Salonist: Thriving the Growth of Knuckout Business

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Even leading salon business strategies can fail, but, Salonist does not let you taste the failure. Success is assured.

Mr. Gupta, Owner of Knuckout Salon

To get a name in the beauty industry, Mr. Gupta chooses Salonist and started the Salon business that only has given him success, and he has never looked behind since then.

“Salonist is the central processing unit of our business. It assists us in managing our business and increasing profitability. “

Mr. Gupta, Owner of Knuckout Salon

How the Story of Powerful Beauty Brand Starts?

MR. Gupta is the founder and CEO of Knuckout, and he has been in the business of Salons since 2002 with branches in the whole country. With the use of the latest technology (Salonist) and dedicated staff, Mr. Gupta touched the top and is growing his business very fast.

What makes you start Knuckout?

I always wanted to start a business where I can serve people and do something different. So, I started a beauty service because of its immense popularity all around. I observed that in the UK, there were great opportunities in beauty industries, particularly in experience and specialization. This makes me start a brand and here I am today!!

How is Knuckout different from its challengers?

Client satisfaction and staff professionalism make us different from others. We take pride in achieving both and feel confident to get more. Our flexible business environment has made us stand out and Thriving the Growth of Knuckout Business.

Why do you love Salonist?

We have been using Salonist from the beginning, and we both developed together very well. Salonist reduced our Salon workforce, and it directly powered up feature development, not only for the satisfaction of the clients but for the beauty business. The best thing we found in Salonist is that it works like a team and handles all the stuff at one time.

Why is a Salonist necessary for your business?

I always say that Salonist is the heart of my business. It empowered every aspect of Salon business and it now works like the blood in the veins. One of the greatest things we want to do with this business was to take off unnecessary daily tasks that consume a lot of time and resources. And, after acquiring a Salonist, pain on our shoulders has vanished completely.

Our success is when we see our client smile, and we got this success by using Salonist only.

Mr. Gupta’s Handy Tips

#1. Use Salonist to send notifications

Salonist send clients notifications via SMS and emails for their appointments, pending payments, offers, discounts, daily deals, etc. It will save the Salon business from no-shows and reduce admin time for managing staff scheduling, inventory, client records, and confirming appointments.

#2. Manage your Salon business with Salonist on iOS and Android app when you are out

You do not need to be at the office to check what is going on in your business. Just click on your salonist mobile app from wherever you want and see what is happening in your business. With salonist, we thriving in the growth of knuckout business.

#3. Organize multiple branches of your business

Managing all of the branches in one place is a unique advantage of a Salonist. This software makes it easy to shift clients between branches, staff management, client management, etc.

#4. Make your mode of payment easier

Use Salonist’s integrated methods of payment POS (Point Of Sale), prepaid, and credit cards. This solution makes it easy for the clients to pay according to their payment modes. It helps your staff to process payments in no time and let them focus on their clients.

“The modern technology -Salonist helped us for managing appointments successfully and reducing no-shows, which results in more salon business. We never imagined that we could grow our business to this level; it is all only because of the Salonist. It gives finishing touch to every Salon business requirement”

Mr. Gupta, Owner of Knuckout Salon
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