5 Tricks to Get Spa Facials at Home

POSTED BY Julia Ching


Going to the beauty salon for a relaxing facial has its own perks, but not everybody has the time or money to go there every month. Sometimes all a girl needs is a glass of wine and the perfect spa facial at home to start off the weekend.

And that is exactly why we’re here. I’m spilling the beans on this blog and letting you in on the secrets of having mood-lifting and self-pampering spa facials in the comforts of your own home.

Here’s a smart tip to begin with: Call in your girlfriend, light up some scented candles, and spend the night away treating each other with these spa facials at home and exchanging all the gossip you ladies have stocked up on.

Smart Tips to Get Spa Facials at Home

#1. Cleanse

Invest in a good-quality facial cleanser and use it to clean out the skin from daily dirt and pollution. Cleansing your skin should be a part of your daily skin routine if you want to maintain healthy-looking skin. This is the first step in getting spa facials at home.

#2. Scrub

Scrubbing thrice a week will get rid of the dirt and pollution that have settled deep within your pores. You can scrub daily too if you’re not one of those sensitive types, but keep your scrubbing to a minimum.

#3. Rose Water

This is a natural tip to get spa facials at home. Clean and tone your face with cold rose water to make it feel more refreshed and alive. Rose water can be used daily to rejuvenate the face in the morning after you wake up or at night before going to bed.

#4. Facial Massager

If you’re a fan of at-home facials, get yourself a facial massager. This tiny little tool is very handy when you want to give your face the perfect amount of pressure and increase the blood circulation for fresher and younger-looking skin. So, create your Own At-Home Spa for relaxation.

#5. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are super-expensive and totally worth the money. Some sheet masks are extremely effective and remove all the dullness and tiredness from your face, leaving it glowing naturally.

I hope these steps help you get spa facials at home. Invest in Salonist Spa Software that is specially designed for spa & salon owners to keep salon clients happy by managing their salon clients bookings, payments, appointments, etc.