Small Changes in Salon lead to Big Result

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Small positive changes adopted by us humans leads to turn us into a good human being. Similar is the case with running a beauty business or any business as well. 

Paying keen attention to small things can bring a massive change to your business. Just because such factors are small doesn’t mean they don’t hold any importance. 

A well said saying goes like this DROP BY DROP FILLS THE SEA. So is the case with the small changes you make, ultimately it leads to bringing a big change in your business. 

Generally, people invest huge bucks in the improvisation of their businesses while ignoring the most key elements.

With the help of just a few Small Changes in Salon, you can Simplify Salon & Spa Operations and workflow. You can save a lot of time, money, energy and enhance the speed and productivity of your business simply by just making some minor changes. And adding a powerful salon system is one among them.  

Well, let’s talk about small changes in Salon to make in your beauty salon that can create a big difference. So let’s get started!

Small Changes in Salon Can Create a Big Difference

#1. Control your inventory

Inventory management is one of the toughest and time-consuming tasks. Counting loads of stock adds more work on salon owners’ shoulders. 

Better delegate this task to an efficient salon system to reduce your workload. These miscellaneous tasks ask for time, thus, employees need to divide the time of their prioritized tasks for these tasks. This shifts their concentration from one task to another and leads to a decline in productivity. 

The solution for the same is to leverage inventory management features infused in your salon system. The software skillfully manages all your inventory and keeps you reminding of your used and left-out stock in advance.

And if you love retailing to add more revenue to your beauty business, an online store is of great help. This helps in offering the same products to your customers without adding to your overhead with inventory costs. 

The process goes on very smoothly, customers can get their favourite products by sitting at their homes only.  

#2. Sure appointment confirmations

Taking your appointment confirmations for granted can take your salon success one step away. No shows and late arrivals are some major causes of the annoyance of the salon team as it ruins the whole schedule of their day. 

Every salon plans its day according to the total number of appointments and other miscellaneous tasks. And in case if customers forget their bookings or arrive late for their treatments, it just disturbs the whole structure of their everyday working plan.

The solution for the same is to use salon software that timely sends confirmation texts to customers upon scheduled appointments. Confirmation texts can be sent by SMS, Email, notifications etc. The software also reminds the customers in advance of their scheduled bookings. And, this help you to stop salon no-shows and late arrivals. 

#3. Make the appointment booking process easy

If till today you use the old traditional pen-paper appointment process, do you have any idea how much time you are wasting?

Handling the appointment process by yourself eats a lot of time of yours which you can save and devote to your fundamental tasks. Also, in today’s modern era, it does not look appealing and professional. 

There is plenty of software out there that can simplify your complex, time taking appointment process. 

The solution for the same is to leverage an appointment scheduling software. The software halves your work because half of your work gets done by your customers. Salon software offers convenience to customers to schedule appointments  24/7 as per their convenience and mood. 

Adding salon software not only offers the privilege to customers but adds benefits to you also by saving your time and energy.

Looking into these small things creates a big difference. 

#4. Minimize your payment processing costs

Your every transaction costs you, you can’t stop its usage but can use it systematically to reduce the upper costs.

Every sale takes some charge to process the payment through your merchant account. Sometimes a per-transaction cost, or sometimes a monthly cost is leveraged on your card payments. 

So be careful, these small amounts can take a huge lump sum out of your profits.

The solution for the same is to use integrated payment gateways in-built in your salon management software to save the respective amount. 

#5. Use your color proportionally 

Color services are the most preferred services among customers as it is an evergreen trend. Customers love to color their hair. This service adds a huge sum to beauty salons.

The point is, employees, waste a lot of colors when it comes to coloring customers’ hair. Stylists often mix more than the required quantity of color and this leads to wastage of colors. 

Professional colors are highly expensive, better use them accurately and proportionally to reduce the wastage of the products and money as well. 

The solution for the same is to use a color management system that directs your team to use the right quantity of color. This helps in reducing the wastage of the color. 

These color management tools provide in-depth analytics of color service profitability, employee performance, and real-time inventory reporting. The system accurately measures color and eliminates its wastage, thus decreases inventory purchases, and huge lump sum.

#6. Keep the salon filled with appointments

The more filled the salon is, the more it can bring name, fame, and money to you. Find all possible ways to fill your salon with maximum appointments. That way you can eliminate or reduce your overheads. 

The solution for the same is to gather data about potential clients from as many sources as you can. Capture leads from your website, social media, etc. 

Create your own digital marketing and lead generation campaign to earn maximum leads. Then market these leads to increase your appointments to fill schedule openings with new clients. 

Use the leading salon software Salonist, helps in keeping salon chairs filled by filtering the potential leads to convert them into customers. 

Ask for referrals, request your loyal customers to refer your beauty business among their contacts as word of mouth marketing works great. In return, offer reward points to them for referring every new customer. 

Offering a reward is another best way to keep your salon chairs filled. Reward your loyal customers for their continuous faith in your services. Finding new clients to increase your clientele is important but making efforts to keep the ones you have is more important than that. As it is said, it’s 10x easier to keep a client than to find a new one. 

So, keep rewarding your clients, this helps in client retention. 


Well, now you are quite aware of how focusing on merely Small Changes in Salon can bring a big change. Every small component of business holds great importance that cannot be taken for granted. 

Look into the above-mentioned aspects of your business and improve them, surely you can see positive Small Changes in Salon. 

Hopefully, we have helped you with this blog. Looking forward to seeing your valuable views in the comment section below. 

Thanks for sharing your time with us! 

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