7 Benefits Of Being A Salonist Member 

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Salonist Member

From all of the industries, the beauty industry is a highly competitive yet profitable one. 

Unquestionably, at least one Salon is opening up daily. For women, visiting Salon is more a necessity than counting it as a luxury. 

The increase in the crowd of regular visitors makes it inefficient in managing the salon tasks. Most of the time, the Salon staff fails to deliver the best service even after trying their level best.

However, this way they have to face the decline of their position in the salon’s market. A single mistake from their end gives a dent in their Salon business.

Hence, to remain on the top of the game, every Salon small or big, old or new, should adopt the technology. Here, our concern lies in embracing Salon Management Software. 

The above statistics are clearing out that the management solution assists the Salons not only in managing appointments but also, in different ways, such as improving loyalty, boosting effectiveness, promoting income by securing revenue loss with no-shows. 

Certainly, there are many Salon software out there in the market. From R&A, or from our opinion, Salonist is by far the productive Salon solution that you can add to your marketing strategy. This online booking software can be used by Barber Shops, Hair Salons, Massage Therapy, Nail Salon, Spa, Bridal Salon, Medical Spa Software, Aesthetic Skin Clinic, Tattoo Artist Software, Salon Booth For Renter, Tanning Salon Software and Pet Grooming industries. 

Why Salonist?

The one line that explains why leverage Salonist is that it adds only value to your business.  From managing appointments to powerful marketing, promotional activities, planning, and control, employee and staff management, automation, and resource management, it has all.  Those looking for ways to drive revenue in the Salon market should choose Salonist. 

Thousands of related businesses are even leveraging this software to improve their Salon business, approach millions of clients, and yes save time to handle other productive tasks.  The robust suite of features it contains allows you to manage the bill, payrolling, retaining your clients, and using compelling marketing strategies. 

Add this solution to manage Salon tasks effectively without any stress. Give more attention to accounts, inventory, and products. Keep an eye on Salon operations despite the time and location you are at.  

Allow us to show you how adding this beneficial tool can give heights to your Salon and makes managing everything a breeze.  Find out the benefits of Salonist below:

How being a Salonist Member is a beneficial deal for your Salon?

#1. Makes booking appointment easy

Appointment booking

The issue that most of the customers face in Salons is waiting for their turn to get served. As a Salonist Member, you can allow the customer to schedule their appointments according to their convenience (24X7). The online appointment booking feature totally eradicated every means of letting them wait or experience any hassle in the booking. 

Allow customers to book with you from any of the portable devices even after office hours- full convenience is assured. They can check the free time slots and as per the time availability, they can book their appointment. Accordingly, the customers do not need to wait as they already have fixed the timing of their appointment. This way, they become satisfied and become your loyal customers. 

Moreover, being a Salonist member enables them to schedule, reschedule or cancel the bookings and do not let your Salon face any sort of no-shows. The option can be added to your Salon website or social media page. Holding the unique details, the customer can remember the appointment date and time.

#2. Make Managing Inventory Easy

Inventory Management

For every Salon, inventory management is an essential thing.  It is carried out on a daily basis. Being a Salonist Member, you can find out the usage of Salon’s resources by the staff members, the quantity of the products in the warehouse (what is left and what is in much use).  That is to say- our solution gives you overall control over the stock. 

Through inventory management,  the Salon owners can track the Salon business flow and revenue every month. It lets you find out the quantity of waste and guarantees that the Salon is operating within the rules and regulations.  

In addition, it also displays if something wrong is happening.  It gives you an update on the product’s expiry date and the products that need to be refilled.   

#3. Helping hand for active Salon marketing

Salonist holds all the features that assure the Salon owners that they are following fruitful marketing tactics. From this Salon solution, you can have important customer details, like, name, address, phone number, birthday, age, to communicate with the clients when the need arises. 

The software lets you do the marketing with social media, SMS, and emails. Form Salonist, the Salon owners can send them discounts, offers, daily deals, etc, to the consumers to make them engaged in your Salon. They can also give your Salon reference to their family, friends, or peers, and assure more customers at your Salon door. The Salon owners can give discounts to the existing customers for the referrals or efforts. You can also give this opportunity to your Salon staff and provide them the incentive and show them you value them. 

In addition, get benefits from social media marketing by using leading platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Here, you can display the current offers your Salon is dealing with and draft an appealing quote to attract visitors.  

#4. Get economic benefits from discounts and loyalty programs

Rewards or loyalty programs, discounts, freebies are liked by all.  It engages the customers and makes them use your products or services. Of course,  you will get financial benefits following this approach. 

Considering some Salon has a higher customer base, then, it is obviously tough to monitor the review the loyalty of every customer in a manual way, or creating loyalty and discount benefits. Salonist completes this work properly. It tracks the customer’s interactions automatically with the brand and generates discounts and loyalty advantages for every customer. Provide these benefits to your potential customers and earn much. 

#5. Full Employee Management Suite

Managing employees is a complicated job when it is about tracking their performance on a daily basis, that is even manually. From giving them assignments or tasks to find out their progress, the Salon owners have to manage all on their own.

Choose Salonist to have a solution and to streamline the operations adequately.  It regulates the staff performance and assures 100% productivity for the Salon.  Of course, you only want to keep only those staff members in your Salon that are productive for you. So, for that, it is desirable to know how they all are performing.

Check out their performance on a yearly or monthly basis to give your Salon an add-on in development. You can give them tasks and monitor their activities from the software from any location. Also, it is important to acknowledge their work- to keep them motivated towards work.  As we have mentioned above as well, ask them to bring in new clients and give them incentives. 

#6. Converts carrying payments convenient

Managing cash is undoubtedly essential to assure that prime operations and elements operate successfully. Implementing  online payment in salon, makes it effortless for potential customers to pay easily from easy-to-pay payment gateways. 

Allow them to pay while booking with your Salon and promote the cash flow system. The solution enables you to include reliable and secure payment gateways that clients find comfortable paying.  Also, you can let them pay from the payment methods they own.   Do not make the process of paying complicated, rather make it simple. 

Salonist gives an alert to the customers by sending a notification to clients of the pending payments with your services or purchased products.  It sends the email or SMS to the client of the overall details of their payment and assures transparency.  This quick alert system is also necessary when reminding customers about offers,  daily deals,  appointments,  promotions, etc. 

#7. Know your Salon from Feedback System

Knowing how customers feel about your Salon services and products is an essential task. The feedback system from Salonist is here to help you. As a Salonist member, you can allow your customer to share their ideas and Earn 5-star Salon Reviews. It is definitely a great help with which you can improve where you are lacking and know the plus points as well.  

We cannot deny the fact that customers prefer to search before buying anything. Here, they prefer the reviews and ratings. After knowing, they make their decision. 

From this, you can make an opinion on how feedback is essential for you. Do not let the customers say negative things regarding your Salon. It is better to improve on-time, lock more customers and encourage more productivity. 

Concluding Remarks

Bid farewell to the manual ways of handling your Salon operations.  These days have gone a long time back!

All you have to do is to add automation to your Salon. Use cloud-based Salonist software for improving work efficiency, boost profit margins, and execute the day to day activities quickly error-free. 

This blog has revealed the benefits of being a Salonist Member; implementing it in your Salon is definitely a win-win. Believe us, the results will be surprising!

Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for giving your precious time reading this!