Why Abila Beauty Salon Switched to Salonist

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Abila Beauty Salon Switched to Salonist

To fulfill the dream of his mother, Aswin Abila has opened a Salon. His Salon, Abila beauty salon, in Doha, Qatar, is now three years old. In the early days, he was using software from some local company that has glitches and crashes. Later on, he got his eye on Salonist from online resources.

“Thinking of taking women empowerment to the next level, I started the Salon for my mother. She has spent more of her life as a housewife. Now, she is handling the relations and quality aspects of the Abila beauty salon.”

Aswin Abila

Initially, Aswin Abila experienced free software from some local company, but that did not manage any Salon task seamlessly. As per his opinions, “I was looking for a solution that can make every single operation of my Salon flexible and accessible. So, I started using free software. However, the guidelines that the software has mentioned made me think about how they are coping with the customer database. It blows out my mind that it can even breach the data of my customers”.

By this, he only put in the mandatory details which are phone numbers and names. Nothing more than that. He wants to be more cautious.

Thinking to take his Salon to another level, he needs to jump to an outstanding Salon Software.

“We all love to get everything for free, but; the things become fishier later on- “too good to last”. My mother is working so hard and intensely that I cannot let some free software ruin even a bit of her work. So, I bid goodbye to that Software.”

A Journey to Find the Best Salon Software

Now, it is the time to shop for Salon Software that can fit daily Salon needs. Knowing the exact needs of Abila Beauty Salon, Aswin Abila knows exactly which type of Salon software he wants.

“Though, it took a lot of time of mine to get the Salon Software of my Salon requirements. One day, I was checking my Instagram, and I saw offers from Salonist. Soon after that, I researched the website, its features, and its industries. I find it appropriate for my Salon, it gained my trust, and quickly, I signed for a 14-day free trial. Its features do not let me wait for even a second to use it”.

Aswin Abila

When Aswin Abila started using it, he found it the best. He was so impressed with its customer support and maintenance service. ” When I opened the website, I got a quick message that if some help is required. I find the Salonist staff very friendly and cooperative. The team has full knowledge of every element that is related to Salonist. They left me astonished. From solving every query of mine to supporting me with the features, Salonist works amazingly. Frankly speaking, the prompt replies and 24X7 customer support I experienced with this Salon Software was totally different from the previous one. I don’t think that the Salonist will ever let me down with my expectations.”

Transferring Data Between Software

The Salonist team has moved Aswin’s information from his previous software to Salon ideally without any hurdle. As it is known that moving the data from one software to software can even wreck it, so, we took all the appropriate measures to make it a seamless operation.

“The team has migrated all the data to Salonist software effectively. The level of confidence the team shows in their solution is marvelous. The way they say “Trust us!!” is really made to trust them. I am fully obliged that I got the best solution for my Salon business.”

The salonist support and maintenance team were there 24X7 for Aswin to help him whenever he required. ” Initially, I was unsure about the Salonist, whether I had made the right decision or I had wasted my time before. I was even not aware of using it. So, in the earlier days, the extra support the team was given was remarkable. The team answered every question of mine positively and quickly. I do not find any difficulty in dating a Salonist.”

Aswin’s Should Have Salonist Features

Abila Beauty Salon is on our Premium Plan and is taking every possible benefit of the Unlimited Staff, Unlimited Appointments, and Unlimited Clients included in this plan. “This is so impressive how this Software is managing every appointment by notifying the clients as well if rescheduled or canceled.”

Below are the Aswin’s Must-have features:

  • Loyalty and Reward System
  • Inventory Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Point of Sale (PoS)
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Customize Mobile App

Aswin got all the notifications via email or SMS about the next day’s appointments, and his staff schedule in the form of PDFs. It is really helpful if, in any case, the internet crashes down, PDF is always here to save me.”

Our Software is allowing Aswin to keep an eye on his Salon business anytime and from anywhere.

“What I can say about Salonist multi-location access features- my jaw dropped when I first used it. Unbelievingly, I can access my Salon from any of the accessible devices even if I am out of the station. I can access all of the data easily and also can check the activities of all employees. It gives a sigh of relief that my Salon is in safe hands.”

Holding three years of experience, Aswin Abila has earned potential clients and a thriving business and become a prominent name in the Salon Industry. We, as the Salonist, know all the challenges that the Salon has to face in handling day-to-day operations. From appointments, payments, inventory reports, Salonist has covered you. Even if you have owned a business for many years or are starting up, a name that you can trust is- Salonist!!