12 Dog Grooming Tips for Beginners

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Dog Grooming Tips

Well, if you are a beginner in the dog grooming business, you need to learn many things to stand among the competitors. To reach where they are today, you need to pay keen attention to some fine details. 

Firstly, a pet is an inseparable part of a pet owner. It’s more than an animal to them and equivalent to a family. So, you have to showcase to them that their pet is in the safest hands. Secondly, you must be a learned dog groomer. No owner wants to groom their dog under unprofessional.

A dog groomer must know how to be friends with pets because this is the only key to success in this business. To get all grooming sessions done efficiently, you must know the tricks to handle pets skillfully. Pets are very naughty and get annoyed during grooming sessions, so you must command the art of handling pets.

An expert dog groomer does grooming in such a way that instead of getting irritated the dog starts loving the grooming session. So, it’s up to you how to make them feel enjoyable and relaxed during grooming hours.

So, we have put together all the dog grooming tips that you need to know. Have a look at it!

Know to Dog Grooming Tips to Succeed in the Business

#1. Nail Trimming

It is an essential part of dog grooming and trimming nails is the one sign of a dog’s good health and hygiene. Professional groomers can seamlessly perform this task as they are highly learned. So, as a beginner dog groomer, you have to be vigilant while trimming a pet’s nail as they don’t sit-stand. Pet dogs keep moving and do not allow the trimming process to happen rightly.

Since nail trimming can be a stressful experience for many dogs, start trimming their nails when they’re young so they become accustomed to the process. Let the puppy owner be aware to take their dog to the grooming center at an early age to get familiar with the grooming processes timely. 

Try trimming just the very tiniest tip from one paw nail and only do one nail and offer treats and happy praise. Even if the puppy lets you trim more but you just do one and then repeat until he doesn’t seem to mind it.

#2. Bathing

Giving dogs baths is necessary for their good health and hygiene. Of course, baths help remove visible dirt and the dog feels more active thereafter. 

While bathing is important for all dogs but it varies on dogs, not all dogs require bathing at the same frequency. Always make baths more pleasant and stress-free as possible by using some tips like preparing an environment before even turning the water on to give a bath, select the right place to bathe the dog as per their size, check water conditions, etc.

Paying attention to these essentials signifies that you are a learned dog groomer. It builds pet owners’ confidence and trust as well.

#3. Clipping Dog Coat

Clipping is done to give a new look to pets. The only point is you should do it right without hurting the pet. So, you have to be skillful while doing it. No mistakes shall be made as any error done may change the look of the pet. And it will surely annoy the pet owner.

Let’s explain the process to you. 

Firstly brush out the dog’s coat:

  • For better clipping consider bathing him as wet fur makes the process easier. 
  • For proper clipping speak to him calmly and create a friendly environment around him. You can also distract his attention from the clipping process to get it done rightly. 
  • If the clippers annoy the pet, you can purchase clippers that make less noise. 
  • To make the process easy, cut your dog’s fur as per the natural growth of your dog. 
  • If you want to give a more unique look to the lovely pet use curved or textured scissors.
  • And most importantly, be cautious while trimming around a dog’s face or ears. 

#4. Teeth Brushing 

It’s important to brush a pet’s teeth as well? Their teeth also smell bad as humans’ teeth start smelling. So, as a dog groomer expert, it’s your liability to aware of dog owners who are not aware of this.

So, why it’s vital to brush a dog’s teeth, here are the following reasons:

  • Eliminate bad breath from the dog’s mouth.
  • To prevent gum diseases.
  • To remove the tartar and plaque.

Well, it’s also important to learn how to brush a dog’s teeth skillfully. It is extremely tricky to brush their teeth. While brushing their teeth, you need to understand that they should be brushed similarly to how human babies are brushed with caution. They should not get hurt when brushing.

Keep things in consideration while brushing pet teeth:

  • Make sure that you have the right dental care products including Dog toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • You need to prepare the pet for the brushing.
  • Get in a comfortable position where you can brush the dog’s teeth easily. 
  • Brush in slow motion so that the pet may not get hurt. You need to keep this in mind.
  • Create a calming and encouraging environment so that the pet is more likely to cooperate.

#5. Teach the Dog to Love Grooming

For the sake of the dog’s health and hygiene, you need to make him love grooming. When you create such an environment, the pet will automatically start showing interest in grooming sessions. Gradually, the dog will always nod his head yes for cleaning and all.

Dog owners simply need to be willing to put in the time to teach dogs to accept grooming. With time, you can yourself see their gestures saying it’s time to get clean. If you make it enjoyable, it can be very relaxing for the dog.

#6. Choose the Right Shampoo

Dogs also require shampooing as humans require. There are a variety of shampoos available in the market. Keep the best professional products in your dog grooming center to ensure pet owners that you offer the best premium quality products. Keep a variety of shampoo as per different pet needs:

  • An oatmeal-based shampoo for dry skin.
  • For skin irritations or dandruff, a medicated shampoo with coal tar and hydrocortisone should help.
  • To control fleas, use a flea shampoo.
  • Keep tearless puppy shampoo that won’t make them tear up. 
  • A whitening shampoo to brighten up their coat.
  • If any pet holds sensitive skin a hypoallergenic shampoo works great in such a case

Additionally, if the dog has dry or sensitive skin, hair conditioners can be used to overcome dryness. 

 #7. Grooming Equipment

Having the best and required pieces of equipment for dog grooming is the real identification of the best dog grooming center. An ideal dog center never compromises on essentials. You have to showcase to your customers that you provide the best quality on which they can rely upon.

To maintain hygiene and sanitation make sure that you clean your equipment after every use. Lubricate and sharpen as necessary to expand the life of the tool.

#8. Always Organize your Equipment to serve in a Better Way

Maintaining order and an organized environment not only helps the working team but brings a sense of positivity among stepping customers as well. The primary thing is, doing this eliminates all the mess and chaos. The team works more efficiently when all the equipment is in the right place. It makes their work more efficient and easy. Also enhances the productivity and speed of work.

Additionally, an organized atmosphere leaves a positive impression on pet owners as well. It builds their trust that their lovely pets are in the right hands.

#9. Special Care for Breeds with Droopy Eyes, Floppy Ears

As a dog groomer expert, you must know that some special breeds need special attention. You can’t execute your learned grooming knowledge similarly on all dogs. Some pets require special attention.

Having knowledge of this makes you stand apart from others and leaves a strong impression on pet owners. It lets them know that you are highly learned in your profession. You know the dog grooming tips & tricks.

There are dog pets with floppy ears and droopy eyes, they need special care:

Ear cleaning 

Use a gentle ear cleaner tool. Along with removing wax keep their ear tips clean and dry. If you live in a city, their ears will pick up a lot of dirt from the sidewalk.

Eyes cleaning

Make sure the eyes are clear of any discharge. Moreover, their lower lids should never be fiery red or angry looking. They may always be a little pink. And yes, there should not be persistent tearing or discharge. If something like this happens, consult your vet soon.”

#10. Must Own a Team

Dog grooming businesses cannot be run single-handed. You need a small team to get the work done efficiently. Otherwise, it will take hours and hours only on one pet grooming session.

Many dogs will not sit still for drying and trimming, so you will surely need a little help. One of the dog grooming tips is to use a Groomers Helper device to stabilize the dog and keep him from biting, struggling, or spinning. This tool helps a lot and enhances the speed of dog grooming sessions.

#11. Brushing and Combing

Brushing and combing dogs’ hair is an essential part of pet care. Doing this prevents knots that are majorly responsible for damaging the coat. Brushing gives rise to encouraging a shiny and healthy coat.

Breeds with very short hair do not need brushing. Keep in note that when to brush depends on the type of dog. Dogs with dense hair can generally be brushed fortnightly. While long-haired dogs will probably need to be brushed weekly to prevent the coat from becoming tangled.

#12. Introduce a dog grooming software 

To get the most out of your dog grooming business a dog grooming software proves to be of great help. By taking charge of your administrative tasks it enables you to work dedicatedly. You can seamlessly manage dog grooming sessions without any stress as the software handles all key operations of your business automatically.

From appointment scheduling to inventory management to keep a record of all transactions, it never bothers you. It manages all the key operations of your dog grooming center with an automation process. 


To win a dog owner’s trust you need to give them a reason. You have to assure them fully that you are the right choice for their lovely and cute dogs.

All is in your hands, show them you are the best. Compel them to prefer you as their first choice. Let them know you possess all the required skills and knowledge that every pet groomer must hold.

Build a dog grooming center that possesses all the required tools, ambiance, and a team of experts. Also, include dog grooming software to enhance the workflow of your dog grooming business.

Lastly, consider all the dog grooming tips to take your business one step ahead. 

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