6 Strategies to Stay Busy in the Salon

POSTED BY Cathrine William


Every business has its slow days, and so, winters are for salons. In this case, every salon owner could do anything to get more business. Here are six foolproof ways to stay busy in the salon, especially during the slow time of the year.

6 Ways To Stay Busy in the Salon

#1. Restrategize

Be willing to flip the coin and take this free time to be creative and market your unique selling point. Add value to your services, because this is what your customers will remember for the rest of their lives.

#2. Get Online & Get Social

In this era when technology is at its best, brands are prospering online. So take advantage and establish your online presence with consistent branding and gain people’s trust through social media. Let the world know clearly what you have to offer. Promote your salon on social media beause it is the best place to gain clients.

#3. Make Seasonal Offers

Make a list of promotional offers you want to launch when the business is slow. Offer attractive discounts and something complementary to get new customers and old ones back.

#4. Remember Member Gets Member

There is nothing more delightful than your customers recommending you to their friends. So, give offers like “get 15% off on recommendation”.

#5. Educate Your Staff

It is essential to equip your staff with the best knowledge of your service quality and brand strategy. Make sure you preserve a good relationship with your workers because a happy staff produces happy customers. Take a small part of this free time to work on their skills and professional communication gap.

#6. Introduce New Services

If there is something you don’t offer and your competitors do, invest your time, energy, and capital to introduce it so more people can reach out to you. People prefer a one-stop-shop for their beauty needs.

Wrapping up

Most salons and spa owners don’t realize that they can increase their business simply by using what they already have and it can be their money, time, and even skills. So all you need is to keep educating yourself and make your best move.

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