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Online Booking With Social Media

Social media creates a brand presence and brand value!!


We bet that you have not thought about social media is worth some $$$$!!

When it is about business profitable results, two things are major money assets.

The first one is posting interesting and exciting content and the second one is making the booking button prominent so that the customers can do Online Booking With Social Media.

Certainly!! Making the experience seamless for the customers in every aspect is worth it!!

Our Salonist Software has integrated Facebook and Instagram business pages. From here, our prominent customers start Online Booking With Social Media platforms without any hassles and convert your social traffic into bookings. Know-how below!!

Booking from Facebook

Create the Facebook Booking Button

We all prefer to schedule our bookings on convenient hours. And, this is confirmed by the recent figures that state that 54% of the online bookings are completed in the business opening hours.

Those who do not have the set up of online bookings are missing effective and great opportunities. To get beneficial results from the online booking, you have to capture the easy ways to secure the online bookings by including the “BOOK NOW” button on the Facebook page. Allow your target audience to use these at any point in time and from anywhere.

Note: After setting up the “BOOK NOW” button on the web page, go live and notify the customers about the same on Facebook. Don’t miss any opportunity to get more and more customers.

Booking from Facebook Messenger

Imaging when the customers have sent you the message on the messenger and you are not available to revert back. The customer will not wait and move to others and book. Here, you are missing the result-oriented opportunities. Do not let this happen and adopt the automatic messanger reply system that will navigate the customer to the online booking page.

Indicates such as, “I need aftercare instructions” or “I would like to book an appointment” are best to have set up. It will not only assist the customers to the best but, also save your precious time.

Booking From Instagram

Create the Instagram booking button

Including the “BOOK NOW” button on the Instagram page is a profitable way to delight the potential customers when they are shopping around. When someone visits your Salon’s Instagram page, the first thing they have to check is the “BOOK NOW” button. The button has to be on the top and right of the screen with your business bio and name.

Note: After setting up the “BOOK NOW” button on the web page, go live and notify the customers about the same on Instagram. Get as many customers as you can with the smart tricks.

Booking from Instagram ads

Use Instagram ads if you are not!! These ads hold the capacity to improve your business visibility among your potential customers. Might be your future customers while scrolling Instagram, checks your Salon ads.

To make it easy for them to visit, you can link the ad to the online booking page on the website. This will make them click the link and book simultaneously. Check out the booking link on Instagram by navigating to Setup->Online booking. Then, copy the booking link to the top of the Instagram page.

Wrapping Up

Online Booking With Social Medias account allow you to capture real time engagement from the customers that find your information valuable and relevant. But, it is possible when all the marketing tactics are visible and feasible.

With Salonist’s integration with Instagram and Facebook, you can book more customers online and assure more revenue and sales.

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