Tips to Boost Your Salon Social Media Presence

POSTED BY Cathrine William

Boost Salon Social Media Presence

Looking for ways for promoting your hair salon or beauty salon on social media? Not getting the desired results that your Salon needs?

Social media is growing aggressively in each industry; there are 3.5 billion users globally. Unquestionably, it is 45% of the current population. Indeed, there is a need to connect with the customers and use the platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., to give your Salon extensive benefits.

Social media can significantly improve your business, growth, customer service, and community -FACT!

 improve your business

We examined the most commonly used social media channels- Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and segmented them to grow your Salon business. So, keep on reading to know how Salon social media matters?

  • To maintain the salon product portfolio
  • Maintain compatibility with style, branding and tone.
  • It has to be well-crafted and well-considered and shows your brand’s reflection.
  • To avoid confusion and maintain consistency, use the same profile picture on every platform.
  • Use videos, posts and photos for promotion.
  • Use photos to show your creativity and talent.

Considering all the above facts, it becomes essential to create a sparking vibe at your Salon with social media channels. Also, online booking with social media is feasible for customers to enjoy Salon services to the best.

Coming back to the point, for improving the Salon Social Media Presence at your Salon, you need to follow the right and useful hacks. And, this is what we have brought you here. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best ways to improve your Salon Social Media Presence

1. Posting an appealing content

Before entering the world of social media, take a step back and look after your Salon’s unique image and style. What is the kind of Salon you have? Is it vintage, traditional, artistic or punk? Or a combination of all. Importantly, your voice tone must reflect on every social media channel. The content you are posting should be exciting and engaging for the audience and give them useful information. Here, we advise you to post those photos, facts or data that your target audience is interested in reading and related to your brand. There are many free tools with which you can create excellent social media content; check them out below:

  • Canva; for creating infographics, graphics and brand your images.
  • Pixlr, Unsplash, Pikwizard and Pixabay; are free and create high-quality stock images.
  • Boomerang; an Instagram slow-motion app that is relatively easy to use.
  • Instagram; use it for posing stories using hand-free, rewind, stop-motion and superzoom features.

When it is about Salons, then the content like beauty or hair tips, or recent “how-to” guides or appealing content according to your business with the precise and easily readable format. Like, you can post an interesting photo with a short and simple caption on beauty tips, infographics or some videos. However, the audience finds this type of content more appealing and interactive. So, regular online engagement makes your Salon approachable and establishes good connections with customers. Also, it promotes that your Salon is fully accessible and has forward-thinking.

2. Use Facebook for interactive communication

Indeed, Facebook is the right way for you to post photos, share the services, create giveaways or contests for more brand awareness and promote brand loyalty. Nowadays, you would rarely find a customer who is not a follower of Facebook. So, it is the most advantageous medium to interact with the customer. Below are the tips that you can use to market your Salon on Facebook:

Post only engaging content

Post the content that the customers find engaging and prefer to respond quickly. Like; asking questions, “What haircuts are most preferred in Summers?” The interaction started, thereafter, assuredly be personalized, related and would be something that mostly enjoys.

Showcase your work with pictures

As a Salon owner, you should use Facebook as a visual medium. Likewise, it is advisable to post the images to the maximum. It could be beautiful bridal party hairstyles, holiday-themed manicures, the photos showing your latest works. Certainly, the images assured more interaction than text, although almost 120%. Of course, these can also help you bring new recommendations at the front door when the current customers share photos with their personal network.

Consider it as a miniature website

Make your Facebook page the way that the customers get every information they are looking at when landing. For the same, you can use several tabs to show the salon services, location, reviews or photos.

Leverage Facebook giveaways and contests

Everyone likes to get free stuff. Even, if it is a discount on the beauty package or a $50 gift card to your beauty salon, the customers will like the ease of receiving the promotion on Facebook. Besides, they can share it on the Facebook page, comment on the page, and create more awareness of your Salon business.

Provide more deals to your Facebook followers

When the customers like your Facebook page, they feel that they will get something exclusive in return. So, what you can do is that you can engage them by offering a 10% discount on their next visit, or they can get an extra gift on the next purchase. Also, you can offer discounts to Facebook fans that can be redeemed only when they mention a particular Facebook ad.

Furthermore, after knowing that these are only meant for Facebook followers, the customers will definitely follow the page and tell their friends after scoring an exclusive deal.

Target the Salon Ads

Leverage Facebook ads to the max with targeting. Maybe, you want to target only those close to the Salon or those who followed the related Facebook page.

3. Include Instagram for improved Salon Social Media Presence

In some years only, Instagram has secured 500 million users and becomes the core social media family member. As we know that images are an excellent way to market your Salons, so use Instagram to show work with quirky photos and add some fun elements.

Remain trendy

Include the trending hashtags to attract more customers to the Instagram profile and to know more about your Salon. Like, you can use #happychristmas as one hashtag for more views by posting an image of the holiday-themed services.

Consider geography

You can use the hashtags to show your location. In this way, customers looking for a salon nearby in the future may find your Salon and related photos. If you have your nail Salon in Singapore, you can use the hashtag #abcSingapore. This way, those looking for nail art can locate your Salon quickly.

Post before and after pictures of your work

The testimonials and reviews do not have to be only the text post (Considering social media). Leverage Instagram to showcase your Salon work to lock more customers at your door. It is best to post the before and after pictures to show the transformation and get more attention.

Include quirky posts

The Instagram users are mostly young and like quirky or fun posts with the service or product-related ones. Occasionally, high-quality posts will attract your customers, and you can use notable pictures or quotes to define your Salon business.

Arrange Instagram contests

One of the great advantages of Instagram is that you can participate in contests involving user-generated content. Equally important, you can arrange photo contests among the Instagram followers, like, “Post an image of summer haircut with hashtag #Ontrendhairsalon and get the next haircut for free”.

It attracts customers, and it is easy for them to involve themselves by posting the photos and adding the right hashtag.

Post promotional photos

Make the customers aware of the recent activities of your Salon and post some promotional photos. Like, you can post an image of the child saying, “Discount on child’s haircut: Back to school special”.

This notifies customers about promotions or serves as a reminder to people who may have heard about promotions lately. Also, the promotions can be made exclusive to the customers. It enables the customers to show the image to get the promotional discount.

Offer incentives for word-of-mouth

Give incentives to the customers for uploading an image of their services they enjoyed at your Salon, like, “Get a haircut or a hairstyle from a beauty Salon that you will love?” Use the hashtag and upload it on Instagram and get 10% off on the next visit.

Word-of-mouth is essential in the Salon business because it is the main factor in beauty and hair. With friends sharing photos on their Instagram network is the best method to improve brand awareness.

4. Get more engagement with Twitter

Twitter is the best B2B channel for your Salon to share information and articles and arrange contests for customers. Check out the below ways and know-how the tweeting could be beneficial for your Salon business:

Use it as the information source

Post information of some particular service by including a link to the website where the customers can receive more information.

Provide compelling Twitter offers

Give exclusive offers to the followers from the Twitter account. You can offer incentives to users to follow the business on Twitter, generate loyalty among customers, etc.

Offers for Retweets

Twitter is an excellent platform to share a simple retweet from the followers to generate several referrals. Give incentives or offers or discounts for retweets to promote your Salon on social media.

Offer group deals

For interactive communication with others, Twitter is the social medium. It, also the best way to engage with more customers and gain more followers. The Salon is the place where people get relaxed, feel good and enjoy. That is to say; you can engage many at once with Twitter.

Leverage Twitter hashtags

The place where hashtags were created is Twitter. Use hashtags at the end of the update for more unique posts and to mark the particular location.

Tweet at the right time

Know when the customers tweet and check their Twitter feeds. Often, posting the hair promotion on the weekday is less effective than posting at the weekend, early morning, evening etc. Find the time to know when the customer checks, call and schedule an appointment with you.

Leverage Twitter for sharing interesting facts or stories or articles about nail, hair or beauty Salons. The customers who are your followers on Twitter are interested in knowing your advice and what you have to say regarding hair care or beauty.


Now you have everything to start and boost your Salon social media presence. Now, you can quickly increase your followers, retain the existing ones and build an interactive relationship with customers from the right tips and tricks mentioned in this article.

Start implementing the tips now!!

Are you using these tips to improve your Salon Social Media Presence? Share your experience with us! If there is any query, let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!