How Salonist Helps You to Build Your Salon Clientele?

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Salon Clientele

Every day, Salon businesses around the globe are getting profits by using cloud-based Salonist software. It is a tool that intends to optimize Salon operations. 

The concern lies in saving Salon owners valuable time and helps them manage their day-to-day business operations efficiently. It is here to make Salon’s professional’s lives easier; but, is it helpful in improving client retention rate or Salon clientele? To know the answer, keep on reading!

Who did we call Salon’s Ideal Clientele?

For improving the clients at your salon, the main focus of Salon owners should be on determining the potential clients. Understanding those you want to serve will create Salon clientele -results in a great client experience. 

Yes, for new Salon businesses, it is easy to grow. They only have to assist the clients who visit them. But, those who are in the beauty industry for a long time should know who the ideal clients are. The new client converts to regular one when you are offering them:

  • The services or treatments they want
  • Salon staff to rely on
  • Convenience to reach the location
  • Salon software for making the appointment flexible.

Once you have developed the above-mentioned assets, attracting clients to your Salon door becomes easy. Here, our concern is to reveal to you how building a customer base with Salonist Software is a fruitful approach. Let’s find out!

Use Salonist to streamline Salon operations and improve customer base

#1. Online Appointments 

Allow your customers to schedule appointments at their convenience. The best part is that it does not let them wait to get served and assure a satisfactory customer experience. Using the solution, they can cancel, schedule, or reschedule their appointments. 

Salonist let them check the free time slots so that they can book at the available time. It reduces the chances of no-show. Online appointments can also be added on the website or social media page; hence they cannot forget the scheduled date and time. 

#2. Easy payments

Salonist makes it easy for Salon owners to accept payment for their services. Let your clients pay while booking with you from Stripe, Paypal,, and other reliable payment gateways.   

However, the Salon solution gives clients the flexibility to complete the payments from the method they find easy to pay from. Using the software, you can reduce this tiresome work and convert it into a seamless task. Also, Salonist sends prompt alerts using email and SMS to clients about the pending payments and assures an improved cash flow system.

#3. Real-time Stock Information

The Salonist Salon booking software gives insights into the available stocks in the Salon warehouse. It allows you to have overall control over the Salon products you are selling to the clients.

After reaching the definite threshold, you can order the product and assure that there is enough stock. The customers will feel pleased when they find their preferred products are available; it helps in building Salon Clientele.

#4. Loyalty Program

One of the most used features of Salonist is the Loyalty Program. It supports the customers to return to your salon for future services and also brings their friends or family along with them. To improve the client retention rate and to boost the percentage of new clients at your Salon, leverage this method. 

Salonist maintain the information of every customer- including Loyalty Points. If you want to offer it, tracking the loyalty scheme, the points gathered by clients and claiming the loyalty discounts turns out to be easy. 

#5. Point of Sale

Choose Salonist’s Point of Sale to sell Salon products to every customer. It will provide the flexibility to clients to pay for purchased products and services using the different payment options.

When such transactions happen, POS calculates the changes if made by the bank. It carries out the transactions following the batch system and increases the chances of more business opportunities. Salonist has also confirmed its participation in environmental protection with an electronic receipt. 

#6. Offer Gift cards

Allow your customers to please their relatives or friends at special events. Use the personalized gift cards from Salonist as a strategy to attract more customers. Despite the occasion, get benefits from such rewards to bloom the client experience.  

It implies that the customers will revisit your Salon, engage with you regularly as a result, it will develop a strong customer base. By knowing what services and products customer’s liked the most, you can attract them better by offering them in the future. 

#7. Marketing campaigns

Salonist integrates every tactic to assure efficient Salon marketing. Using this solution, you can get client’s information such as name, phone number, birth details, or age to communicate with them.  

The solution promotes your Salon with email marketing, social media marketing, and SMS campaigns. Through Salonist, you can send discounts, Freebies offers, and daily deals to clients for more engagement. Salon owners can use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., to make their offerings more transparent to their customers.   

Referral systems also do wonders; let your existing customers refer your Salon to their loved ones and give them offers or discounts in return. You can also ask the same to your salon staff and offer them incentives. 

#8. Feedback System

These days, clients have become smarter than ever, as they prefer to research before buying. Hence, they are likely to read reviews and ratings from existing customers. After knowing, they make their decision. Saying that- feedback plays an important role in attracting customers is not wrong.

Salonist’s feedback system is what you need for the same. It helps us to advertise or sell products and services as per customers’ needs. The positive reviews are responsible for attracting customers, whereas the negative reviews work adversely. 

But, they work well in confirming where you are lacking. After knowing, you can work on those and change the marketing strategies and lock more customers.

Concluding Remarks

In a fast-moving world where everything is based on technology, it is essential to integrate Salonist into your Salon business. As a Cloud-based solution, it automates day-to-day activities. The features it holds will encourage the clients to schedule their appointments with you more than once and help to Build Your Salon Clientele

The ultimate tip here is to do amazing work, grow the customer base with the best services, and rest let Salonist do their work.

Do share your thoughts about this article and comment below in case of any queries. We will be delighted to answer them. Thanks!

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