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Consumer complaints are normal, regardless of how hard you try to deliver great products. The gap between commitments and what customers get may be one of the Queries. Also, customer queries can be related to miscommunication, poor product performance, and other factors.  

Every company strives to provide efficient business solutions. Salons, too, are looking for ways to simplify their business offerings, and a software solution is key. However, before making any software-related decisions, there are a few factors to consider. This could include things like appointment scheduling, managing salon operations, handling long queues, and more.

So, here are some of the questionnaires and answers regarding Salonist software to assist you to make informed decisions. 

9 Answers to Software Related Customer Queries

#1. Customers’ QueryWhy does my salon business require Salonist software when I already have a decent appointment book? 

The several benefits of salon scheduling software make sense to implement in your business. To begin with, it reduces the amount of paperwork and reliance on appointment books.

Allowing customers to arrange appointments online not only provides them with convenience but allows businesses to maintain their information in one place. You’ll only have to enter the information once, and can change it whenever necessary. You can also make notes next to each piece of information to remind yourself or other employees about specific customer demands for future reference.

Besides enabling the staff to schedule the services, another Salonist software benefit is allowing the consumers to book the appointment online. However, you can control their preferred booking times, service types, and booking convenience.

Salonist software also automates the booking request approval and alert process. This relieves the staff’s stress of taking late-night calls for appointment bookings and automates the notification, alert or booking request procedure.

#2.Customers’ Query: Can I preserve the salon software version that I wish to?

Yes! Saving the software version of your choice is straightforward these days.

Previously, software programs and upgrades were possible via CDs and other similar storage mediums. 

But with technological advancements, downloading and installing software programs have become convenient. The best part is that the software sector has turned to the SaaS model, which has reduced dissatisfaction on both the corporate and customer sides. You can easily find management software for your beauty business that is digital, cloud-based, and comes with an auto-updating feature.

#3.Customers’ Query: How Often the Salonist software features are updated?

Salonist software is updated regularly with fixing bugs and improved performance. Also, we keep adding new functionalities to match the changing client needs. 

Implementing a Salonist solution helps to avoid any technical hassles, reducing time consumption, expenses, and frustration.

You can also explore Salonist updates in detail!

#4. Customers’ Query: I have a non-technical staff. How can I introduce them to the benefits of implementing a beauty software solution?

The best thing you can do is demonstrate how simple it is to use. For instance, you can perform a free trial, create dummy bookings, set up approvals, and then conduct some introductory workshops, beginning with the salon assistants. 

If you are capable of showing them how the solution simplifies their job, they will be more likely to confirm its implementation.  

The staff will be more willing to confirm the solution’s implementation if you can demonstrate how it simplifies their job. Also, you can provide them training on software usage and ensure that they are aware of the benefits. 

#5. Customers’ Query: Can you suggest some solution to monitor inventory other than front desk counting?

You can consider an Inventory management solution. It is a feature integrated into plenty of software solutions. This allows you to enter the information once and track sales, ROI, any products sold, and more. Also, it helps in keeping stock levels full and prevents unnecessary expenditures.

#6. Customers’ Query: I want to provide a smooth checkout process. Don’t you believe that incorporating software into the salon industry would make it more time-consuming?

No, incorporating software into your salon business will simply make the process of scheduling or reserving appointments quicker and more efficient. It will allow you to access client information, refresh the services booked, and enable your employees to perform calculations before accepting payment.

Furthermore, by allowing customers to pay conveniently with the method of their choice, you will be able to manage checkouts more efficiently and fastly.

#7. Customers’ Query: I require assistance handling my salon from the business end. How can Salonist help me?

One of the best features of Salonist software is the ability to access real-time data. It helps in the sorting and evaluation of data, boosts business reputation, and lets you make the right choices. Implementing a Salonist will help you track each customer’s data and deliver them a pleasant experience. It assists staff to focus more on selling certain services and products. Also, proper management of employee attendance and payroll becomes easy with Salonist. 

#8. Customers’ Query: Is it true that Salonist software help in business promotions? 

Yes! Salonist software indeed helps in promoting businesses. 

It has integrated marketing capabilities and comes with features like email marketing, daily deals, and text marketing. Salonist enables businesses to drive more traffic by promoting sales, offers, or any discounts. Also, business promotions using Salonist helps customers to reach business via several social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

#9. Customers’ Query: How to choose the software from plentiful options available in the market? 

Conduct well-versed research, evaluate features offered by various software and ask queries. You can also request a free trial to learn about their advantages and disadvantages.

You can choose Salonist as your salon business software. It includes several features like customer management, appointment management, employee management, and inventory management. Also, it comes with extensive functionalities like a loyalty system, online scheduling, booking, gift cars, staff payroll management, Point of sale etc.

Do you have any other Queries on how software can help manage the salon business? Salonist is where you can reach us. You can also take advantage of our 14-day free trial to learn more about the features and benefits our salon booking software has to offer.

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