5 Ways to Level Up Your Hair Salon

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Level Up Your Hair Salon

The hair salon industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries over the past couple of decades. The market size of the hair salon industry, in terms of revenue, has reached $48.3 billion in the year 2022 in the United States. 

The reason why it has grown so fast is that there are endless possibilities when it comes to building a hair salon. You can use your imagination and come up with new concepts for your clients. You can also choose from an array of products that will help you make your hair salon stand out from other salons.

But how often do you think of your business performance and determine the need for any improvements? I truly believe most hair salon owners do get trapped into focusing on what issues are about to come. How to interact with the dissatisfied client, ways to fill in the vacant slots, and so on. All of this directly impacts the hair salon business growth. 

There are many ways to level up your hair salon business, and one of them is by making sure that you have enough customers. But how do you get more customers?

Let’s explore!!

Effective Strategies to Grow Your Hair Salon

#1. Build a loyal client base

Build a loyal client base

The first thing you should do is advertise your salon in the right places. You can use different methods of advertising such as word of mouth, print media, and internet-based advertising.

Every business does this, so why not your hair salon business? Offer your clients the opportunity to earn coupons and discounts for referring their friends or family to your salon. Also, offering free products, services, or consultations can be a great idea to get people to your doorstep. You can even build the trust of new clients by offering them discounts on their first appointment. 

#2. Add new products and services to your salon

Add new products and services to your salon

Offer the best products around! If you want your customers to leave happy with their haircut, color, or other services that you offer at your shop, then make sure that everything about them is impeccable and professional looking when they leave your establishment!

You can grow business earnings by revising your goods and services. For example, you can introduce a dietitian or aesthetician or launch a new range of hair care products. It will help meet the client’s wants consistently. But make sure to execute thorough research to determine what’s trending and what the customer wants, and then make an investment. 

#3. Offer great customer service

Offer great customer service

This is something that people notice, so don’t underestimate the importance of providing exceptional service to your clients and potential customers. You also need to improve the quality of services offered by your salon. This can be done by training staff in customer service and handling complaints from clients. You can furthermore offer discounts for regular visits or for referring friends and family members to the salon.

#4. Focus on customer retention

Focus on customer retention

Making your existing clientele happy is one of the finest methods to grow your hair salon business. Why? Firstly, retaining current clients is simpler and much less expensive than finding new ones for your hair salon. Also, happy customers are loyal and repeat consumers. 

Second, happy customers are excellent brand representatives. Let us take an example. A customer comes to get a haircut and you offer a small massage as an additional service for free. They will enjoy and appreciate the comfort offered. In addition, when they are addressed with juice, coffee, or cold drink upon entering the salon, this will overwhelm them. Here, I bet the customer will not only praise the salon environment or staff. They will mention the efforts and care they experienced throughout their salon journey. 

In simple terms, offer great customer services and you will see the customer base and business expanding each day. 

#5. Invest in a salon management software

Invest in a salon management software

Hair salon management is a challenging job. However, investing in software eliminates all the hurdles. It automates business operations and helps organize everyday chores. 

I would suggest Salonist is must for your hair salon. It enables online appointment scheduling, seamless transactions, employee management, inventory management, etc. Assuring 24*7 customer service, consumers can schedule bookings anytime. Furthermore, they need not wait for hours to get served. They can simply book the visit and wait at their leisure. The notifications feature will send the message when it’s their turn. 

In addition, the convenience of online payment gateways offered by salons becomes the favorite of customers. Salonist enables adding multiple payment options to ensure ease of online transactions, secure customers, and build client trust. Also, it provides access to detailed reporting and analytics features. Using this, you can analyze the busiest hours or days in the salon and prepare accordingly. This way, no customer will return without getting served and need not wait for long hours as the bookings will be scheduled prior. 

Additional Tips to Boost Your Hair Salon

  • In addition to all this, it is also important for you to keep your salon clean and tidy so that it creates a good first impression on potential clients who may come into your shop.
  • Another way to level up your salon game is by having a good website that showcases all the services offered by your salon such as product range, pricing information, etc. You should also include contact details of all the staff working in your store so that potential clients can easily find out about them and make an appointment with them if they want to visit the salon.
  • Be a good listener. If you’re not interested in what your customers have to say, then it’s time to find another line of work. It’s important to listen to and consider their opinions on how things should be done.
  • Create a good atmosphere for clients and staff members alike, as well as for yourself! Make sure everyone feels comfortable when they come into the salon, and that everyone is treated with respect at all times.


To conclude, achieving success in growing your hair salon will need constant efforts towards building and meeting some key aspects. These include add-on products and services, great customer service, and efficient marketing. All of these will help you increase your brand presence and reach more audiences. Besides, investing in salon management software can be a great plus. It will assist in carrying out the everyday salon chores, offer easy booking and payment convenience to the customers, and boost your business growth. 

I hope this write-up provides you with more than just business ideas to enhance your hair salon.