Benefits of cardless payments in the Salon

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Cardless Payment

Around 30 years ago, plastic bank cards seemed convenient to use. But nowadays, cardless payment transactions are more preferable. The estimates say that until 2026, the UK will be a cashless country.  

According to the statistics, in 2018, there were 195.4 billion U.S. dollars cashless transactions in the Asia-Pacific region. North America and Europe have experienced 170 billion and 192.2 U.S. dollars transactions. In 2023, cardless payments estimate to exceed North America, whereas the Asia Pacific was estimated to experience 3X transactions, surpassing 490 billion U.S. dollars. 



We can say that cardless payments are replacing card transactions. People are using it while shopping or taking a taxi and bypassing the checkout process completely.

Considerably, the approximate payment experience in spas or salons is more than seamless. The technologies related to cardless payments are allowing faster and easier shopping experiences for clients. Indeed, it not only improves the client experience in the salon but also reduces the queue.  Hence, there is more customer footfall at the salons.

The contactless payments must operate in addition to the current entities in the salon. Those who use the cardless transactions option see a significant improvement in their salon business. 

Use only reliable cardless payments in your salon. Although it is also important to use it the right way. So, you need to train yourself or your salon staff. 

To gain multiple benefits from the technology, you need to implement the right contactless payment solution.

What are cardless payments?

Cardless Payments could also be termed as Cashless transactions, near-field Field Communication (NFC) contactless cards, etc.  It allows the cardholder to purchase products or take services without inserting or swiping the card reader or taking the credit card out. 

This system operates by wirelessly transferring data or information from one device to another. The device may be a contactless credit or debit card or smartphone. Then, it transfers the data to the payment terminal using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. It allows the smartphone or card to interact with the payment terminal while together (particularly within a few inches). It is carried out in an area where there is no power cable. Information transfers from one device to another without the need for a wire with electromagnetic waves, just as Wi-Fi communication among devices such as mobile hotspots and laptops

How are cardless payments beneficial for your salon?

#1. Convenient and Fast

Cashless transactions tend to make the payment process more convenient and faster. Using these payment types, the customers do not need to use the card, swipe it to the machine, enter the PIN, etc. 

All they have to do is tap the card on the terminal, and that’s it! The NFC technology of cardless payments is responsible for making the process smoother and easier. 

Of course, cardless payments save a lot of time for salon businesses by reducing transaction time. Integrating this payment type enhances the effectiveness of the operations of the salon business.

#2. Secure and Safe

The cardless payments give a secure and safe checkout experience to the salon owner and the customers. It gives better security and encryption compared to credit cards, including the magnetic stripe that requires a PIN to complete the payment. It shows that using cardless transactions, the customers’ information cannot be stolen by hackers. 

Contactless payments have radio frequency identification and near-field technology that is known for preventing the skimming of data. It provides a safe transaction process for business owners and customers. It limits the fraud risk because of the quick and fast authorization time. Also, it makes it tough for hackers to seize customer card information without even getting noticed. 

NFC technology saves the transaction for business owners and customers. It is because there is no physical contact with the smartphone, credit card, or POS. Simply tap and complete the payment. Undoubtedly, cardless payments are a secure and safe option for clients and salon owners, who can use them at any location where this technology is accessible. 

#3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Cardless payments are a unique way to buy products and pay for services. It is a convenient and faster option as compared to cash or credit cards.  Using contactless payments, the clients just need to tap the smartphone, card, or wearable device on a reader. And, in just a few seconds, your payment gets completed. 

It gives customers great benefits, like Salon customer satisfaction rate and convenience. Certainly, they are the future of business owners. A more secure and faster transaction implies faster checkout times, which translates to the right customer experience, reducing the frustration caused by waiting in line. At the same time, reducing abandoned sales because of improved convenience.

With the integration of the reliable cardless payment method, particularly in this pandemic time, the salon owners can understand the value of customer convenience and safety. It boosts the customer’s loyalty and well-being towards the salon. This is because it explains how much importance is given to their needs and a safe purchasing experience.

#4. No extra cost included

Those salons that are enabling cardless payments have good news. There is no need to pay extra fees. Only pay the same rates as with normal credit card payments and get benefits. Salon businesses that are not acknowledging these benefits are missing loyal customers. The only reason is their shifting of interest from card to cashless payment methods. 

There are different ways to accept cardless payment in your Salon

Mobile Devices for Cardless transactions

Salon customers can use their tablets or smartphones to make cardless payments while completing transactions. Accordingly, they can use mobile wallets like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Play. 

The fact is that these types of mobile wallets use the general NFC rules for safe cardless payments. Particularly, mobile wallets are advantageous when paying for larger amounts. For customers, it is simple to authorize and process the larger payment compared to the card transaction.

Additionally, as known as proximity payments, the mobile wallets’ cashless payments could be drawn from the tablet or phone. Instead of using the PIN, the best mobile phone cashless payment gateway enables customers to complete the payment with their Face ID or fingerprint.  To carry out the payment using their mobile phones, customers can use the below mobile wallets:

  • Apply Pay and Apple Cash

Both are commonly used and reliable mobile wallet apps with the required cashless payment feature. For accepting Apple Cash and Apple Pay Contactless transactions in the salon, you require a chip reader or terminal with NFC signals.

When the terminal is all set up for debit contactless payments, it will process the Apple Cash and Apple Pay contactless payments. Also, you have to ensure that the terminal is mobile wallet-supportive. These types of mobile wallets run on iOS devices. The cardless transactions are charged at general credit card processing rates. 

  • GPay

Google Pay

GPay wallets provide cardless payment functions with the same as those provided by Apple Cash and Apple Pay wallets. It can be used on iOS and Android mobile devices for making cashless transactions. 

Similar to Apple Pay and Apple Cash wallets, you require a chip reader or NFC-enabled terminal to receive GPay payments at your Salon. Its providers are not charging any additional fees to process the GPay cardless payments. 

  • One-Touch by PayPal

One Touch by PayPal

It is known to offer easy and safe online payments. In actual fact, it secures approximately 325 million active customers all around the globe.  This payment gateway gives a cashless checkout option that is a One Touch mobile wallet.

It could be used in every mobile device, such as Android devices,  Windows, and iOS. As a Salon business owner, you can create an extra payment account to carry out the cardless payments. 

Biometric Fingerprint Cards

Using mobile wallets, the clients could use fingerprints or facial biometrics for transaction authentication on smartphones. As mobile wallets enable secure, convenient, and easier cardless payments,  they mostly have payment limits. 

The Salon customer could defeat the limit with the biometric cards for making cardless transactions.  Using the biometric card, the client can use the thumbprint for authenticating the transactions. It must install a fingerprint sensor with the payment terminal to accept the biometric fingerprint card transactions in Salon.

Accordingly, the client could use the thumbprint for authenticating the payments even if the card makes cardless payments.  It is a suitable way to accept cardless payments in Salons. Biometric cards are safe, and just the Salon business owners can authorize transactions. 

Contactless-Enabled Credit and Debit Cards  

The Cardless payment terminals use either the RFID or NFC to connect with the chip in the cardless devices. For making the payment,  customers should keep the payment device to the payment terminal. Later, authenticate the payment with the one-time token.

Several credit and debit cards issued in the last five years with NFC or RFID technology. It is basically in chip form which is embedded in the card. In a similar manner, there are many payment processing terminals that are RFID or NFC payment supportive.  Below are some cardless payment technologies that you can implement in Salon:

  • Visa payWave

It is a reliable and secure cardless payment technology that reads and receives credit card details. Visa payWave enables the customers to carry out secure and quick cardless payments.  It has an integrated computer chip that is used for sending the payment details to the POS terminal.  The payments received from the Via PayWave are as safe as one done with the standard magnetic stripe cards. This type of card improves the control that obviously lessens the fraud risk. 

  • MasterCard PayPass

It is a contactless payment technology basically for credit cards like Mastercards.  For accepting the PayPass transactions, there has to be a PayPass terminal in Spa.   This is because the customers have to only tap and complete the cardless payment. 

Using the PayPass cards,  every transaction has different electronic encryption to reduce the risk of card loss or theft.  Also, it secures customer data from hackers.  These also include an automatic check which limits the payment duplication to trigger with an unexpected touch. 

Concluding Remarks

The business future is changing and cardless payments are at upfront! It indicates that contactless transactions can become widespread as time passes. 

For companies who want to meet customers’ requirements and look forward to it, embracing this new payment technology is an important step in realizing these wishes! Our Salonist software enables the Salon business to accept cardless payments securely and easily at their location.   Contact us today to learn more about Salonist!