5 Time Management Tips For The Salon/ Spa Industry Experts

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Time Management Tips

Are you get tired of being busy? Feel stuck with the unnecessary things-to-do? If so, then it merely means you have no control over your valuable time. You don’t seem to be familiar with the term “time management skills” yet. And until you don’t familiarize yourself with the time management skills, you no longer get the desired results, whether it’s in business or life!

If also one of those who feel busy all the time and unable to manage their salon’s time effectively, then you must follow these useful time management tips for the salon/ spa.

We all know that time management is the ultimate key to success, thus follow these tips ritually and enjoy the success of the salon and spa as experts.

Time Management Tips

#1. Offer Small Consultations To The Clients

Avoid being a chatterbox when it comes to giving consultation to the clients regarding haircuts, hairstyles, colours or simple hair do’s. The client judges the salon expert during their first visit when they are consulting the client. Be precise and polite, do not feel overwhelmed or stressed out. Communicate efficiently and offer the clients a long-term strategy.

#2. Prioritize the Essential Things

Avoid spending time on less important things, focus more on the clients and have meetings with the staff members at the end of the day. Making phone calls, ordering products, uploading stuff on social media platforms are secondary things so prioritize the important stuff. Jot down the urgent things first like hiring if you are understaffed and others.

#3. Manage People Or Activities Which Kill Time

Time management is a skill. Avoid people who waste your time, these include customers who chit chat a lot without paying you much for the services, unplanned meetings with the staff members, scrolling over the social media platforms or staff members who come up with new stories each time. Visualize the stuff where your time management is killed and avoid indulging in such activities.

#4. Practice Writing Down Tasks

Have a look at the appointment schedule so that a person spends less time early morning to decide which one to start first and which one next. Make plans beforehand to avoid spending less time. Write down new tasks, about meetings, ordering new products and others so that the salon experts can enjoy life easily without any stress or anxiety on their heads.

#5. Involve The Staff

It is a tough duty for the salon owners to build the salon successfully and manage their personal lives equally. The salon expert must involve staff members to an extent but avoid spending most of their time management in-salon duties. Try assigning the duties to the staff members like consultancy, educating the clients, seeking different ideas and many more. It helps the salon owner to upgrade their business skills and invest in techniques that can upgrade the salon.


Concluding all the tips, we just want to say that, these are proven time management tips. These tips help you in better utilization of your time and run your salon/spa business more effectively.

If you don’t ever try such tips, then these will surely help you achieve desired progress in the beauty industry.

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