry but also ruining your clothes. It gets all over your clothes; you need to wash it promptly. Also, it leaves many strains on the bed sheets if you will wait overnight to get it dry.

But, when you are using the spray tanning, then there are 0% chances that you have to face this mess. It hardly takes 15 minutes to dry.

Wrapping Up

If you have an urge to get the bronze look skin then what are you waiting for?? Christmas??

Joking apart- from the benefits of spray tanning, you can get the tanned skin color of your choice, and we guarantee that results are unbelievable. It is the best choice you can go with to get a natural tan. Spray tanning is convenient, safest, and customized.

We wish you the best of the tanned skin!!

Hopefully, you liked this article off. If there is anything that we have missed, let us know. And, if you have some queries or suggestions, then, in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!