How to Know – It’s Time to Make a Switch to new Salon software

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switch to new salon software

Are you surrounded by many interrogations about whether you should switch to new salon software or not? 

Do these questions make you feel worried? 

If these thoughts are roaming around in your head, that means you have truly sensed something lacking in your present salon software. Don’t think too much; it is always good to embrace changes in your salon business.

Though switching from one software to another is a complex process, it’s not that easy. But to achieve better productivity for your salon, you have to make the decision. There are many reasons why it’s high time to switch to new salon software. 

Never take it for granted. Make your mind up quickly before it gets too late. Before incurring massive losses, take this crucial decision and give a new look to your beauty salon.

So, how do you know it’s high time to switch? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why salon owners shop for new software. 

What things to consider when switching salon software

#1. If your current software is outdated 

It’s very important to keep in touch with updates and new trends, no matter which business you are running. It’s a key tip to reach the top. 

Whenever it seems your current software is outdated and not allowing you to yield high productivity, it’s time to switch.

Things to consider:

  • It’s not evolving with your needs
  • Doesn’t possess the latest features.
  • The client-facing features are not easy to use

#2. If your salon software doesn’t offer mobile-friendly online booking or virtual check-in

If your software doesn’t offer mobile-friendly check-ins, you are truly disappointing your customers. You can’t think of running your salon with software that has only a desktop version. Whatever salon software you choose, one should always consider that it should have both mobile and desktop versions. A major proportion of people use mobile phones to make appointments, as it is easy and flexible.

#3. Lacking key features

If the software you own doesn’t possess the most effective features, then it’s high time to switch to new salon software. Your salon solution must have all the key features. 

The more features you have, the more they will help your salon business. Every key feature simplifies your key operations. Thus, you keep your staff stress-free by automating your salon tasks.

Key features include:

  • Mobile access
  • Easy scheduling and access to client records
  • Online scheduling with various options like double-booking and cluster bookings
  • Automated confirmations and reminders
  • Point of Sale
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs
  • Memberships & Packages
  • Gift Cards
  • Reports
  • Email & Text Marketing

#4. Customer-friendly

If your salon software is not user-friendly here is the biggest mistake you are making. A customer always steps back when getting encountered with complex processes. They don’t have much time to first learn and then experience. 

Look for salon software that makes it as simple as possible for your clients to book. The best salon solutions give privilege to clients to book however they feel comfortable. Customers can make bookings by phone, text, Facebook page, or through the ‘Book Now’ button on your website.

Automatic reminders and two-way SMS messaging are a must feature to offer your clients. These features let you send follow-up messages to stay in touch and build relationships with your customers.

#5. Switch if it doesn’t offer quality customer service

The primary goal of every business is to impart the world’s best customer service. If your software fails to deliver quality service then it’s high time to switch to new salon software. 

The primary objective of every salon solution is to simplify the complex salon tasks. Also to reduce the overburden of the salon team so they can easily concentrate on service delivery. The quality services ultimately enhance customer retention. By integrating your salon with the salon system you can master customer service.

#6. Security is a must 

Whatever salon business you are running, security is the primary element to keep in consideration. After all, it’s a customer-facing business where trust is vital. A business can never go long if there is no security among owners and customers.

Your wellness business thrives on building trust with your customers. if it fails to do so then you should surely think of switching your salon software. 

A secure salon system holds the following:

  • A secure platform: It meets the highest standards of browsing, security testing, and login safety. 
  • Access control: Let’s allow various levels of access to staff. 
  • Data backup: Keeps back up of your data through the automation process, so you don’t lose anything.

#7. If customers face difficulty in the checkout process on your spa or salon management software

A flexible checkout is also one of the important factors of great customer service. Quality services are a set of a bundle of elements. Supposedly, you have offered a great service to your customers, flexible check-ins but at last, a hassled check out ruined their experience. All your efforts in treating your customers will go in vain. 

Never spoil your customer’s journey with a chunky POS system. Find salon software with which you can directly take payments through your software, making it your one-stop shop. 


The moment you sense your existing software less useful or outdated, switch quickly before you get acquainted with losses. 

If your software does not hold key features then you should stop investing in it. Because you are at a loss if you are using a worthless salon scheduling system. Do some deep research. Ask experts which software is the best one to stand out in the beauty market and achieve maximum success. 

Keep the above-cited points in consideration while Switch to New Salon Software. We have made full endeavors to help our readers. Hopefully, it will work for you. 

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