6 Ideas For An Appealing Beauty Salon Interior

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Beauty Salon Interior

If you’re planning to expand your beauty salon and have no idea how you can attract more customers, then we have a little secret for you. Nobody is going to give your beauty salon another glance if its interior isn’t worthy of appreciation. Here, we are going to discuss 6 ideas that can help you revamp your beauty salon’s interior.

6 Beauty Salon Interior Ideas

#1. Choose a Color Palette

Colors, hues, and blends are quite important when designing your brand. Assemble all colors in a palette and decide which ones go best with the theme of your salon. For instance, if you want to promote a relaxed touch, then go for lavender and pair it with a dark purple, taupe, and ivory to make heads turn. If you want to use a modern, contemporary touch, then we would suggest you go for a palette with bright colors such as aquamarine blue and accents of yellow and gold.

#2. Button-Tufted Furniture

Consider recreating a lounge with U-or-L-shaped button-tufted leather furniture for your clients to sit down in the utmost comfort while they’re waiting for your services. Choose furniture that goes well with the theme and color display of your beauty salon.

#3. Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers can never be out of fashion or too immodest to use in your beauty salon. Good lighting and reflection will not only help you to focus on your client but will also allow you to polish your skills with sheer attention. Apart from chandeliers, use mirrors that are fitted with LED lights to prove that nothing matters than other than your client.

#4. Polish Your Retail Space

If you’re selling branded products, then make sure you’re not only skilled as a salesperson, but also know how to keep your retail space clear and minimalistic. Place an aesthetically designed ladder or DIY shelves in the lounge or main den of your beauty den for displaying the merchandise.

#5. Planters & Indoor Plants

Plants help to boost the overall energy in your beauty salon, and also, create an everlasting impact on your customers. If you can’t provide regular care and attention to live plants, go for little planters and artificial plants for low maintenance. You can decorate your planters by opting for palette-coordinated DIY design and hang them on your retail space, consoles, dressers, and shelves.

#6. Pop-up Salon Ceilings

Pop-up ceilings help to create an illusion of interest. Replace the ceiling with a pop-up design and add matching furniture shades to throw accent to the walls. You can also use textured wallpaper or a floor-length mirror on the walls to accentuate the interior design of the salon.

Wrapping Up

We know that well-manicured hands and a debonair attitude aren’t enough to attract customers, but will discount coupons on hairstyles and pro-deals on make-up help you succeed? Sure, they might bring a wave of customers, but let’s face it; you need customers that leave your salon incredibly happy with their makeover. We hope that these incredible tips will help you be creative and reconsider the interior design of your beauty salon.

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