How Exfoliation Is Important For The Skin??

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Moisturizing, cleansing, and slathering on the sunscreen is all we do!!

But, are you exfoliating?

If you are not, then your skin is not that healthy that it has to be!!

Yes, you must be having a lot of questions in mind- is it important to exfoliate? What is the purpose of exfoliating? What is the best way to exfoliate? etc.

That’s why we all are here!!

We are here with a guide that reveals all you need to know about Skin exfoliation. Keep reading on!! Unleash the power of best skincare tips with us!!

What is Exfoliating?

It is the process of the removal of dead or dry skin cells from the skin surface. As one of the best skincare aspects for your body and skin, it helps your skin to get rid of most of its problems. Exfoliation improves the blood circulation that helps you to get glowing and healthy skin.

You can perform exfoliation regularly chemically or with the abrasive scrubs. The scrubs have the special type of acids that remove and dissolve the dead skin without scrubbing.

How Exfoliation Affects Your Skin?

Skin is the constant process of shedding away the skin cells. During this process, the softer skin cells push their way towards the skin surface. Though, with the age, the body becomes dull which implies slowing down the procedure of dead skin cells.

So, with exfoliation, you are either chemically or physically shed the dull and dead skin cells. It makes your skin look younger and speeds up the skinning process accordingly.

Basically, the exfoliation can be done in two ways; physically and chemically.

The physical exfoliation carries out on the top layer of the skin and shed away the dead surface cells by sloughing and rubbing. It has natural beads, crystals, and micro-fine granules. On the other hand, the chemical exfoliation softens the intercellular glue to endure the dead skin cells collectively.

With the regular exfoliation process, you can shed the dead skin cells closing the skin and open the fresh new cells below. It gives the moisturizer to settle down perfectly and deeply on the skin and allows the new cells to grow. It makes the skin look healthy, fresh and more glowing.

It is noticed that the chemical exfoliation enters deeply into the skin and is best for those skin that is more resistive, congested and cannot bear any physical scrubbing.

Note: Do not get confused with the word “Chemical”. It could seem like the negative word, but, it is just the term that defines how the ingredients function.

How To Exfoliate The Skin?

The first thing on which exfoliation depends is your skin complexion, sensitivity, and health. If your skin has acne and is more sensitive then do choose the exfoliation products thoughtfully. You can ask any professional esthetician to help choose the best method for you. Mostly, manual exfoliation is preferred for a regular basis and chemical exfoliation is preferred occasionally.

If you like manual or physical exfoliation scrub, then go for the round and smooth granules than the rough and the jagged particles. It does not damage your skin. We advise you to behave gently while scrubbing.

Whatever type you choose, clean and tone your skin perfectly. With manual skin, apply the toner before applying the scrub and after removing the scrub. What is important here is to assure that you are applying toner to the same point after cleansing to rebalance the pH level. Just a light touch can remove the dead skin cells from your skin.

If you prefer chemical exfoliation, then choose the masks and the peels that have the alpha and beta hydroxy acids to give you a deep exfoliation level. Massage in the circular motion smoothly. Do not use too harsh of the scrub else you will injure the skin and create the Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Wash with the freshwater and use the moisturizer with adequate SPF in the day-time and brightening and anti-aging products in the nighttime. In the case of sensitive skin, get the natural peels that have the fruit-derived enzymes.

The usage, somehow, varies with the chemical exfoliation. Take only the thin layer on your skin after cleansing and toning. Please read the instructions as most of the chemical exfoliators cannot get removed after some point of time.

Exfoliation Aftercare

  • With exfoliation, your blood circulation increases and new skin cells promote and the toxins break down. So, drink a lot of water to drain the toxins and to provide the new skin cells a “drink from the inside”.
  • Use the best moisturizer to give hydration to your skin inside.
  • For at least 24 hours, do not expose the exfoliated skin to sunbed, sun or UV rays.

When to repeat exfoliation?

Use the physical scrubbing one to three times a week, It also depends on the type of products and the sensitivity your skin has.

The chemical exfoliation can be repeated to one to three times a week, especially for sensitive skin. Those who have sensitive skin, exfoliate at night time and make it more resistive.

In the case of the normal chemical exfoliator, such as Flash Foam cleanser, it can be used daily. Read all the skincare labels always as not every exfoliate is made equally.

How Exfoliation Is Important For The Skin

#1. Lessen Blemished Skin and Breakouts

For the blemished and the acne-prone skin, a regular exfoliation routine can do wonders. Those have breakouts, can exfoliate to unclog the pores to lessen the production of blackheads and whiteheads.

With the gentle exfoliation process, you can stop the occurrence of bacterias and improve the new skin cells production. While exfoliating, do not apply more pressure to scrub the body and the face. Assure that you are not using any harsh exfoliant.

Or, get ready to experience the dry skin that in turn produces more of the sebum that gives rise to blemishes. Rather, go for the smooth exfoliant, make it a routine (two days a week) and prefer the light moisturizer for rehydrating the skin.

#2. Repair Moisture Levels and Skin Hydration

Your skin might be facing dehydration because of your negligence towards exfoliation. Because your skin has built-in dead skin cells, it becomes tough for the moisturizer to get in the skin.

With regular exfoliation, you can remove the dead skin cells and remove the flaky and dry skin. Always apply the moisturizer for the new skin cells to increase the level of absorbing it.

#3. Challenge the Aging Process Of Skin

With age, the skin also becomes older. It has the rough patches, darker pigmentation spots, and less elasticitỵ

With the process of exfoliation, you can break the pigmented cells and help the dry skin to retain those smooth and healthy cells. Hence, It gives your skin the soft texture. With regular moisturizing and exfoliation, you can check the complexion transform from dull to glowing and soft skin.

#4. Increase The Blood Flow

The exfoliation process improves the blood circulation process. The stimulation of blood flow can flush out the toxins from the body.

With the skin exfoliation, you can improve the blood flow and can lymph the drainage. The enriched blood circulation lessens the cellulite appearance, enhances the skin elasticity and improves the full-body radiance and glow.

#5. Prepare the Skin For Real & Fake Tanning

Even if you are thinking about soaking up the rays in the sunshine or fake tanning, skin exfoliation is a must. It has to be the pre-tanning step.

Shedding the dead skin cells with the exfoliation process assures you soft and tanning-ready. It will make your tan look best and does not let it look patchy.

Same in the case of exfoliating the skin before tanning in the sun. It will make your skin look even and last longer and removes the dry skin.

Also, if you are thinking of exfoliating the skin before tanning then assure that you are using the moisturizer after exfoliating. Use the moisturizer with better SPF to keep your body protected and hydrated.

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#6. Clogged Pores & Pigmentation

If your skin has an issue of the clogged pores, then, exfoliation can be used to get rid of it. Otherwise, you can get blackheads or whiteheads on forehead, nose or chin. Repeat the process of exfoliation twice a week.

The darkest areas on our skin that come with hormonal balance changes, age and pregnancy are the pigmentation. With time, these areas can become more darker and apparent. The exfoliation is best for separating the pigmented cells and allowing them to disappear sooner. The regular targeted facials on the Salons are best to make the skin healthy and mark-free.

#7. General Health and Well Being

While carrying out the exfoliation on the body, you are improving the lymphatic system and blood circulation. It promotes the new skin cells, breaks down the drained toxins, fatty tissues from the skin. After completing the process of exfoliation, experience the beautiful skin that gets in the moisturizer easily.

Over to you!!

To get glowing and healthy skin, exfoliating regularly is important. You can restrict the exfoliation routine to once a week because the process of over-exfoliation can make your skin irritated, damaged and dry. Do take good care of your skin and be gentle always!!

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