Interesting Facts of National Hair Day 2024

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National Hair Day

October 1 is marked as a day to show love for hair. National Hair Day is created by hair product company NuMe to complement the stylists, tools, products, and those who maintain the beautification of hair.  This holiday draws the attention of people to different products to keep their hair healthy. 

Basically, multiple products are needed to keep hair in top condition. It includes styling products, conditioner, shampoo, and other styling and cutting tools.  So, use these products on this and show the best hairstyle to the world. 

History of National Hair Day

Thinking that National Hair Day is as old as decades is a wrong statement. It was born in 2017 by an experienced and licensed hair company, NuMe. Since October 1, 2017, the hair industry is helping clients by selling more hair care accessories and/or tools.

How to Celebrate National Hair Day?


Use hashtag #HairDay and share your suggestions to stop the hair damage or other ideas to improve the texture for those people who need a changeover.

Also, you can use this hashtag on Twitter to share other unique hairstyles and put on videos or photos with step-by-step guidance. Other than this, read on below to know national hair day activities:

#1. Try new hair-style

Have a new haircut and feel different and confident. Use this day to be the one whom you want to be!

#2. Share secret hair care tips

Let people know how you are maintaining your hair. Is there any diet, pill, or product you are using? Share useful information on social media. 

#3. Your hair needs TLC-give them

Schedule your appointment at Spa or Salon and give your hair the love they need. Beautiful hair is a healthy one!

Fascinating Hair Day Facts

Hair types vary, and all are beautiful in their own form. The following are the various categories:

Category 1# Straight Hair

Straight Hair

Straight hair is the smoothest hair. It has the oiliest texture of sebum that spreads on every single portion of hair. As it has soft sebum, it appears shiny and it is tough to change the hair texture to curly. Also, the hair type is strong and therefore, cannot be prone to harm.

Straight hair could be thin, medium, and thick. Thin straight hair is greasy, bright, and very soft -it cannot be easily damaged. 

Medium straight hair is very fuzzy and a little wavy at the hairy ends. Thick straight hair is hard to curl and is very popular among Asians.

Category 2# Wavy hair

Wavy hair

The main benefit of having wavy hair is that you can make different hairstyles from it. It is a mixture of curly hair and straight hair. Sometimes wavy hair remains fuzzy, hence, is hard to style.

Wavy hair could be thin, medium, and thick. Thin, wavy hair is less greasy, even, shiny, and incredibly soft. Further, it is friendly to any hairstyle type. It does have “S” hair.

This hair type is very fluffy, curly, and usually difficult to handle. These are hard to handle due to thick waves, so hairstyling takes more time.

Category 3# Curly HairCurly Hair

The curls have an “S” pattern. The “Z” pattern is very common. It is thick, usually short, and hard to manage. Although, if it is properly maintained, it will look very beautiful. 

Curly hair is very fluffy, so, even after hair loss, it looks very thick. The curls could be loose and tightly curled. It has zero oiliness, but is rough and is not friendly to any hairstyle.  

Category 4# Kinky Hair

Kinky Hair

The kinky hair coiled around the texture very tightly. This hair type is very thick and delicate. This hair type is easy to damage because of the tight coil. It is either soft and wiry. So, get the best product to improve hair texture.

Why do we love National Hair Day?

You can put down your hair

You can easily get your hair into heat.  Do something different or interesting today with your hair!

Almost every woman adore their hair

Of course, men do as well!  Hence, today is a great day to celebrate the obsession.

Reason to pamper hair

 Give your hair a little pampering by visiting Salon or Spa. Spend some time on yourself and feel good. 

Wrapping Up

Hair is an essential element of our personality. To look best and to beautify, give them the required care on October 1.

Let your hair be your crowning glory. What’s your preferred hair routine? Shout out to your stylist or seek a new look!!

Thanks for reading!!