Tips To Convert New Clients Into Regular Salon Clients

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Regular Salon Clients

Running a Salon business is one part of your daily activities. The other, one which cannot be overlooked are the clients.

For the Salon, clients are critical for success. Keeping them and sustaining them for long is a challenging job. What more challenging is-how to attract new and increase the number of regular clients?

Every head of a beauty salon asks questions: How to attract and increase client retention? How to make your business profitable?

Regular clients of a beauty salon are the key to competitiveness. It is the regular clients of the beauty salon that can provide your company with a stable income.

Besides, visitors who are satisfied with your services will tell their friends about your Salon, thereby increasing the flow of clients and reducing advertising costs. Marketing research is not always able to identify the competitive advantages that a particular beauty salon has.

Why are regular clients of a beauty salon so important?

This question is incredibly relevant for every salon. There is, perhaps, no definite answer to it. The management of a beauty salon may think that a regular client is not so important to them, and all efforts should be directed to attracting new visitors.

What if you fail to attract the new ones? You end up losing the profitable results.

The regular clients of the beauty salon form the so-called client base. To organize profitable and long-term work, this issue must be approached with special attention. The most important weapon of a business owner is absolute knowledge of its clients.

The client should be investigated as thoroughly as possible, any changes in the preferences revealed during each subsequent visit should be recorded. This includes the use of certain cosmetics and preference.

A beauty salon must keep personal cards of its clients. It is impossible to force a client to visit a beauty salon without a clear knowledge of the basic needs. Personalized marketing, considered to be a powerful service offering tool, helps the salon manage its client base. Having mastered this tool, you can always give the client exactly what he needs. The beauty salon you offer will make the client come back to you again and again.

Why Regular Beauty Salon Clients Leave: 3 Possible Scenarios

Scenario 1

Suppose a regular client stopped coming to you due to certain life circumstances. Or, the client could just leave to rest or move to another city, they could also be sick for a long time, change jobs or get a second job. It doesn’t matter for which of these reasons the client is no longer interested in the beauty salon offered by you.

One thing is important: the regular buyer is lost. To understand a person’s motivation, it is necessary to know the psychology of personality. It is known that a habit is formed in us in 21 days. People are incredibly addicted to the strength of their habit. Every day, we pay attention to someone or spend time and money on certain responsibilities.

Let’s say a client hasn’t visited your salon for a while. For some reason, beauty ceased to be necessary, and this is a reason to remind about themself. Don’t wait a month, get down to business in advance, before the habit disappears completely. Make an appointment, call, or send the SMS from the Salon Software.

Act in any convenient way. If possible, use all methods at the same time. However, it must be remembered: sincerity is an important weapon in the fight for the client. Be honest. Regular clients of the beauty salon need your attention and care. Ask the client if you can count on them in the future, if they remain constant, why the connection was broken. Find out the reasons for non-visiting. No matter how the conversation develops, let the client understand that they are desirable for you, and you will always be waiting for them.

Scenario 2

There are other scenarios as well. For example, a regular client was dissatisfied with the last communication with your salon. The reason for this can be absolutely any, such as undelivered goods on time, courier rudeness, the arrogance of an employee of the organization, not confirmed order on time. The client breaks off the relationship with you, and you do not even understand why this could happen.

To eliminate such risks and not become a victim of a situation with a constant loss of clients, you need to take everything into your own hands. In order not to lose the visitor completely, you need to call or send an SMS with the following content: “We sincerely want to know the reason why you stopped communicating with us. Tell us why this happened, whether there were negative impressions from our work or you simply do not need our services. Tell us about it and we will try to fix the situation. We are ready to provide you with any assistance.

In the case of an offer of a low-quality product or service that occurred unintentionally, our salon will try to correct the error. Your opinion and our further mutually beneficial cooperation are important to us. If the reason for this is your last visit to the salon, we will do our best to change the situation. ” Some concessions may have to be made to reconnect with a particular customer, such as company-made gifts or discounts.

More than half of customer abandonments can be avoided by taking these measures. If the situation is successfully resolved, the client will definitely share the impressions of the salon with friends and family and recommend your Salon. This way you can get new visitors.

Scenario 3

More than 25% of situations involving loss of customer loyalty is the result of the third scenario. Sometimes, regular clients of a beauty salon lose the need to consume a product or service. This happens in cases when the product is no longer needed, the client’s life circumstances have changed. However, even in this case, you should not refuse regular visitors. Use the situation to get additional positive feedback for the company.

To do this, it is worth making sure that the client does not plan to visit your salon. At the end of the conversation, do not hang up the phone, ask again whether the client was satisfied with the beauty salon you offer, whether the cooperation was fruitful, whether the visitor was satisfied with the service. Explain that you are doing everything you can to keep your salon clients happy.

Ask if the client had a pleasant visit and also ask them to leave positive feedback to help other clients benefit from a quality service. After all, many clients are looking for a beauty salon, and the review will help them quickly navigate. At the end of the conversation, thank the client for talking. All three scenarios relate to a risky situation where regular clients of a beauty salon can be lost.

However, the salon must not only take measures to combat the situation, but also transfer work to a higher and more fruitful level. A beauty salon must establish a lasting contact with its visitors, otherwise the risk of loss is inevitable. Remember, the return process is not only difficult, but impossible. However, by communicating with clients and following scenarios, you can avoid mistakes, which means you can make your business prosper.

How to make the clients regular to your Salon?

#1. Create the reward program

Who does not want to get rewarded with points or gift cards? Everyone!! Hence, it is always worth it to create the reward programs. With its implementation, the clients feel delightful and assure their interest in your Salon. This strategy also has the ability to secure new clients and make them regular to you.

#2. Establish an engaging atmosphere

Even if it is about providing the clients and the guests bottled water or cup of coffee, or putting some goodies or snacks, approaching those miles can assure many profitable results.

Providing clients the prompt message and playing pleasant music while they are in chair are even the best ideas. Establishing an inviting and comfortable atmosphere reveals that you are engaged to convert the client’s experience the best one.

#3. Confer an ear

Explain to your clients that you consider their needs and requirements and what they demand. Several women likes to get their hair down

Many women not only want to make a good hairstyle for their hair, however also want to vent to the stylist.

Almost like therapy, people can relax and talk. Know your clients and show that you are listening to them.

#4. Attract new clients

Is there a more reliable way to assure that the first-time customer returns to different appointments instead of providing a rejected transaction? Provide free services for new clients and their subsequent visit. What about offering the free haircut with the next manicure pedicure appointment?

#5. Host Events

Visiting the salon is mainly a social experience, clients have the opportunity to keep up with nail artists, stylists etc.

An interesting event is held each few months, so that clients can taste new products while tasting wine, make a makeover, and participate in lucky draws and gifts to make the experience more social!

#6. Personalize Email Communication

Email communication is enormous for attracting customers, as even though email has been around for more than 20 years, it is however as prevalent as it was at the beginning.

When a client’s inbox is overwhelmed with emails (similar to your mail!), a message wants to be prominent and personalized to start and understand. Normal bulk emails are expected to have been sent to the trash before even being noticed.

#7. Strive to accommodate

Most of the time, the clients have a last minute spa emergency. Or might be they ought to have an event they were asked to and require their hand looking excellent.

Even Though, you can assure that you could get time for the last minute questions, try to be as comforting as possible. The clients will not forget how you gained time for them even with the busy schedule.

#8. Attract the followers

Attaining the social media profiles are not going to give profitable results until you are not working on it. When you will start managing to attract the followers, then the next thing you need to do is to make them engaged. This can be achieved by publishing the content on a regular basis and reverting directly to comments and questions. It will assure your followers that you care and if in any case, you will ignore anyone, then, you surely can lose them.

#9. Share user-oriented content

You must be aware of the fact that how is it essential to publish the content on a regular basis. The next thing which is more important is which content you are posting. It has to be interesting and relevant.

Provide promotions via social media or email. Make the newsletter or blogs where the clients can discover about the recent industry trends or tips.

#10. Provide the best services

As the Salon owner, you must want to stay ahead in the competitive market. Everyone knows that there is more competition in the beauty and hair industry. Hence, assure that you and your staff know about the new trends and tips.

On the other hand, it is also critical that your Salon shelves are full with the quality and high-demand products. If you are successful in implementing the same, then, no one can stop you to be clients number one choice to get the services and to buy the products.

Concluding Remarks

Now, you are aware of the tips on how to make new clients potential and regular ones. No-one can stop you to improve the client volume until and unless you are implementing them.

Some of the tips are quite simple while others demand more creativity and time. But, we assure you that they are worth spending time and effort.

We hope that this piece of knowledge is helpful to you. If you have some queries or suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!