10 Productivity Tips For Salon Owners In The Holiday Season

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Productivity Tips For Salon

As November starts and December is approaching, the holiday season is nearby.

The holidays are meant to celebrate the time with friends, have fun and yes, a distraction from your daily activities.

Between attending parties, planning holiday getaways, sparing time to purchase gifts for a loved one, the holidays demand a lot of hard work. In all these chaos, it also becomes tough to perform best on the professional front.

The most, in these celebrations, everyone likes to pamper themselves and have one source for the same, that is the Salons. Nowadays, people are more anxious about their look and appearance. Saying that- the Salons can have more profitable results with more customers.

So, if you are a Salon owner, then, it is better to leverage this opportunity and strategize beforehand. Create a plan for how you can amplify your Salon business and assist the potential customers to feel and look their best. Prefer to consider the agile marketing tips this holiday season that can assuredly offer your Salon profitable results. It is always better to start early!

Therefore, without wasting a bit, find out the best tips and tricks to gain Salon productivity.

How to gain profitable results in this holiday season

#1. Plan earlier

Be decisive and set holiday schedules to gain profits. To make it easy for you, we have examined the facts and figures. It is found out that the Salonist nowadays, is leveraged by almost every Salon owner, whether it is a Hair Salon, Barber Shop, Nail Salon or bridal Salons, etc. Below are the things that need your concern:

  • November

In the first week of November, your Salon appointments are multiplied to an average of your weekly bookings. Approximately, the appointment raises from 6.96 to 13.8 in the Christmas season.

  • Thanksgiving Week

At the end of the November month, Thanksgiving came. On an all, it improves the bookings with triple multiplication.

  • December

Till December mid, the Salons weekly booking drops completely. It is because of the reason that the Salons appointments books up for the upcoming festivals, that is Christmas and New Year.

#2. Schedule SMS, email and Social Alerts

As now you possess the holiday timeline, now what are your plans? Consider how you can stand out in the competition and book the appointments. You must start the Christmas marketing and promote the open booking before December starts. It is believed that when the bookings are scheduled in Salons, they experience the profit 15 times more than average. This is the best point to market your salon in the holiday season.

In this time period, you can make more of the Instagram and the Facebook stories and publish the holiday specials, services, availability and retail bundles. Additionally, the SMS and email reminders to the friends show the encouragement to start scheduled the booking before the time flies.

#3. Gift cards promotion

Assuredly, your Salon can get an impressive amount with the promotion of gift cards this holiday season. You will not believe that gift card sales can easily reach $160 billion till the year completes. And, the amount of $27.5 billion can be spent in the holiday season itself.

Of course, you do not want to miss this opportunity to gain more sales and profits. Giving your potential customers the choice of buying the gift cards for their loved ones can remove the stress while shopping on holidays. Always remember to beautifully wrap up the gift cards and send them either via SMS or email and promote on your website, social media and at your Salon also.

Note: The physical gift cards are the first choice for the customers, however, the digital continues to grow traction.

#4. Make a team with the Neighbours

There are many ways to grow the holiday cheer, but the influential one is to team up with your neighbours. By following this approach, you can offer the best creative holiday packages that make the customers ready for holiday parties.

For example, you can team up with the gift shops and create some packages, like, get the gift cards free with hair spa and so on. Accordingly, you are not only improving your customer volume but also, increasing your sales process and assuring higher revenue at the end of the year.

#5. Leverage social media and engage customers

Who does not use social media these days? Everyone, right!! Many check their social media accounts many times in an hour. So, don’t you think you have to use this to improve your brand visibility? Of course, you must!!

Use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to promote seasonal specials and run holiday contests. While carrying out the holiday-inspired contents, make a bundle with the best beauty products to give away else you can provide some free services. Mostly prefer to win things and providing the prize will please the social media users. They will check out your web page regularly after knowing your deals and offers. You can here, take an advantage and convert them into customers.

#6. Be thankful and ask your customers for feedback

When it is about marketing, the customers are definitely the best weapon to spread the word. The holiday season is the best time to state your customers about how much you admire their presence and to have the best business opportunities. You do not need to be more elaborative or expensive to show your emotions. All you can do is to purchase some holiday-themed cards to show gratitude or provide discounts on the services.

Inspire them to give some positive feedback or encourage them to recommend your Salon services to their family or friends. Definitely, this will help you to secure new customers and improve customer volume.

#7. Make a photo booth area in the Salon

You have given your customers the glam they might be wanting. Now, ask them to not leave without having a picture, that you can post either on social media handles or on websites.

What best you can do is that- you can set up the photo booth area in your Salon and inspire the customers to take selfies. Further, state them to tag you and the Salon in the post. The best part is that it will assist you to be unique and stay ahead in the game.

#8. Present the best work only

There are many chances where you can share your best work, but holidays are meant to impress more customers and try something different and special.

The fall hair colour reminiscent of the pumpkin spice latte is very popular. In winter, light blondes and rich dark brunettes are usually safe choices, but rainbow hair colours are something new.

Always remember to share the best and interesting work on the leading social media handles and website. It will make the customers get inspiration and are recalled to schedule their booking with your Salon.

#9. Convert every operation with automation

You cannot describe your efficiency by being an expert or beautician only. The Salons front-desk staff and management team must consider this. While automating some procedures, more tasks can be completed in less time.

Like, it is okay to ask every customer to get surety about their appointment booking. And, what will you do when they will not answer the calls? Here, you must leverage the economical and best way to carry out this task- by automating the instant message and email confirmations.

It also reduces basic tasks and allows individuals to devote their energy to other relevant activities. Switching to automated software to lessen the call process and boost productivity is indeed critical.

#10. Hold the Salon staff and keep them motivated

By dealing with Salon staff, you can reduce all the gaps of the salon team. In order to grow staff retention, keep your eyes and ears open to find ways to raise the customer’s spirits. Regularly provide staff with challenges/opportunities to acquire and grow new capabilities.

In addition to this, it is also important to keep them motivated and give appraisals. Some may only need to recognize achievements, whereas others might respond well to motivations (such as commissions or rewards) and challenges (such as the beautician with the more customer retention rate winning gift certificates). Some staff members can carry out the tasks better in the team, consequently, you can set team-oriented goals for them.

Wrapping Up

We hope, from the above tips, now, you have got an idea on how you can gain profitable results in the holiday season. Be unique, act differently and flourish!!

If you have some doubts or suggestions, then, let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!