Tips To Reduce no Shows & Enhance Online Bookings in Salon

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Reduce no Shows

Waiting for your customers to reach your Salon from the last fifteen minutes?

Must be getting frustrated!!

What more frustrating- telling another customer that you cannot book with them!!

The missed appointments are the most challenging thing that every Salon owner is facing these days.

You must have heard this quote- “Time is Money”. And under-utilizing it, will enable you to dig in the loss. Precisely, your Salon profitability and revenue get majorly influenced by last-minute cancellations and missed appointments.

Guaranteeing that your Salon chairs are full is the key to success. Salon success is more defined by fewer no-shows and more online bookings. When you own a business, you try hard to build a strong customer base and to make them repetitive to maintain the health of your Salon business.

What are no-shows?

No-shows are the time that was given to the customer that did not show up at the Salon. And at the same time, did not show the contribution to the Salon bottom-line. What can be done then?

So, what better would be to give that time to the one who urges to add the bit to the Salon’s revenue stream. You must understand that what is more essential to know how no-shows can affect your business? For your Salons’ future, it is important to book 100% of the appointment slot with the paying customers.

Besides, the missed appointment gives rise to a missed business opportunity. It enables resource wastage and limits the Salons to build the customer base.

No-shows always have a negative influence, particularly when you have strategic planning to gain profitable results. You cannot avoid the no-shows to some extent if you are not taking the precautionary measures to enhance online bookings.

Technology has given us a plethora of management software to address these issues. Salon Software not only makes the customer satisfied but also reduces no-shows. Getting one customer after another is not going to make you stand out in the market, but it is a regular process to nurture the customer relationship with your Salon business.

Calculating the no-show rate

Sadly, there is no business that experiences 0% of no-shows. But, you as a Salon owner can have a minimal rate than your competitors. So, for that, you need to understand the issues and the situation. However, for that, you need to have all the data. Check out below you can estimate your Salon no-show rate:

  • The first and foremost thing is to know the average number of daily no-show appointments. It is essential to know the average number of daily no-shows to be more accurate, not one-day data is going to help you out.
  • It is advised to create the no-show reports on a monthly basis. Track the daily no-shows and assemble the monthly reports that display the average number of no-shows every day.

**Track only the genuine no-shows, not your empty slots, these are the appointments that are rescheduled**.

  • The next step here is to discover the average number of appointments that you are scheduling. Similarly, here, as well, you need to have an average number of the month. While creating the Salon monthly reports on the average number of no-shows of every month (per-day basis), assure that you are generating the reports of the average number of bookings per day.

After having these on an average basis (per day and monthly basis), categorize the average number of daily no-shows appointments with the average scheduled appointments. You must follow Tips To Reduce no Shows & Enhance Online Bookings.

Consider an example, if your Salon business has an average of 25 scheduled appointments in a day, with an average of one-show every day.

1 ÷ 25 =0.04

The above calculation shows that your no-show rate is 4%. Most of the Salon experience a no-show rate between 2% and 15%. These figures vary with the location of businesses, such as rural, suburban, or urban, and the business type, such as Salon/beauty, legal or medical.

The main point here is to reduce the no-shows to improve the flow of online bookings. So, here we are, with the best Tips To Reduce no Shows & Enhance Online Bookings that you need to follow to get rid of it. Let’s find out!!

Tips To Reduce no Shows & Enhance Online Bookings

#1. Convenient cancellations

Know your potential customers. Consider whether your focus is on engaging the younger audience, particularly from the millennial generation. Several Millennials cannot fit as the “digital natives”, but, indeed, know if they can make their shift to the digital processes. Calling them and taking on the phone is not enough. A study reveals that 81% believe that they do not have the courage to make the calls.

This type of generation cancels the appointments before and gives you enough time to schedule some other to book with you without any direct human contact. With an online booking scheduling software, you can make swift bookings. Many software is there in the market that you can choose for your Salon.

#2. Prioritize SMS

Several underestimate the power of SMS because of the on-demand apps. Also, the efficient emails can be made to the customers from the appointment booking software, our advice here is to use the SMS as reminders. The automated reminders tend to reduce no-shows with 29%.

The email reminders have less open rates, precisely, in the single digital percentile. The SMS, though, has almost 100% rate to get opened and read. All you need is to open the software and set-up reminders, “forget and set” SMS alerts for every customer. It is examined that the prompt and simple SMS reminders can reduce no-shows with almost 50%.

#3. Email Confirmations & Promotions

After booking the customers with your Salon, assure you to secure their email ids and certainly, their contact numbers. While making the appointments, acknowledge an appealing and gracious email confirmation with an invoice and the contact details they might need.

Here, you can include the promotional deals in the form of discounts and offers to the newsletter, social channels, and the blogs. This opportunity makes the customers satisfied and engaged at the same time.

#4. Do not forget to say “Thank You”

It is always a great gesture to say thank you to those who have arrived on time and booked with you. Thanking the customers for doing the best is an assurance to show up for the scheduled appointments and acknowledging. With this, you are showing that you are valuing the customers and accordingly, making them loyal to your brand.

#5. Reward Customers to keep up the appointments

When some customer no-shows, you can put the small fee on their Salon bill that they have to keep till they do not show up till next. Those customers who keep the booking process tangible and make every appointment intact should be rewarded. You can give them some discount and offer them some great deals on their bills only. Also, you can put the names of the on-time arrivals into the drawing every month for the gift card.

Also, you can reduce the chances of no-shows with the upfront payments in the single invoice. It can totally eliminate no-shows and there is no punishment if they do not show up on time. In addition, you can improve the customer satisfaction rate and offer a discount for the service to save cash.

#6. Schedule customers when they call

The customers, usually, skip the appointments and give rise to no-shows, the further out they have to book that booking. Without double-booking, try to schedule those who are in the urgent need or new customers. It strengthens customers’ trust while cutting down on the risk of no-shows.

#7. Create and distribute the cancellation policy

The cancellation policies are complicated topics. Few of the Salon customers consider it and few do not. For minimizing the no-shows, you can build a solid policy and recover the lost profits. So, if your Salon does not have any cancellation policy then, it is better to build one and distribute it all to the customers and staff.

There is no right or wrong while making the cancellation policy, do whatever you feel is right. Most of the Salons like to claim back 100% of the expense of a missed booking, whereas, another maintains 50% or less. The best thing is to ask for a deposit from the customers that can protect you financially and give your customer an incentive to visit their booking.

#8. Offer unique services

Possibly, the tried and tested method to enhance online bookings and to reduce no-shows is to provide the unique services that your customers cannot find in other Salons. Make them eager to book with you. The competitor examination is also very beneficial here.

Know what services they are offering and find out if you can offer more than that. What about giving them soap bubble nail-art services? So, if you are thinking of taking this approach to the next level, then make sure that you are up to date with the least technological trends. If you are not following the social media accounts or appropriate blogs, then, now, it is a good time to start.

Enrolling in likely professional groups, visiting local conferences and events covering movements and trends within the Salon always works.

#9. Dominate the website game

The next best thing to reduce no-shows and improve online booking, salons need a website. Also, it is better to build the booking page as the first thing on the website. It is tough to create a booking based business that does not include the button link dead center or front, booking form on the landing page.

The main point of your website has to be your booking page with the great UX- it implies fewer clicks probably to the end goal – a refined booking form. For amplifying the booking rates, you need to make appealing and smooth customer experiences. You do not need to bother about the other credentials, like, about us, offerings, customer success stories, contact details, etc. All these should be given subsequent priority as the critical aim is to get those click-through rates to the booking web page.

#10. Invest in Salon staff training

Same as customers, your Salon is nothing without staff members. They are the one who is insisting the customers to secure their bookings with you. The Salon staff has to be best at their own skills and expertise. There has to be an ideal combination of customer care and technical ability.

Those who are not efficient enough to give the best services might turn out your Salon business in some loss and reduce customer loyalty to a great extent. The Salon owner has to earn customer loyalty, to eliminate the chances of no-shows. Simply putting, the customers who are more loyal to your Salon business will not miss the booking with you and are more likely to miss the booking without any notice.

Concluding Remarks

These above-mentioned Tips To Reduce no Shows & Enhance Online Bookings helps you to increase your salon revenue.

There are many ways to enhance Salon’s business. With no-shows, you cannot get it. So, there is a need to follow these Tips To Reduce no Shows & Enhance Online Bookings. The tips or tricks mentioned above are the notable ones that you can employ.

With all these ways, you are not only providing the customer’s different services, regulating policies, improving booking features, more inclusive control on the appointment, but, also, growing your Salon business. It also improves the transparency level of your Salon business.

So, implement these Tips To Reduce no Shows & Enhance Online Bookings now and check what difference it makes to your Salon business. We hope you liked this article if there is something that we have missed then let us know in the comment section below. Queries and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for reading!!