How Kelvin Yap Transforms Kelture Aveda Salon Operations using Salonist

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Kelture Aveda Salon

Kelture is a leading Aveda salon in the beauty and wellness market of Singapore. It is committed to following the Aveda philosophy and uses only Aveda hair care products for its treatments. It offers a wide range of hairdressing services. These are advanced hair color treatments, organic and herbal hair care, and more. Even though it is a leading hair care salon, some operations did not work and even went in the wrong direction.

This can lead to inefficiency and take a lot of time to complete tasks. Kelvin Yap, the owner of Kelture Aveda Salon, faced many operational challenges in managing his salon efficiently. And, in search of an all-in-one solution, he turned to Salonist software to simplify his salon’s functions. This solution automates all the day-to-day activities of the salon and drives success.

Their Issues 

The following are the problems they had faced and found difficult to manage:

  • Manual appointment scheduling leads to double bookings and missed appointments as well.
  • They face difficulty in managing inventory and tracking product usage.
  • Kelvin Yap had limited insight into the customer purchasing patterns and more.
  • Staff had to handle bills and payments manually, which resulted in errors and delays.
  • There is a lack of integration between different aspects of salon management. This may cause disjointed salon workflows.

Why All-inclusive Salonist Software?

Kelvin Yap made the right choice of selecting a Salonist for his salon management needs. The platform offers a wide range of features to address each and every aspect of salon operations. It manages appointments, inventory, customer database, bills, reports, and more. Salonist provides a one-stop solution for enhancing salon efficiency and the entire experience for staff as well as clients.

How Salonist Smooth Down The All Hair Salon Activities?

  • It has a streamlined appointment scheduling feature with automated reminders to reduce no-shows.
  • The inventory management function tracks product usage. Also, it helps to keep and maintain accurate stock levels and generate a list of purchase orders.
  • The software has a secured customer database for storing contact details, appointment history, and personal treatment choices. All of this piece of information helps to provide personalized services, which works best to keep the clients happy.  The online billing and payment feature simplifies the transaction process in the salon. This greatly works to lower the chances of any errors.
  • It offers analytics tools to gain insights right into the business performance. These insights help to make better decisions for the success and growth of the business.

After Effects of Salonist Software 

The after effect is that our staff can now focus more on providing quality beauty services. They know well that the software takes care of all. It significantly improves our working efficiency, which leads to better customer satisfaction and increases the level of profitability.
– Kelvin Yap


Here are the results:

  • There is a reduction in the number of missed appointments and double bookings. 
  • Increased revenue and profits due to a more accurate billing process. Thus, this improved customer loyalty.
  • Greater staff productivity and high morale is resulting from simple workflows.
  • Better customer experience forces the customer to come again and again to the salon and avail of the services. 
  • Improved inventory management leads to better stock control and less wastage.

Learning Points 

  • The key importance of investing in salon management software drives success.
  • The benefits of automation in reducing errors and improving working efficiency.
  • The value of data-driven insights to make sound decisions right for your business.
  • The role of technology in empowering salon staff. So, they can focus more on delivering good quality service.


Kelvin Yap successfully improves his hair salon function by deploying a Salonist. This solution helps to increase salon customer satisfaction and the entire bottom line. The advanced features of Salonist work best to ease down various aspects of salon management. Kelture Aveda Salon thrives in the competitive market and stands as a first choice among customers for beauty services.