Hair Trends for Winter 2024

POSTED BY Cathrine William

Hair Trends for Winter

A change in season calls for the new ‘You’ – newer look, newer fashion, and the new oh-so-important hair. To keep up with the latest hair trends, we update you with Hair Trends for Winter.

Note: In winter you also need to care for your hair. Click here for haircare tips

#1. Color

When in the mood for a noticeable change, hair color is the go-to method. This winter, if wishing to go all out, the bright copper is a good choice. Whilst if desire a subtle shade instead, the bronze tends to work for most individuals. Another major trend is to get an icy-blonde shade – channeling the Elsa within you, and exhibiting your adventurous side.

#2. All things Sleek

Winter is the season is good for all hair types. Keeping your hair frizz-free, it has the perfect weather to pull off a sleek look. For a casual yet professional look, a sleek ponytail is a good option, especially if the part in the middle. Whilst a party vibe calls for open straight, and shiny hair.

#3. Gelled Hair

A very Met Gala look, gelled hair is a different and low-key Hollywood hairstyle making an entrance into the lives of individuals this season. Don a sleek bun with the frontal hair gelled back to display a glossy demeanor. Or decide to wear your hair open instead, with bangs gelled to the side, or pulled back for a celebrity vibe. Whichever way you wish to wear your hair, this look is bound to make headlines.

#4. Hair accessories

In times when your hair is not behaving obediently or you are pressed for time and straightening does not seem an option – fret not, for hair accessories have arrived this season to rid you of such worries. Amp up your ponytail game with an embellished hair tie/clip, wear a printed headband for a casual vibe, or go royal with feathery headpieces. Adorn your hair to make the fashion statement you desire. With hairstyles for new eve party or at Fashion Week giving their thumbs up to these trends, who are we to exclaim otherwise?