8 Best Medical Spa Marketing Strategies

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Several industries had made their remarkable impression in the market. And the medical spa industry is not an exception. Everyone is looking for different ways of enhancing their physical appearance.

Nowadays, this industry has become more productive and is sprouting out. It has unlocked several revenue possibilities for medical spa entrepreneurs.

Though, strong competition, rising operational costs and the lack of an adequate medical spa marketing plan show a difficult road for medical spa owners in the future. That is why we are here to give you eight unique & effective marketing strategies for your medispa business.

Beauty starts with skincare. Skin is the most vital organ of our body, and the most exposed also. Our skin protects us from harmful germs, diseases, and ultraviolet sun rays. Taking good care of our skin is a must to keep it healthy.

Frequent visits to the salon and spas help us in maintaining the good condition of our skin. But sometimes we need a little bit more than just simple cosmetic skincare.

“Globally … Advances in medical approaches like dermal fillers, laser technology, ultra therapy, cellfina, etc. are pushing the need for medical spas”- A report by Allied.

Find out some of the key trends in the medispa industry that has made it a thriving industry.

# Medical Spa Marketing Trends

  • The global medical spa market was estimated at $11,063 million in 2017. It can reach $27,566 million by 2025, rising at a CAGR of 12.2% from 2018 to 2025.
  • Reports say that India is the agile country in the Asia Pacific region in the medicare spa market. It can expand by 14.2% (CAGR) till 2025.
  • The body shaping division has estimated as one-fifth of market revenue. It has been raised by recent improvements in body shaping (non-invasive methods). Hence, these advancements should regularly drive a boost in this division.
  • Also, Asia-Pacific can reach tremendous CAGR from 2018 to 2025, because of the growing incomes in dense countries, like China and India. Additionally, medical tourism can fuel market growth as well.
  • The facial treatment segment has taken one-third of the global market share in 2017.
  • When it is about hair removal treatment, almost one-sixth has accounted for global market revenue in 2017.
  • In LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East, and Africa), Brazil is the one country that is growing more faster. CAGR of 13.9% is estimated until 2025 for this industry.
  • One-seventh of the revenue is taken by the tattoo removal division in 2017. It is estimated that it can grow by 11.8% (CAGR) from 2018 to 2025.
  • Medical Spas is a four-billion-dollar industry. It can grow by eight percent by 2020.

The above statistics have made us eager to understand what medispa industry is. Let’s find out!!

What is a Medical Spa?

A medispa is a place where we get medical-grade skincare by licensed aestheticians and skin doctors. But that does not mean that medispas are skin clinics. A medispa is a place we get skincare, such as botox, hair removal, and acne treatments in a calm and relaxed environment.

There is a great number of salons that offer medispas facilities. To make your medispa successful, excellent marketing skills are required.

Why marketing is required?

Generally, marketing refers to activities by which a company, effectively sells its products. It is an essential tool to promote a business and to make it successful. Wise strategic moves can boost your business to another level.

Along with excellent marketing, high-quality products and services can help you to stand out in the business community. Many business strategies get practiced to make a business successful. Most of them get designed according to market needs.

Leading MediSpa Marketing Strategies

#1. Traditional advertising

Traditional advertising is the most authentic and old concept of marketing. It involves print media and visual marketing such as TV ads etc.

You can promote your medispa with this strategy. It still holds the strongest position and the masses can reach it easily, regardless of age, gender, or interests.

#2. Digital marketing

We are living in the age of the cyber world. Digital marketing has altered the norms of regular marketing.

You can use several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. to promote your medispa. A great number of people can get to know about your services just with a click.

#3. Hiring top professionals

Hiring experts and qualified professionals are the prime factors to boost your medispa. Because only an expert knows the best for your client.

The satisfaction of the client ensures positive feedback, which works as a catalyst in the success of your business. So always make sure that you hire an authentic expert for the aesthetic skin procedures.

#4. Discounts and Promotions

All of us love to save money, and that is why discount deals always grab our attention instantly. By introducing discounts on services, you can attract more consumers than usual.

Promotions also play an important part in accelerating sales. Introducing new products and procedures, now and then, maintains the interest of clients in your business.

#5. Protocol management

Every client deserves the protocol. So, it is your basic duty to make sure that every client gets proper attention and protocol. It comprises a friendly environment, good service, hygiene, and thorough communication.

Even today, word of mouth is a popular way of promoting business. So, a praising sentence from your customer to the outside world will deliver the message without an effort. Make your clients feel great and let the magic work.

#6. Collaboration with local small businesses

Medispa mainly provides beauty services. It involves professional-grade beauty products at every level. Mostly medical-grade beauty products considered as high end and expensive. And, therefore, limits its user community.

By collaborating with small local businesses, you get the chance to promote your medispa among common men. Increasing the user community and awareness about your business also plays a significant role.

#7. Sharing success stories

We believe what we see. So, instead of creating virtual images of your medispa services share some real-life success stories. It will make the clients believe that you deliver what you promise.

Also, it builds up your portfolio as a successful business that has the potential to excel. Let them observe the results of the services your medispa offer.

#8. Trend Specific Marketing

It is one of the most unique and targeted marketing strategies. A successful business always stays ahead of time. Trends change around us at a much faster rate than we expect. So, to stay in the game, you need to grasp and master the service before someone else does it.

Either it is about cellulitis, eyebrow tattoo, body contouring, eyelash extension, skin toning or something else. Your medispa should offer all the services, and you must equip it with the necessary tools and machines.

Wrapping Up

To be successful, you need to think cleverly while finalizing the medical spa marketing strategy. Even, it is online reputation management, brand building, social media marketing or medical spa SEO, the effective marketing strategy can present you the taste of success.

The points that we have mentioned above can vary from customer to customer. Following these, you can preserve your existing customers and attain a new one.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If you have any queries and suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.

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