10 Best Tips To Maximize Salon Productivity

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Salon Productivity

As a Salon owner, you must be feeling proud to be a part of the beauty industry. Regular footfall, busy staff, must be giving you a feel of a successful entrepreneur. But, the story is quite different. You still have to unleash the tips for salon productivity. Simply put, your Salon has to be more thriving as it is right now.

This is an absolute challenge. If you don’t have a direction and a set of effective guidelines, you may run out of power and motivation.

Indeed, you are not alone in this race, there are many more top salons and spas that are facing the same challenges and same frustrations.

Tell us, have you reached the target benchmark of +/- 85% productivity?

Or, has experienced that sort of profitable results that you deserve?

Or, even as an established Salon, your productivity level is >40%?

These types of figures show that you need to be extra cautious and you have to follow certain steps to make your Salon or Spa survival rate more. As a Salon owner, you should consider it as a matter of prioritizing the appropriate activities to increase productivity.

Why Salon Productivity Matters?

For any business of any kind, productivity matters a lot- it makes the world go around. This competitive world or the marketplace keeps everyone driven and motivated. With a productive Salon, you can use the resources to the best and can serve outside the column and the Salon business. Everything, from the costlier products to the interior, staff salary, general equipment, etc. all are expensive, so it is evident to draw a balance of creativity and productivity for Salon’s success.

An increase in salon productivity, means, an increase in salon profit, enhanced customer service, less operational cost, boost in staff morale, and an improved well being- all necessities for Salon survival.

As of now, you must have understood how Salon productivity is significant. So, if you are also a part of this race, then to give you a sigh of relief, we are here, providing you the top 10 Tips For Salon Productivity. Keep reading on!!

Tips For Salon Productivity

#1. Referral Program

Any Salon has to advertise itself to gather as many customers as it can. There are many ways that you can get it done, but, as per our opinion, the referral programs are one of the best. Referral programs are nothing but referring your Salon to someone so that you can get an increase in your footfall. And this all can be done by your existing potential customers.

Hence, what is significant here is that you need to provide the best service to your current or existing customers so that they can capture the new one. You can get it done by starting an active customer referral program.

Whenever your existing customer refers your Salon to their family or friend, give them rewards with freebies or thank you letters. Integrating the referral program and reward program is also a great deal!! For instance; when they are referring the Salon to one friend, offer them 10% discounts on all services and add on the discount when they will refer it to two or three mates. Knowing that they will gain more discounts, they will surely refer more friends.

#2. “Word of Mouth” Marketin

The marketing plan has to be top of all. As a Salon business owner, it is desirable for you to have comprehensive and notable marketing to earn profitable results. But, if your business does not have a marketing plan, then, sure your performance and productivity are hurting.

Indeed, you can spend a dime to pave the way for the salon with an absolute marketing plan that functions as an engine to uproot your business. Allow your existing customers to market your Salon and spread a word about it.

Ask them to post their before and after images on their social media, and tag you so that more of their followers and friends got to know about your Salon. So, what do you think about this free and highly productive marketing? We assure you will not regret it.

#3. Value-Added Service

Thinking of providing discounts to your services? Wait!! First, check whether they are valued or not!! If not, then add the value to the services. Assure that whenever the customer benefits your service, delighted them and offers them the subsidized rate for their next visit to avail of your services.

Nevertheless, the added value has to be genuine. You cannot fool your potential and regular customers with fake offers. This way, you will annoy them and experience a decline in the customer satisfaction rate.

#4. “Bring a friend” Promotion

Nothing hurts when it is free. By organizing a promotional event of “Bring a friend” once a month, you are allowing your customers to get their friends along to enjoy your Salon services for free. Executing this, you will not only have great interests but also an increase in your customer volume.

Get benefits and sell your offers to the customer’s friend. After noticing your Salon overall productivity, they will surely visit you whenever they require a beauty service.

#5. Incorporate Salon Software

Digitization has given new ways to the Salon to build up their business and to interact with the customers. Talking about this time, no one likes to avail of services from the Salon which is not technology-driven. Also, generally, the Salon faces a lot of trouble in managing their day to day activities that even results in several disappointments.

Hence, if you are smart enough to recognize all these facts, then you should get the best Salon Software. It not only streamlines all your Salon business chaos but also gives you an increase in your profitability. From inventory management, business management, appointment management, customer and staff management, Point of Sale, Marketing, it covers everything.

#6. Analyze Customer History

After getting a Salon Software, you must be getting immense benefits from it. But, the one benefit which is not known to you is knowing the customer history. You can have an eye on which services they have avail and which products they have purchased in the past.

The customers visit Salon many times. Leverage this and offer them similar services by checking their history and make them satisfied.

The next tip is to ensure that your customer’s return is to let suppliers join. When some new product is launched in the beauty industry then it is better to include them in your Salon counter. If your Salon does not have the counter, then, get the one. Practicing this, you will gain new visitors to your Salon and allow them to try the product and sell. Acknowledge your suppliers if they are ready to offer promotional gifts to the customers.

#8. Provide re-booking to each customer

From the Salon software, you can allow your customers to book the appointment with ease despite the timings (even after the office hours). The Salon staff can even update when they are available to offer the services or not. This will not only give a boost to appointment number by 50% but even also decrease the number of Salon no-shows.

Allow the customers to re-book when they are leaving the Salon after the services. It would be better if you will develop a rebooking strategy and ask your staff about using it adequately. Only your staff can get you a plethora of re-bookings to your Salon door.

Allow your staff to inform the customers about the next visit to booking the next appointments in advance. And, when the staff becomes successful in achieving the rebooking goals, encourage them with rewards.

#9. Encourage your employees to upsell

Implement upselling in your Salon and you will get striking results. Being an expert in upselling is just about ensuring that you have the appropriate tools in place. Guide your Salon staff about the creativity of marketing the services to the customers. After intelligently created, you can drive Salon profitability.

The best thing regarding upselling is that it drives Salon value. Certainly, allowing the customer to upsell is advantageous for your Salon business, but, assure that whatever you are selling is beneficial for your customers if you want them to rebook.

#10. Integrate the Reward System

Reward System

Pleasing the staff from time to time is important to sustain them in your Salon. The best way is to reward them when they show improvement in the customer retention rate.

You can fix goals for the staff and enable them to fulfill them. Whenever, they get successful in fulfilling the goals, provide them the rewards.

Wrapping up

Undoubtedly, the Salon industry nowadays has changed completely- it has risen above the traditional standards. Hope you understand these above Tips For Salon Productivity

With the advancements, it has become desirable to go with the flow and to gain lifelong success in the modern Salon industry. To fulfill that, follow the above-mentioned tips and get started now!!

Drive profitability for your Salon and Shine!!

Hopefully, this write-up is beneficial and knowledgeable for you. if you have any doubts related then ask us below in the comment section, Or, in case if you have suggestions then do share with us.

Your engagement will be highly appreciated!!

Thanks for reading these Tips For Salon Productivity!!