8 Ways to Boost Online Bookings in Your business

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Boost Online Bookings

It is a modern era where people prefer online bookings. Gone are the days when people used to stand in long lines to take appointments. 

Nowadays, businesses have shifted their dependence to online bookings. The main reason behind this is that, with the advancement in technology, people are highly engaged with mobile devices, laptops, etc. So, it has become quite easy to promote businesses via many online modes. And offering the privilege of online booking is one of them. 

The number of bookings defines your sales and profits. The higher your online booking will be, the higher you can achieve sales. Thus, more sales equal more salon profits and revenue.

A good amount of online bookings defines your business growth. So, the point is, you must know the right effective ways to Boost Online Bookings in your business

Well, we are here to tell you all the effective tactics. Let’s move ahead.

Top Tactics to Boost Online Bookings in your business

#1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective ways to boost online bookings and sales for your business. 

With the help of this, you can greatly maximize your sales and revenue. This is the best way to increase your salon clientele.

Following are the different types of emails that can help you boost online bookings:

  • Discount offer emails
  • Reminder Emails
  • New offerings promotion emails
  • Emails creating urgency offers

#2. Your Website is the Way to Maximize the Appointments

To make your business available online, create your website first. To attract the maximum number of online bookings, your work and performances should be reflected very clearly on your website. Your website should be attractive but simple so the visitor can easily find what he is looking for, like the service, products, prices, etc. 

Your website should have a specific button to make the booking with ease, precisely “Book Now” or “Make Booking.”. The website should have the contact number of your receptionist so that clients can be clear if any doubt arises in their minds. 

Your website should be easily accessible on smartphones and any other smart devices, and the booking button should stick across the devices. The website should also have an automation system so that the client can get a response from you 24 hours a day.

#3. Forums and Discussions make People Talk about you

Trust among your audience can be developed by solving their queries, and they can be attracted to your business. Therefore, you can simply make online forums available, which will smartly promote your business and boost online bookings.

Forums and discussions attract a huge audience, and if they are satisfied, they will invest in you and help you gain more popularity among the people. Consider yourself a customer for once, and if your query is resolved, you will definitely be attracted to the business and recommend it to others as well. Similarly, if you are successful in resolving their queries, then you can create good popularity on the platform.

#4. Loyalty programs are another way.

A loyalty program is the best way to show value to loyal customers. Such customers let you grow profitably.  Hence, it is proven that loyal customers let you earn three times the amount invested in their business.

Some ways of getting repeat bookings from your existing customers include:

  • Exclusive discount offers were made to previous customers through email marketing.
  • Discounted coupons are on the website for previous customers.
  • Point benefits (that can be redeemed in cash) to customers on each purchase or booking.
  • Offering allowances like urgent delivery and free delivery to existing customers.

Rewarding your loyal customers makes them feel happy and valued. They feel they are an inseparable yet important part of your business. They consistently let you earn a great number of profits from repeat bookings.

#5. Display, Search, and Social Media Ad Campaigns

Paid marketing is another way to reach your targeted audience. There are various modes of online advertising, like AdWords Display and Search Ads. 

Google Ad campaigns can help you reach your potential customers based on the nature of your service and your target audience.  So, with the help of optimized ad campaigns, you can promote your online booking process effectively and earn direct bookings and sales.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer a great helping hand to maximize the customer base for your product and service offerings. Also, you can create engaging images and video ads to earn maximum and high returns on investments.

#6. Social Media Pages: An Effective Channel

Having a social media account on all the leading social media channels yields higher productivity. Furthermore, it beautifully manages your online bookings as well. 

Social media pages are the best way to market your business. Consistent awareness of your services and products on your social media pages proves to be highly productive. It is the best way to promote your business offerings. 

These days, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are greatly used by people across the globe. So, having an online presence on the web is extremely important to get the most out of your business. 

Facebook offers a whole booking system. Therefore, you can seamlessly manage your appointments, synced with Google Calendar. Also, Twitter can be used to promote your booking link through the Twitter bio option.

#7. Mobile-optimized websites

As mobile phones are handy, affordable, and easy to carry, a major proportion of people use mobile devices. That’s why mobile-optimized websites yield higher productivity. Customers prefer mobile phones to make online bookings, as it is extremely convenient. So, they can make a booking anytime, from anywhere.

Moreover, experts also say that the average smartphone conversion rate is 64 percent higher as compared to desktop conversion rates.

So, leveraging mobile-friendly websites gives enhanced outcomes. 

Additionally, make sure your business website is 100 percent mobile-responsive. This makes your customer’s experience great without any hassle.

#8. Google My Business Sets Booking for You

If you have added your online booking details to your Google My Business page, your users can seamlessly make online bookings. 

If you are already using any booking provider, then you can use that on the Google My Business page as well. Also, Google has booking interactions from which you can select.

Here is the procedure for how to make online bookings possible for your users on the Google My Business page:

Step 1: Go to your Google My Business account.

Step 2. Click the location where you would like to place the booking option.

Step 3. Go to the menu bar and click Bookings. You can see the availability of bookings in different locations. So, if it is not visible to you, it is not available in your region.

Step 4. Sign up with the provider you want.

Step 5. Within a week, you will see your account linked with Google My Business, and you can start receiving bookings from there.

If you are already using any provider, after placing the link, you can automatically see all the bookings.


So, boosting the online booking conversion rate into in-store sales is no simple task, but by using the above methods, you’ll find that you can reach your goals.

Follow the above-cited tricks and tactics to get the best possible outcomes. To take your business to the top, it entirely depends on you.

Hopefully, our write-up proves to be helpful to you. Do let us know the same via the comment section below. Queries and suggestions are most welcome.

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