How LaCoqutte Salon Wins Clients and Saves Time with Salonist

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Lacoqutte salon

LaCoqutte Salon is a luxurious women’s salon located in Saudi Arabia. It has bееn a pеrfеct havеn for bеauty and rеlaxation from thе past 20 years in thе industry. The salon offers a wide range of prеmium beauty sеrvicеs. These are skincarе, makеup, massagе, nail carе, and morе. They have experienced and professional stylists who provide clients with the most trending and the latest treatments. LaCoquette Salon provides a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere to their customers. Their main focus is to improve their client’s experience and satisfaction. So, they deliver the highest quality and most comfortable services.

We, at  LACOQUETTE Salon, transform beauty standards. We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients by offering them numerous services from nail extensions to callus treatments.


Despite its good reputation in the market and premium quality of services, LaCoquette faced many challenges in its journey. They struggled to maintain the client satisfaction and retention percentage of their business. This affected their salon’s revenue growth and reputation in the industry. That is when LaCoquette’s CEO realized the need to boost his salon’s operational efficiency. So, he along with his team started finding an effective solution to improve their customer’s experience and increase the salon’s profits.

After this, the owner wanted an ultimate solution for improving their salon’s performance. He started exploring online and found Salonist through advertisements on the internet. Later, he started looking for it on the website. After checking its positive reviews, he decided to give it a try for his salon to meet his goals.

Their Problems

LaCoquette’s faced many challenges but the main challenge was managing multiple appointments, handling data, and tracking payments. The manual management took a lot of time and also resulted in errors. This affected the salon’s operational efficiency and resulted in many problems like no-shows and double bookings. The salon staff was struggling to offer good and timely services. Poor management often compromises client satisfaction and results in a poor market reputation.

Why Salonist?

Salonist is an advanced cloud-based system. It turned out to be the best solution for solving all the problems faced by the LaCoqutte Salon staff. Also, it simplifies the appointment scheduling process and provides quick & secure payment processing. It manages client records and provides detailed reports on customer preferences. These reports helped staff to provide specialized and personalized services to customers. Salonist’s powerful features simplify all administrative tasks and improve the service quality of the salon.

After Results of Salonist Integration

After integrating salonist software with LACOQUETE Salon they saw continued improvements. They noticed that the number of client retention and loyalty is increasing. Customers felt more happier and satisfied than before with the services. The Staff was able to manage their time in a better way and were more focused on delivering excellent services. The cases of no-shows reduced and there was a huge gain in the salon’s profits.


Here are the positive outcomes of using Salonist software.

  • Clients felt happier and more satisfied with the services.
  • There was an increase in customer satisfaction and retention percentage.
  • The appointment booking rate and product sales increased within a few months.
  • They noticed a huge boost in the salon’s revenue growth and profitability.
  • There was a decrease in no-shows, last-minute cancellations, and double bookings of the salon.

Learning Points

Below pointers are the key lessons learned from the partnership of Salonist and LaCoqutte Salon.

  • Customer satisfaction is a vital need for the success and growth of every business.
  • Providing smart tools helps staff to manage their work and time in a better way.
  • Integrating the right technology is crucial for smooth operations in this competitive world.
  • Personalized services and special treatment to keep your salon clients happy and loyal.
  • Try new innovative tools to stay tuned with the latest trends and lead in the industry.

Ending Words

Lacoqutte Salon’s integration with Salonist shows how technology can transform a business and help it grow. Choosing the right technological tool can make business operations easier and more efficient. It improves the quality of services and gives customers a good experience. When customers of a business are happy and satisfied, it results in repeat business and a good image.