How a Customer Mobile App Helps You to Grow your Beauty & Wellness Business?

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Customer Mobile App

Mobile Apps are the future! Many industries have understood it, started implementing mobile technology and gained profiling results. The beauty and wellness business is not an exception here! 

The on-demand mobile apps have transformed the Salon industry. The customers are booking the services directly with just a simple click. The statistics confirm that with 6.3 billion users using smartphones, there is no wonder that the mobile application industry is flourishing. The app usage time is 88%. However, it is said that there will be a revenue of $935.2 by 2023. The above research I have done has shown the tremendous usage of mobile apps. Have you implemented it in your Salon? If not then, now is the time! This article aims to show you how using a mobile application can improve your bottom line and higher customer satisfaction. 

Why Using Salon Customer Mobile App Is Essential For Your Business?

1. Easy Appointments

The busy world does not give time to anyone to visit to book the Salon appointments. Particularly those serving in the corporate industry could be your loyal customers only when quality services are provided to them. Hence, if you facilitate scheduling their bookings on the go then, it saves quality time, not for yours, but for customers as well.

Eliminate the chaos of calling or answering phone calls and use the customer’s mobile application to manage the appointments.  They can simply check the dashboard to know the availability of the convenient time slot and stylist they like to serve with. And, hence booked themselves. However, in case of any changes, the appointments can be rescheduled or cancelled on time. Thereby, reducing the chances of no-shows. 

2. Effective Communication

When it is about establishing a thriving relationship with the staff and customer, engaging and regular communication is needed. If the employees fail to reply on time, then, conversation effectiveness can be ruined. There is a chance that there will be a reduction in Salon footfall. In a similar manner, when an important message cannot be delivered on time regarding payment, appointments, offers etc, then, it could lead to financial issues. 

Hence, to get rid of all this chaos, a mobile application is necessary. In addition to tracking the messages, and payments, it keeps appointments at bay. With every schedule in hand, you can check which stylist can do the task, consequently, assign it. 

3. Enhances Customer Loyalty

Loyalty and reward programs are the core strength of any business to re-engage the existing and attract new ones. We all love to receive services for free or to get surprised. Therefore, with appealing discounts and deals, you can improve the customer service at your Salon.

However, it is time-wasting if you are thinking of implementing all this manually,  Moreover, a very small percentage of the customers can reach you. But, the customer mobile app will keep everything managed. Almost everyone has a mobile, so, updating discounts or offers or coupons is not a hassle anymore. 

Additionally, the discounts and services can be personalized considering individual customer requirements. With geolocation solutions and 24X7 live chats, those who are nearby get notified regarding the attractive discounts in less time. All this leads to more reach, higher sales and improved brand identity. 

4. Customer Management

Remove the hassle of listing the entries, follow-ups and payment calculations, etc., use Salon mobile application to manage daily chaos simply. The best part is that it does not demand you to be present in person to complete tasks. Despite the location you are at, you can keep a tab on Salon activities. Most reliable apps have a centralized database with which you can save customers’ details. From their name to email IDs, their purchases, invoices, and past services, it gives you control of everything. In addition, it sends reminder messages or emails to customers regarding pending payments or upcoming appointments. 

5. Social Media Marketing

If your Salon business is linked with influential social media handles, then, promoting the services and products is easy.  Most time of the day is spent by users on social media channels. So, you need to increase your social media presence. What you can do is that- put before and after images of the given services. It instils the customers and they will consider visiting your Salon. 

Moreover, you can give regular updates on the services and confirm customers regarding the latest reward programs, exciting offers and many more. 

6. Quick Payment Methods

The Salon owners have to deal with several activities on a daily basis that eyeing completed or pending payments becomes error-prone. That results in variations in finances and profits.  Computing total profit and tracking the payments is important. 

That is the reason you must depend on the automated and trusted Salon application to ease all financial aspects. The apps allow the customers to pay from the mentioned payment methods, such as Authorize. net, PayPal, stripe, etc.  Even, you can enable paying from the desired digital paying methods. 

7. Satisfied Customers = Higher Profit

From the Customer Mobile Apps, You can improve the customer experience tremendously. Significantly, their aim is to offer several services that support customers to benefit from them. Collectively from digital payments to appointments, digital payments, and multi-location access, it covers all. Also, loyalty programs and customer profile management is like icing on the cake. In all, the apps include all the features that entice the customers. That is to say, higher sales and more customer retention rate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Salon App? Why is it important?

The Salon app is a solution to your Salon problems and gives credibility to it. It allows the customers to book appointments, pay conveniently, boost sales, etc. The app makes it easy for Salon owners to keep an eye on the Salon operations from anywhere, confirming the regular flow of daily operations. 

What is the Approximate Cost to Create the Customer Mobile App?

Giving an answer to this question is tough, tough. The reason is that it depends on several factors. Back end, feature types, UI/UX needs, third-party integration, application complexity, etc. By blending all these aspects, you can have an estimate of the cost of designing the Salon app.

Below are some of the major elements on which the cost is dependent:

  • Android and iOS mobile app development
  • Backend development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web development
  • Quality assurance
  • MVP testing

Approximately, the development cost ranges from $12,000 to $15,000.  The advanced beauty and wellness application with streaming ability and real-time assistance may charge around $20,000 to $25,000. 

Is technology essential for the beauty and wellness business?

Yes, it is! I have seen many Salon using it and standing out from the crowd. The digital space these days is increasing the demand for adapting solutions that streamline business operations. Salonist application is one of the best technologically sound solutions integrating all the features required by every other Salon. 

Do the apps are easily accessible?

Indeed! Most beauty apps like Salonist are created considering the fact that they should be accessed by all. Those with less or no knowledge can experience it fully. 

Which type of Salon industries can use the Customer mobile app?

Almost all industries can leverage the benefits of beauty apps. The basic ones are:

  • Hair Salons
  • Barber Shops
  • Massage Therapy
  • Spas
  • Nail Salon
  • Pet Grooming
  • Bridal Salon
  • Aesthetic Skin Clinic
  • Medical Spa Software
  • Tattoo Artist Software 
  • Tanning Salon Software
  • Salon Booth For Renter


So, what are your thoughts on the mobile app? For this- you have my words! It truly is a win-win approach. You will not regret your decision later on! Give Salonist a try- it gives 14 Days trial. Know its benefits and then, make your decision!