Selfie Booth Trends for Salon & Spa

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Selfie Booths Trends for Salon & Spa

Get ready to add some excitement to your salon! Yes, we’re talking about selfie booths—those cool spots where clients snap pictures after getting their hair or nails done. Discover why adding these photo spots can make your salon a lively place where clients can easily capture their makeovers.  But the main question now is: in what way can salons make their selfie booth for their clients? The answer to it is explained in the whole blog. Join us for a simple and fun way to enhance salon customer experiences even more!

The Rise of the Selfie Culture in Beauty and Wellness

The selfie trend isn’t just about social media anymore. It’s a powerful marketing tool. Thanks to smartphones and platforms like Instagram, and Facebook people love sharing their transformations. Salons or spas may capitalize on this by adding selfie booths. It turns a visit into a fun, memorable experience customers want to share.

Why Selfie Booths?

Selfie booths offer a lot of benefits for enhancing your salon and spa brand’s visibility to create a more engaging experience for your clients. The following are several reasons to consider incorporating them into your premises:

Marketing Powerhouse

A picture is worth a thousand words & a selfie taken at your beauty salon may be worth even more in marketing value. When clients share their photos, they are not just showing their new and glamorous look; they are endorsing your brand to their followers. This word-of-mouth marketing is extremely valuable & offers authenticity no paid advertisement can match. 

Leveraging user-generated content like selfies is a cost-effective marketing strategy. Instead of investing heavily in traditional advertising, salon photo booths encourage your existing clientele base to market your services on your behalf. This leads to significant savings in marketing budgets, which allows you to allocate resources elsewhere.

Social Media Content

It can be difficult to consistently produce interesting and engaging content. One solution is to use selfie booths, which encourage users to create their own content. This content may help bring your social media platforms to life, showcasing customer satisfaction and engagement in real time. Moreover, user-generated content from selfie booths may demonstrate the variety and quality of your services.

From impressive beauty makeovers to elegant nail designs after manicures and pedicures, each client’s selfie serves as evidence of your team’s skill and creativity. This highlights your expertise and also emphasizes the wide range of services you offer. Potential clients who view these images can see the tangible results of your work, which may increase the chances of them making an appointment.

Customer Engagement

Selfie booths provide a fun experience that goes beyond the traditional salon or spa visit. They encourage clients to engage with your salon and spa brand in a personal way. This creates a deeper connection that may build loyalty and repeat business. Loyal customers have more chances to return for future services and recommend your spa to friends, driving more business your way.

Selfie Booth Ideas for Your Salon or Spa

In this section, we will outline some amazing selfie booth ideas for your salon business that help to encourage customers to revisit and boost sales.

#1. Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

The magic mirror is the next-level invention of a usual photo booth that you should not miss out on for your salon. It’s like a high-tech version of the classic mirror. The magic mirror offers a touchscreen feature that allows users to capture full-length photographs and instantly print them. Clients may easily customize their pictures themselves by using beautiful templates, wallpapers & brand logos. Also, it interacts with clients, offers compliments, and takes photos, which makes the experience more magical & engaging. It’s a fantastic way to add a tech-savvy touch to your salon.

#2. Digital Props

Digital Props        Virtual props may be added to selfies in real time. This allows customers to experiment with different looks or funny accessories without the need for physical props. It’s a great way to keep the selfie booth experience fresh and exciting.

#3. Instant Photo Sharing Stations

Instant Photo Sharing Stations

Now, every customer wants to flaunt their fresh new look on social media. With instant photo-sharing stations, they can do so. Clients can easily click selfies in the salon selfie booth and email their photos to themselves. This allows them to keep digital copies and recall their fun moments anytime.

#4. Customized Background and Branded Frames 

Customized Background and Branded Frames 

Offer backdrops and frames customized with your salon’s branding. This may range from your logo to themed designs that reflect the essence of your business. It improves brand awareness and ensures that every client photo becomes a branded post.

#5. Virtual Try-On Stations

Incorporate virtual try-on stations within the salon selfie booth to allow customers to digitally try different hairstyles or makeup looks in real time. This fun experience may also help clients make decisions about services they are considering to avail.

#6. Green Screens

Green Screens

Take your salon or spa clients to another world with the help of green screen technology. This trend allows for custom backdrops that may match your theme or transport your client to exotic places, all without leaving your venue. Clients can capture their selfies in front of the green screen and flaunt their looks in an extra cool way.

#7. VIP Selfie Experiences

VIP Selfie Experiences

Offer VIP selfie experiences as part of premium salon packages or memberships, which provide exclusive access to enhanced features or personalized assistance. Also, clients may get priority usage of the selfie booth.

#8. Boomerangs


Integrate the ability to create Boomerang videos, which are short, looping videos that add a fun and engaging twist to traditional boring photos. They are perfect for social media and may capture more live moments.

#9. Large Vintage Frame

Large Vintage Frame

A simple yet elegant idea where customers may pose behind a large, ornate vintage frame. It adds a touch of class and nostalgia to photos, which make a memorable experience.

#10. Photo Guestbook Sign

Photo Guestbook Sign

Encourage customers to take a picture and leave a digital signature or message. It’s a modern twist on the guestbook concept that creates a digital token of remembrance for customers and your business.

#11. Fun Accessories

Fun Accessories

Provide a variety of physical fun accessories like hats, glasses, masks, or boas. They are a great way to encourage playful photos and can be themed around seasons or salon specials.

#12. Floral Wall

Floral Wall

A beautiful, vibrant floral wall serves as a stunning background view for photos and also enhances the aesthetic of your space. Real or silk flowers may be used to create a wall that reflects the beauty and luxury of your services.

#13. Infinity Mirrors Selfie Photo Booth

Infinity Mirrors Selfie Photo Booth

Create a mesmerizing effect with an infinity mirror setup, which makes customers feel as though they are in a never-ending space. This unique experience is sure to be shared widely. Selfies taken in an infinity mirror photo booth give a luxurious effect and provide an eye-catching backdrop.

#14. Swing Booth

Swing Booth

Incorporate a safely mounted swing with a beautiful setup where customers may sit & take whimsical photos. It adds an element of play and uniqueness to their salon visit.

# 15. Instagram Frame Selfie Booth

Instagram Frame Selfie Booth

Create a life-sized Instagram frame where customers may pose, making it appear as if they are in an Instagram post. It’s a direct nod to social media culture & encourages sharing on the platform.

Concluding Remarks

To conclude, integrating selfie booths into your salon and spa offers a unique opportunity to enhance customer engagement and amplify your marketing efforts. It creates a fun, interactive experience where you may not only meet the expectations of modern customers but exceed as compared to other beauty brands. Now is the time to embrace the salon selfie booth trend and capture the benefits for your salon or spa.