Best 9 Self-care tricks for the Massage Therapist

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Self-Care Tricks For The Massage Therapist

The speed of adapting massage centers is accelerating! My research says that by 2030, there will be a 32% increase in its adaptable rate.  Though it is a benefit for their business, somehow it is also impacting the health of massage therapists. We understand that, in addition to managing the operational tasks, you have to give your best when serving customers. 

While perfectly handling jobs, you might get injured and feel physically tired. The opinion or piece of advice is that prioritizing oneself is as important as prioritizing giving services. Neglecting to take good care of yourself leads to other health issues in the future. 

There is no one other than you who will take care of yourself. Therefore, to regularly give your best in your professional life, self-care is important. 

What is self-care and why is it important for massage therapists?

Self-care is nothing but the practice of looking after yourself as a massage therapist. Protecting yourself emotionally and physically to constantly give satisfied services to customers is what self-care is all about.  Assuredly, it will not develop any injuries, emotional stress, or physical discomfort.

Accordingly, it will support you in enjoying a successful and long career in the industry. The burnout rate is higher in this profession of massage therapist, and according to me, it is because of not taking care of oneself. You need to believe that if you are serving in the beauty business, then there is a necessity to follow the tricks of self-care that you are telling your customers. If you will not, do you think they will believe in the same and find your advice valuable? So, to be a role model, work on the advice you are giving. 

What are risk factors for massage therapists?

Usually, massage therapists experience health issues like back strains, hand or wrist injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome,  or additional repetitive stress injuries. The percentage of risk of injury or physical stress depends on the following factors:

  • Which massage therapy are you giving customers? 
  • Are you giving deep-tissue massages?
  • Is your job demanding carrying chairs or other equipment for mobile massage services?
  • Is adjusting the massage table easy for you?

In addition to that, as a massage therapist, you might be facing emotional issues as well, like:

Certainly, giving therapies to customers is relaxed and enjoyable work. But one point of concern is that working and giving therapies to customers who are stressed out and in pain drains your body. Usually, listening to complaints and negative thoughts can exhaust you. You can set boundaries in order to save yourself from getting tired emotionally.

Give your best, but never take customer feedback personally. Of course, fixing everything is not possible. There are times when massage is not what the customer requires. 

How to take care of health while serving in massage centres

Implement different techniques of therapy

If there are injuries and pain that you are experiencing occasionally, change the technique of giving therapies. Indeed, you cannot overlook health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. So, it is better to mix things up. That is to say, if you are relaxing the customer’s body using palms and wrist centers, then try side or upper palm edges for the same. In addition, you can use your forearms or elbows to give rest to your wrists and fingers.

Know the body pain

When the body starts hurting,  it means you have to act. It implies that the body gives signals about the issues related to the injury. If you recognize them sooner, the issues can be rectified.  My point of concern is that listening to pain is an essential preventative tip for looking after your body.

However, it is okay to feel exhausted after many massages! The regular movement of your body is tiring, despite how perfect you are at your job. The scenario is different when the body starts hurting when giving service and feeling soreness that is taking longer to stop. It is better to find out the right issue.

Follow Contrast Bath Hydrotherapy

Massage services for six to seven hours a day tire the muscles and arms. Following the right strategies can reduce pain and fatigue to a higher level. Have you heard of contrast bath hydrotherapy?

It is a technique of soaking hands and forearms in warm water first for 30 minutes and then in cold water for 15 minutes, respectively. By practicing, you can lessen the inflammation and swelling if they persist.

The researchers have confirmed that the theory of contrast baths is about temperature changes over regular time intervals of warm and cold water acting as a pump. Because of heat, the blood vessels enlarge, and cold water makes them smaller. The expansion of blood vessels that arise with warm water application enhances circulation. Also, the blood flow provides nutrients to cure the injured tissues. It is advisable to soak in cold water before starting and ending the therapy.

Meditation to relax

The world has many types of meditation, and the benefits of massage therapy are: it gives the body plenty of benefits. Many types of research that I studied confirm that meditation lessens the symptoms of health conditions such as severe pain, cancer, depression, asthma, anxiety, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Meditating is not complicated at all; you can do it yourself easily or in a group. There is a saying that the more comfortable you feel, the more your mind will be relaxed, and the best service performance can be given. You will be surprised at the peace it can give to your mind, career, and day-to-day activities.

Relieve joint pains with Cannabidiol (CBD) Oils and Creams 

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) has neurotransmitters that control different body functions. If the body performs more than its efficiency, including inflammation, then the ECS uses definite receptors for solving the problems that are behind the problems. 

The massage products made from CBD give strong results, and they use ECS to relieve joint and muscle pain from any type of inflammation. It immediately triggers CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

Night Wrist Support to relieve wrist injury

A repetitive wrist stress injury is tendonitis. Basically, it is wrist tendon inflammation. As wrist tendonitis has several carpal tunnel syndromes, there is no similarity.

Basically, the syndrome of carpal tunnel happens when there is a compression of the median nerve while moving toward the wrist. It is not because of any wrist tendon inflammation. 

When you wear a wrist brace all night, it maintains the right anatomical position, relieving pain and preventing inflammation from getting worse overnight.

Or, in case the inflammation is not much, restoring the wrist to a relaxing anatomical position overnight is enough to prevent more damage.

However, wrist braces cannot heal regular wrist inflammation; therefore, it is better to approach a healthcare professional.

Magical foam rollers for muscles ease

You can use them on yourself for loosening and lengthening tense muscles. First, you need to stabilize it with your hands, place it on the lower back, and lay down slowly on it. Put your abdominal strength to use to get lower down on it easily. Then, keep your arms relaxed on the abdomen while rolling down the thoracic spine. 

Note: Get a roller of soft foam for pain-free and comfortable rolling therapy.

Keeping your hands up and your head cradled, the lateral position can also be followed.  Consequently, this practice will work on your muscles like the rhomboids and rotator cuffs. 

To relieve the stress on the erector spine, cross your arms and then turn slightly. Massage the serratus anterior and lats by taking a different position, raising your hand towards your head, and staying calm.

You can increase the pressure by rolling your ischial tubercle, working the gluteus muscles, and even twisting them to one side. Rolling up and changing sides to the iliac bone will soothe your SI joints and gluteus medius. 

Tip: Here, I would like to advise you to relax a lot and gently use the foam roller on the sacrum while swiveling your hips. 

Epsom Salt Bath to aid sore muscles

Basically, Epsom Salt is a location in English. From the natural springs, they occur and dissociate into sulfate and magnesium. Both are theoretically absorbed in the skin; magnesium sets the damaged muscles and reduces inflammation.

Soaking two glasses of Epsom salt in warm water for approximately 12 minutes reduces muscle pain. However, its effectiveness has not been approved scientifically. Considerably, if the salt fails to give results, then the benefits of warm water are known to all. Certainly, it can also soothe muscles and remove their stiffness. 

Keep yourself hydrated

The kind of work you are delivering depends most on your energy, mood, and attitude. As a massage therapist, if your body is tired, you cannot give the best therapy services to the customer. Keeping the body hydrated is of utmost importance. And, of course, its benefits are many:

  • Water is required to move nutrients to waste products and cells in your body. Overall, it maintains the health of tissues. 
  • Consuming an adequate amount of water maintains the joint’s soundness. Interestingly, the cartilage lining has 65–80% water. 
  • Keeping yourself hydrated removes fatigues When the body cells are not sufficiently hydrated, energy cannot be gained for proper functioning. 
  • Additionally, it boosts cognitive function and keeps the body alert and cautious. 

Concluding Remarks

The profession of massage therapist is challenging yet demanding. Hence, self-care is important for a massage therapist. If you take good care of yourself, then you can only give the most satisfactory services to customers. Other than this, spend a good amount of time with your friends and family.  Do take care!

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