Ways to Communicate with your Salon Staff Internally

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Communication is the key to success not only in your salon business but in every other aspect of life as well. Quality communication acts as a strong supporting pillar in every case. It simplifies and solves everything in the most effective manner. How you communicate a message is as important as your message itself. 

You and your staff are busy and have some effective plans to discuss but due to communication barriers cannot hold a discussion. With this growing time, new tactics should be implemented so that the communications can be transmitted effectively and get your team connected. The more employees will understand the new plans the more they can act upon them. Therefore, it is essential to focus not only on what you are communicating but also on how you are communicating.

Be it a receptionist trying to communicate with clients or managers with staff, there are many ways to address your views effectively. With the help of efficient features in-salon software, you can express yourself in the right way.

Well, let’s move further to know why Communicate with Salon Staff is essential to take your salon to the next level.

Why Salon Communication is a Key

Better salon communication is the key to salon success. It proves to be helpful to the whole salon fraternity. With good internal communication, you can run a more effective business. It’s that simple. 

The better your communication is, the better you can serve your customers. Ultimately it shows up in your work and staff productivity as well. Eventually, you can see a hike in your client base with more ordered and managed salon functionality. They are more likely to remain loyal clients. Loyal clients surely refer your salon to their family and friends. Loyal customers keep your salon’s retention rate high and yield a good turnover as well.

How to communicate with salon staff internally

#1. Use Messaging Tools to Improve Internal Salon Communication

Communication in a workplace environment can help foster healthy working relationships. There are various messaging tools that can be used to enhance communication with your salon staff internally. WhatsApp work group is one of the easiest ways to communicate internally. Everyone has a smartphone and WhatsApp is the easiest app to use.

Keep in note that you have your staff’s phone numbers and that they also have the app. Then, search out their name in the list and add them to the Group. You can get an idea of who has received, read, and viewed your messages.

Slack is another platform that is available on desktops, tablets, and smartphones (iOS and Android). If used properly, it can become an amazing tool to use. It is quick, easy, and flexible to set up. You have to go to www.slack.com, click on ‘Create A New Team’ and follow their on-screen instructions to invite your staff on the platform. It is probably the most professional tool available for internal salon communication.

#2. Client & Appointment Notes

In many well-known salons, notes are used to smoothen the client’s experience and communicate internal information to keep the salon working efficiently. There are two types of notes which include client notes and appointment notes.

Client Notes: They will pop up on the screen and you can checkmark it when the new appointment is scheduled, checking in or checking out.

Appointment Notes: If you want to communicate an in-house alert for a specific appointment these notes are the way to go. Appointment Notes are only visible when viewing a client’s single appointment and otherwise they do not pop up.

#3. In House Notifications

With the help of in-house notifications, you and your team can seamlessly send notifications to whomever they want. 

Salon managers can share all the information or reminders with their team. Staff can also communicate easily regarding their work, issues, or whatever. A good communication channel builds a stronger relationship between both. 

Everything good or bad related to salon work can be easily expressed on these platforms. These features prove to create an amicable environment for the salon team.

Once the message is sent, your notification will immediately show up! And, when you receive a notification and would like to reply to it, just click the arrow to the right of the message and send your reply.

#4. Pop-Up Notes 

It’s the quickest, easy and effective way of communication with your salon staff internally. Pop Up acts as a  reminder for the scheduled appointments, check-in, and even check-out notes. With the help of pop-up features, you can quickly and promptly respond to your clients. 

Thanks to pop-up notes, as it allows you to always stay available for your clients. Your customers will be impressed to see that your team is always up to date with their information. The best part of this feature is it enhances your client’s journey by reverting them quickly without waiting long. 


From the above discussion now you can understand the importance of better way to Communicate with Salon Staff internally. Quality communication is the gateway to salon progression. The more your terms with your staff are good, the more you will understand them. Hence, it will ultimately reflect in the productivity of your staff team. A disciplined and ordered way of communication channel simply enhances the workflow of your beauty salon.

There are many ways to eradicate all the communication barriers, leverage them to get the best outcomes. Do use them and let your staff work in a stress-free environment.

Hopefully, our write-up proves to be productive to all our readers. Kindly, share your views on the same in the comment section below. If you have any queries and suggestions drop them as well.

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