How you can Handle your Beauty Business during the Omicron Variant

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Handle your Beauty Business during the Omicron Variant

We all know that physical interaction is essential in the beauty industry. One cannot offer aesthetic services, spa, massage, facial massage, and much more without touching the customer. So the ongoing omicron variant can affect your beauty business. As a result, you may have raised certain questions in your mind; for example, how can you survive this covid-19 wave? 

You may still service your clients, maintain your brand, and make money even if your beauty salon is temporarily closed due to the omicron variant. 

An increasing number of omicron viruses has certainly put a strong fear in the minds of the customers which is also affecting the growth of the salons. 

If I talk about the numbers, then as per the survey conducted on The National Hair & Beauty Federation’s (NHBF) Instagram stories between December 16–17, it found that approx 73 % of members who have salons have experienced customer booking cancellation. About 56 percent have reported a reduction in bookings as a result of recent changes to Government guidance.

If this scares you, know that you’re not alone. There are various serious complications in the beauty business during the omicron variant, be ready to face more future challenges and try to overcome them. Here I am suggesting the top-most way to grow the beauty business during a pandemic.

Six ways to grow beauty sales during Covid-19

It is necessary to make some adjustments in the business to grow in the difficult time of COVID-19. Many companies are already implementing different sets of techniques or strategies to maintain their business but are now failing. Don’t worry! You can check given below strategies to give power to your beauty business:

#1. Improve the Social Presence

Communication plays an essential role in explaining the qualities of your business to your target audience. Let’s not forget to focus on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, where the number of beauty followers is high. One can inform them what the safety measures you are taking, especially during the COVID time. 

Not only safety measures, but you can also lure your potential customers by offering them a flash deal. Running an hourly promotional scheme can make a big jump in your salon website traffic.

#2. Implement Salon Software

Technological advancement has a major role in removing most of the current industry’s problems. If you are thinking about your beauty business during the omicron variant, be rest assured about it. You can implement salon software on your premises to overcome the problems. There are bundles of salon software available like Salonist that helps to take customer online booking.

Not only can you empower your customer to book the salon services 24X7 from anywhere, but you can also track many salon activities. Apart from it, you can also start commencing the marketing strategies to build a customer pipeline. You can connect the salon’s social media page with the salon software to give customers an extra option to book your salon or spa services.

#3. Eliminate Physical Queue

You can reduce the customer waiting time at your salon premises. One of the simpler techniques to follow the social distancing norms of the government is to implement a virtual queue system. This system allows the creation of a virtual customer queue and designates a token for the customer. 

It is a perfect way during the Covid to limit the number of customers in the salon waiting area. Train your staff, conduct regular training on the queue system. This way your salon can maintain a healthy and safer environment.

#4. Start Taking Online Booking

Start commencing an online booking for your salon services. It is vital to create a website that fetches online customer booking. Try to limit the number of customers who visit the salon for service booking. Because it is your responsibility to give a safe healthy environment to the salon staff and for the salon customers.

Today social media plays an essential role in communication. You can take the advantage of it to start telling the customer about your online salon booking platform. This way your clients will also be encouraged to book the service online before visiting your salon or spa.

#5. Encourage unfit Salon Staff To Stay Home

If your salon staff is suffering from any disease and not well, make sure that the employee who is not feeling well, straightaway grants them a leave. By following it, you not only create a safer environment but also set a benchmark in the whole industry. 

If one of the salon employees gets contracted with the omicron variant, it can lead to the temporary closing of the salon. So it will be good to adopt all safety measures to avoid such a situation.

In today’s time, especially in the beauty business, the omicron variant needs to adopt new strategies to be on the positive growth side. The salon manager and owner need to prepare themselves for the new normal and different style of operating the salon business.

#6. Clean Salon/Spa Premise Regularly

The previous wave of coronavirus has already taught us in many ways. Today, the consumer also prefers a neat & cleaner place. So, it is vital for your beauty business during the omicron variant to look more clear than the earlier days. You can give strict direction to the staff member to follow safety guidelines and do proper sanitisation daily at the salon premises.

Do not let your customer enter the salon premises without hand sanitisation. This way you can safeguard the lives of the clients as well as the salon members.

The Bottom Line!

We all know that there is a serious implication of the current/ongoing covid wave in the beauty business. But you should adopt the new strategies to maintain the growth of the salon business. Beauty business during omicron variant will see new headwinds, but there is a need to stand stronger to overcome it. Through this write-up, I have listed some strategies that you can follow to remain strong.