Guide To Implementing Online Payment In Salon & Reaping Its Benefits

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Implement Online Payment In Your Salon

Nowadays, everything is going digital and salons have to find a way to adapt to this change. Everyone wants convenience in getting access to payment services through an online approach only. Well, implementing an online payment system is an ideal way to do this! 

The right payment setup facilitates the process of purchasing and paying invoices online at any time and from any device. I would like to make you understand its advantages for your business:

  • You can implement an online payment method in your business using versatile salon POS software
  • The use of such a digital payment system ensures the security of customer details. 
  • The software automatically merges your business account with your online payment system.
  • Many salon payments can be done using a payment gateway that is linked to your website and email address. Thus, making online payments easy

5 Simple Steps To Set Up An Online Payment System In Your Salon

For a great customer experience, you need the right merchant account setup to make the payment process secure and cost-effective. Let’s learn the top steps on how to make sure the same:

#1. Evaluate Your Business

The first step you need to take is a thorough evaluation of your salon business for an effective online payment system setup. Get the correct answers to a few of the main questions, like:

What is your salon business size?

If it is large, you might need to consider building your own in-house online payment system. This can be a difficult technical challenge, requiring reliable IT infrastructure. 

If it’s your new startup, you might get third-party payment processors. Luckily, there are several online payment systems on the market that you can choose from that are a great fit for your salon business. 

Where is the location of your salon? 

Some payment processing companies might not provide the services in your country, or if they do, they might have less experience. So, do take this into consideration. 

What are you selling? 

For selling different products, different payment methods are suitable. If your salon products are impulse purchases, prefer a better seamless payment option like a mobile payment system.

#2. Identify Your Customers

Now, consider all your potential customers who will press the pay button using the salon Point Of Sale software

How do they prefer paying you? 

These days, online shopping is more popular and more methods of payment can ease the engagement of a wider audience. Well, digital payments for salons can help customers with no credit cards, thus serving as a valuable solution. 

Do you have a stable customer base?

If you do have, then surely your customers would not prefer punching in the credit card details each time. Providing the best customer experience ensures a great customer base. So, you need to unlock your salon’s potential and offer a saved card payment solution. 

#3. Plan Your Growth

When it comes to online payments, one size business does not fit at all. 

How efficient is your salon business? 

If you want to keep your salon business small, off-the-shelf software might fit well. The cost of their setup is low and also the pricing structure is simple. Basically, you pay a fixed price for every payment. 

However, if you plan to grow your business, those costs will increase. Here, the custom payment system is a better option.

#4. Select Your Payment Service Provider

Now you know your business needs, start searching for a suitable payment service provider. Find the one that fits your company size and remains with you even when volume grows. Besides this, they must know your market and be able to reach your customers. 

So, to make sure the same, consider the following things: 

How useful is their support? 

Just keep one thing in mind, problems in business will occur and rise. You might find customers complaining about paying issues or some claiming about being charged even on not making any purchases. There will be a few demanding refunds. In such a situation, your providers will come to your rescue. 

With the custom payment service provider, you have your own account manager. Contacting them will help you know the exact problems.

How trustworthy are they? 

Know what is their up-time? After all, payments are the way to receive money from your clients. Any problems in the same can immediately impact your cash flow. So, you need your providers to fix them, so that you can focus on your other business operations. 

#5. Merge It Altogether

Finally, you need to merge it altogether and create a payment page. Ask for the assistance of payment service providers to design the page. They will help with ready-made web page code and clearly instruct how to incorporate it into your business website. 

This means, not many technical details are needed. Your provider will take control of whatever happens when customers hit the Buy button.

How To Make Sure You Have A Secure Online Payment System For Your Salon?

While salon booking systems offer easy and convenient payment methods, it also stores data to make it effective. You need to follow security protocols and data compliance to ensure you have a secure online transaction system in your salon. How? Learn these top tips!  

#1. Check IP And Billing Address Details

Checking the details provided during the transaction can help identify the deceptive transaction and protect your salon business before any fraud happens. Address Verification Service(AVS) compares the customers’ IP addresses and credit card billing addresses and ensures that the particular buyer is the cardholder. 

#2. Encrypt Stored Data

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are the protocols responsible for the certification and encryption of data while moving over the internet. Securing the transactions using the SSL protocols assure that the sensitive details are encrypted and accessible only by authorized recipients. 

#3. Utilize Payment Tokenization

Tokenization of the credit cards de-identify sensitive payment details by converting them to numbers called “tokens” which are generated randomly. In the form of a token, every piece of information is sent via payment networks or the internet to end the full payment process without being exposed. 

#4. Use Strong Passwords

Actually, 61% of the data breaches are connected with unauthorized access to users’ credentials. Usually, cyber criminals take access to buyers’ accounts via the often used name combinations, dictionary words, and birthdays which are usually weak passwords.

To make the account secure, use a strong password of 12 characters for major protection against fraud. This can drastically discourage hackers, even when they have advanced computation control. In case, the account holders forget their password, make sure there is a “forget your password” option to allow seamless access to the account.

#5. Apply 3D Security

3D security is the process of designed authentication to get rid of unauthorized use of credit cards. It also protects you from returning the payments back in case there is a fraudulent transaction. So, you must follow the laws for strong user authentication and 3D Security is an effective approach only to do the same. 

#6. Ask For The CVV

CVV (Card Verification Value) can be used to verify card-not-present transactions (where credit cards are not physically presented at checkout) through an online process. Asking for the CVV that is available only on a credit card can help you prevent fraud in case the card is stolen. 

$7. Utilize SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)

Protecting the network that your devices are connected with must be your priority. It is because the secure digital payment solutions for salons run on a network through the internet. And fraudsters can use the devices to access data centralized on the system. So, use the SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) to defend against such uncontrolled access.

When you use SCA, it asks the users to provide at least 2-3 possible identity elements. Those are PIN or password, mobile phone number, and fingerprint or face scan. This not only helps recognize theft but also prevents automated or bot attacks.

#8. Keep Continuous Track Of Fraud 

You need the right payment gateway that identifies and addresses fraud. It detects the risks of fake purchases. For your salon business, you can fix the rules that reject or limit the transactions that’re supposed to be highly risky or need manual authorization. 

#9. Handle PCI Compliance

You need to be PCI compliant, if you process, store, or share credit card data for a business transaction. If you’re a non-compliant business and a breach of any data, you might have to pay penalties and fines. This can damage the reputation of your salon. 

Here, payment processors come in handy, helping you to handle PCI compliance. However, businesses must also take proactive action to learn their responsibilities and compliance needs. 

#10. Train The Employees

Make your employees proficient, enabling them to recognize online payment frauds and respond appropriately. When they properly understand the secure payment process, they become well-prepared to recognize fraud activities and prevent such incidents. 

Make Use Of Digital Payment Tools And Streamline Your Salon Payments

Today, high-speed internet and smartphones have streamlined contactless payments for salons. They have facilitated cashless transactions. To avail of such facilities to your customers, you can make use of multiple digital payment tools. 

Here, know about them in detail: 


Basically, it functions like a digital wallet for receiving payments via mobile phones. Paypal payment tool is easy to set up and requires no advanced technical skills. Thus, an ideal option for small size salon businesses.

Such types of payment tools allow your customers to store bank details in an encrypted format and pay you securely. A mobile wallet app keeps the details of net banking, debit, and credit cards. This eliminates the need to use the card info or remember CVV, every time the customers make a payment. 


Stripe is a unified payment processor, helping you enable payment through your business website. Just with stripe and its APIs, you can receive payments and send payouts and invoices. Best for high-volume businesses.

#Payment Links

One of the most effective digital payment tools for salons as it accepts all types of transactions. You can receive the payments online through links without using the mobile app or website. It also assures that you are paid immediately after the delivery. 

#Banking Cards

These are one of the best tools for contactless payments for salons. They include debit, pre-paid, and credit cards. They are very popular because of the security, convenience, and flexibility it provides as compared to other payment options. Non-Banking Financial Companies and all banks provide several banking cards, among which customers can choose the right type for making easy and quick transactions. 

#QR Code

QR Code-based mobile payments for salons are the most versatile option as they are seamless and quick. Just with the use of the internet and smartphones, your customers can pay easily using the QR code.


A unified Payment Interface based system allows customers with bank accounts to send money. It streamlines the payment process as only UPI ID is required for payments. Most importantly, there are no charges for making the transactions. 

#Internet Banking

Internet banking also known as online banking allows your buyers to make payments through their bank’s website. Customers just have to register for internet banking to get access to such services. 

Benefits Of Using An Online Payment System In Your Salon

Using salon software with online booking and payment systems, you can make the payment process quick and convenient. It shows how much your customers are valuable to you. However, there are a lot more benefits, let’s discuss them:

1. Saves Time

It is an obvious benefit for both your staff and your customers. For your employees, it saves plenty of time on administrative duties when clients can easily pay online. The team does not have to spend time on the manual printing and mailing process as paperless billing is possible with the online payment system.

On the other hand, it also saves customers time as they do not have to call your staff to get confirmation of the transactions. 

2. Eliminate Need For Cash Or Checks

Your staff and customers might end up dealing with cash or checks if payment will be done onsite or via checks. In addition, such a type of payment increases the risk of security and is a huge hassle for everyone. Providing several online payment methods via the system can facilitate transactions. This way, there is no need to keep cash at the salon or deposit checks in the bank. 

3. Low Theft Risk

Since the online payment system is more secure, you do not have to worry about any risk of theft. As details do not proceed through the emails, there is no concern about getting blocked or sent to the incorrect address. The problem would be more with the use of a check or noting down the credit or debit card details on paper. Having files with such details can increase the stealing risk of customers’ data. 

4. Fewer Expenses

Opting for an online payment system means fewer expenses. You do not need to purchase costly POS tools or papers in bulk. With a mobile phone or tablet, you can set up such an app conveniently. Additionally, the software is cloud-based which means low sign-up and maintenance costs.

5. Reduce Labor

Not only the payment system saves time but also labor. Using it, your staff do not have to make huge efforts on answering phone calls, printing or mailing the customers. Other important work already increases burnout among employees. 

With the availability of such a system, your staff does not have to spend too much time on these tasks. This, as a result, reduces labor and work stress. 

Wrapping Up

With the added security, convenience, and many major benefits, it’s no wonder that online payment systems help you start increasing profits at a fast pace. It is indeed a big step above counting bills, using credit cards or bulky wallets as this can lead to a huge hassle. 

Plus, with multiple payment methods, you can reduce the workload of your staff. Such convenience also helps you stand out from your competitors. So, I personally recommend investing in a versatile payment system to enhance your services and thus, business efficiency.

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