How to Stop Salon No Shows? – Read These 7 Tips

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Stop Salon's No Shows

No shows, the most terrible thing for salon businesses. Be it a small or big salon, no-shows scare every beauty salon fraternity.

It frustrates salon staff when customers cancel their scheduled appointment at the last minute. They could give that appointment slot to other customers but last-minute cancellations always bring loss to the salon team. 

It not only wastes their time but brings financial loss to the salon as well. In fact, it disturbs the whole schedule of salon employees. You may devote that time to yourself or other clients but last-minute cancellations left you with only losses. 

Have you ever calculated, five salons no shows in a week result in how much yearly loss? Sit and evaluate, you can yourself measure the whole lump sum that you lose annually. It will shock you!

So, missed appointments are the biggest challenge the beauty industry faces every single day. Preciously it strongly affects the annual revenue and profitability earned by a salon. 

So, by finding ways to reduce or eliminate no-shows, you can keep your salon chairs full of clients. Thus, having a massive client base means owning a healthy salon business. 

Now let’s jump to know all the secret tips to reduce salons no shows that can help you in eliminating missed appointments. Let’s move ahead. 

Ways to Eliminate Missed Appointments from Roots

#1. Make use of Appointment Reminders

The most common issue faced by the customers is missing their appointments. In this modern world, the customers find themselves more occupied due to which sometimes they forget their booked appointments. With this modern problem, the modern solution is required and that is to send the appointment reminders to them via SMS or emails. Also, help to keep track your business sale and revenue records.

Suppose, you are deciding on a plan for a day and suddenly get an online booking appointment reminder. The customer will appreciate your service and will feel important for you which helps in gaining the customers’ loyalty. When they will feel that they are taking care, then they will also do the same for you. The reminders can be made via phone text, E-mail, or texts.

#2. Minimal Waiting Time 

The main objective of an online bookings calendar is to offer convenience to customers and to assure them they don’t need to wait long for their turn. The prescribed date and time signifies that the salon team is available to serve customers at the respective time. This eliminates the need to stand in queues and to experience annoying long waiting’s.

Though it may take 5/10 minutes extra on the precious client that does not bother the upcoming customer as it is understandable. Till then you can ask your trainee to prepare that respective client instead of making him wait for his turn. Also, You can accept payment online with different payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, and more with a customizable booking system. 

#3. Record Every Titbit of your Clients

Keeping a record of every fine detail of your customers helps a lot in eliminating no-shows. 

Using a scheduling app or salon scheduler with client management features is of extreme use for knowing your customers deeply. It gives you insights into your customer’s behaviour, preferences, and even negative patterns and experiences.

If the respective customer is habitual of cancelling appointments at the last moment you can keep this in consideration. Note it down in your client management section of the app. This will remind you not to accept bookings from the respective client. In this way, you can reduce no-show rates. 

#4. Simplify Booking Process

All clients expect simple and easy salon software wherein they don’t want to give more time to understand the procedure for booking an appointment. Booking an appointment on phone calls or on the spot appointments can discourage the clients and they can lose interest in getting services from you.

A cloud-based online booking system can reduce the risk of losing clients with the reason “booking”. The client doesn’t feel rushed and can choose a date without really thinking about it. In an online booking software, the data is in sync with the booking calendar and the client can see all the available appointments and can decide what product or service he/she would like to avail of.

#5. Offer Top-Notch Services

Customers die for top-quality services and there is no chance of no-shows if you consistently maintain quality. There are rarest examples in every sector that fulfills customers’ demands. Very few businesses prioritized customers. The same is the scenario in the beauty industry as well.

In beauty salons, customers always look for hygiene and cleanliness, they expect the staff to use the top quality products. After all, it’s about their face, body, hair, etc so they don’t expect any mistakes. 

So never disappoint customers and keep quality the top priority. Your customers will never ever miss the appointments provided they may forget but never miss the schedule on the appointment calendar intentionally.

#6. Build Healthy Terms with your Clients

A strong bond or healthy terms with clients is a must to go in the long run in the beauty market. It is the key to success to standing apart in the beauty industry.

Do ask your customers how they are liking your services. Create an amicable environment to ask whether they need to make any improvements in their services. Honestly, they will surely like it. It makes them feel they and their every paid penny are being valued.

Also, always say thanks to customers for being on time. This will let customers know you have many tasks to complete. They will also understand your tiring schedule. So, on every visit, they will take care of this.

When you show love, concern, and value to customers they will also cooperate.

#7. Appointment Confirmations Works Great

Once your clients make an online appointment, send them a booking confirmation holding the necessary credentials.

When bookings are confirmed from the booking page, there are fewer chances of missed appointments. Additionally, if clients have any change in their plan they can intimate the concerned person in advance. In this way, you can fill that empty slot on time.

This works great in eliminating no-shows or missed appointments.

Wrapping It Up 

Undoubtedly, missed appointments are inevitable but there is nothing to worry about, you can minimize the quantum of it. It strongly affects your annual turnover, growth, and much more. Make every possible effort to eliminate no-shows.

Keep in consideration all the pointers elaborated by us. All these tips to stop salons no shows will surely help you.

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