7 Best Beard ideas For Your Salon Men’s Beard Styles

POSTED BY Cathrine William

Beard Styles

A man becomes 10 times more attractive with stylish men’s beard styles. It takes a solid game of beard to upgrade a guy from a boy into a man. But growing a beard that compliments your face sometimes needs inspiration from men who know how to rock a beard with class.

However, in the USA, No beard Day is celebrated to shave off their beards to get a different look. This leads them to start growing their beard with different trends prior to that day.

Nevertheless, the beard is an important aspect of the face so it always demands the utmost attention.

7 Best Beard Ideas:



Big and Thick Beard Style

It’s a dream for many men to grow a thick and big beard but only some are blessed in that manner. But for those who can grow a thick beard, it’s easy for them to look cool in this classic beard fashion.

#2. Faded Men’s Beard Style


Faded beard style

A faded beard vogue goes ideally with a fade haircut. The good thing about the faded beard trend is that you can simply grow the hair back if you want to change the look a bit.

#3. Extended Goatee Beard Style


Extended Goatee Beard Style


The ultimate king of extended goatee beard fashion, Robert Downy Jr. aka Iron Man has inspired this beard trend. Any man with a rectangle or square face would look great in this particular trend of beard.

#4. Van Dyke Beard Style


A van dyke beard vogue consists of a standard-sized goatee with mustaches curved at the end. It’s not a beard trend meant for every man and suits only some who are daunting enough to pull it off.

#5. Mutton Chops Beard Style


Mutton Chops beard style


Bringing the traditional 80’s vibes in 2021, wearing a mutton chops goatee style will definitely turn a lot of heads in your direction. But if you’re looking like a dreamboat in those mutton chops then who cares?

#6. Balbo Beard Style


Balbo goatee style has a little from all the facial hair. A floating mustache with a medium-trimmed beard and no sideburns adds a casual yet cool dimension to the face.

#7. Faded Trimmed Sideburns & Cut Beard Styles


Faded trimmed sideburns and cut beard styles

For guys who are unable to grow a big shrubby beard, faded trimmed and cut beard fashion are the ones for you. Don’t need to have hair full of face to pull this look off, just a faded-out beard with sideburns and edgy cleans cuts will do.


A lot of best beard styles are in trend today, but not all suit everyone. That makes men a little confusing! But you needn’t get worried!

The above 7 must-picked styles will clear out all your confusion and give your beard a new look. Make sure you always choose the style according to your face shape and goatee growth. Rest, for having a ravishing elegant look, you can timely trim or maintain your beard for longer-lasting results.

If you liked our listed styles, then let us know via comments. We’d be more than happy to hear from you!