21 Reasons You Need to Switch From Fresha to Salonist

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Switch From Fresha to Salonist

When running a salon business, there are several factors that you need to consider, from staff management to smooth appointment management. To stay ahead in this competitive industry,  businesses are turning toward salon management software to provide satisfactory services and improve business efficiency. However, choosing the right one is crucial, as it determines how smoothly your business operates and provides customer service.

Fresha is one of the most famous salon software programs that has gained popularity and reputation in the industry. With my experience over the years in the beauty industry, there are multiple Fresha alternatives on the market. Salonist is one of those affordable and feature-rich programs that can be regarded as the best salon management software. It stands as the premier software that provides the most advanced and powerful features for perfect salon management. If you are currently using Fresha and thinking of a change, Salonist is the best alternative to Fresha.

In this blog, I’ll show you 20 reasons why you need to switch from Fresha to Salonist. Let’s start!

21 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Salonist From Fresha

Salonist is the most innovative and convenient software available on the market to streamline every administrative task at your salon. Here are 20 reasons why you should shift from Fresha to Salonist.

#1. Online Appointment Booking

Salonist outshines Fresha in the online appointment booking process. Fresha allows its users to book appointments online easily from anywhere, but Salonist offers more advanced tools and customized booking pages. It provides clients with the convenience of choosing the slot according to their preferred day and time, which improves the customer experience.

#2. Scheduling and Management

Salonist is an efficient tool for managing and scheduling your appointments properly. With Salonist, your staff gets the advantage of viewing the scheduling calendar with complete details. These details can be used to schedule and manage the booking slots according to your staff availability and client requirements. This reduces the chances of double and overlapping appointments at your salon.

#3. Reporting and Analysis

Salonist is the better choice over Fresha in reporting and analysis. That’s because of its advanced capabilities and tools to generate reports and insights about your salon operations. Fresha’s analytics feature covers only the basic metrics such as booking appointments, cancellations, and revenue generation. However, Salonist covers basic and advanced metrics, including conversion rates, staff productivity, and client lifetime value. This helps in making data-driven decisions and makes Salonist the best alternative to Fresha.

#4. User-Interface

Fresha provides a user-friendly interface that can be used easily by the client. However, Salonist not only provides a user-friendly interface but also provides an easy-to-navigate system that can be easily scrolled. Moreover, it provides an appealing dashboard that displays key metrics of your salon. This includes upcoming appointments, staff attendance, inventory status, etc.

#5. Customization option

Both Salonist and Fresha offer good customization options, but Salonist takes the lead here too. It provides an advanced level of customization tools and features. The owner can tailor the software according to their business requirements and needs. Salonist offers an extensive range of customization options, including customized booking pages and personalized client profiles. The software is designed to meet the needs of every business, from small businesses to large-scale enterprises.

#6. Marketing and Promotions

It doesn’t matter much how good your services are unless you are not investing in software that provides advanced and professional marketing services. That’s where the Salonist comes out to be Fresha’s alternative. It comprises a powerful and advanced level of marketing tools and strategies. Additionally, you can integrate your social media accounts for regular promotions and posts. This helps build an online presence and a more positive reputation on the market. The software utilizes the stored customer data and sends personalized promotional messages to clients for business promotions and marketing.

#7. Inventory Management

Fresha tracks inventory stock and automates the deduction whenever any product is used. However, Salonist not only monitors your stock but also automates your reordering process. The software categorizes your inventory into categories in a proper manner. Additionally, It generates detailed reporting and insights into your inventory to make data-driven decisions.

#8. Integration Capabilities

When talking about integration capabilities, both software can easily integrate payment gateways for smooth and easy payment process. Still, Salonist is a superior choice to Fresha as it can be easily integrated with marketing tools and CRM (customer relationship management). This empowers businesses to elevate their promotional strategies and customer service.

#9. Updates and Innovations

While Fresha is more popular, Salonist emerges as the best alternative to Fresha due to its consistent commitment to continuous updates. It caters to innovating its features and services according to the latest market trends and customers’ demands. This provides your business with a competitive advantage for long-term success.

#10. Affordable

Both programs are budget-friendly and affordable. However, Salonist comes with different subscription plans that cater to different brands, from small-scale to large enterprises. The plans are simple, honest, and transparent, enabling you to understand the cost associated with the software.

#11. Mobile Accessibility

Fresha and Salonist both have software that can be easily operated on mobile phones. However, Salonist offers comprehensive mobile functionalities. The software allows you to efficiently manage your salon operations, including online bookings and inventory tracking. Moreover, it provides real-time appointment updates to ensure that staff remain informed and can make appropriate changes.

#12. Loyalty Programs

One of the reasons why you need to switch from Fresha to Salonist is the loyalty program it offers. The software tracks the number of appointments a client has with your business. Later, it provides loyalty points to the clients. You can offer them discounts, special offers, and free services. This helps in increasing customer retention while also attracting more customers.

#13. Customer Support

Fresha and Salonist are both available to assist with their customers’ issues, but the customer support team at Salonist is available 24/7. It offers all modes of communication, including text messages, live chats, and emails. Salonist is known for its prompt and quick responses to customer queries and issues, making it an ideal Fresha’s alternative.

#14, Security Measures

Fresha and Salonist both implement strong authentication methods to save their customers’ data. Salonist is superior to Fresha as it offers authentication tools and strict password standards to secure your account from any security breach attacks. It follows autonomous verification from third-party security experts. Moreover, Salonist prioritizes data security through the implementation of powerful data encryption methods such as SSL (secure socket layer) and TLS (transport layer security) for data in transit and AES for data at rest. It secures the communication channels, ensuring that sensitive data related to clients remains confidential and safe.

#15. Client Retention Strategies

Salonist outshines Fresha in customer retention strategies as it offers customer loyalty programs to provide tailored rewards to regular customers. Salonist is committed to providing a remarkable first impression and tailored customer service at your salon. It allows clients to easily access the services to schedule appointments right from the chair, enhancing the client retention rate for your salon.

#16. Multiple-Location Support

To manage your salon’s multiple branches, the best alternative to Fresha is Salonist. That’s because it makes it easy to synchronize your products at one location and sell them in bulk. You can easily track the services, customer membership, and data across all locations to ensure a fair and equal experience for the customers.

#17. Training and Resources

Professional and trained staff are necessary to provide satisfied and top-notch services. Therefore, Salonist offers specialized and high-quality training programs and sessions, proving it better than Fresha. The training sessions are customized to each employee’s duties and skills. This is to enhance their capabilities in their specific roles to improve your service quality.

#18. Accessibility of Data

Salonist provides you with one more reason to switch from Fresha to Salonist. Its intuitive interface and smooth navigation system enable each staff member to quickly access client information to provide tailored solutions. This not only smooths daily operations but also helps in tracking trends and improvement areas to plan various effective strategies and marketing campaigns.

#19. Smooth Data Migration and Minimal Downtime

If we talk about data migration and downtime management, Salonist enables smooth data migration with minimum serving disruptions. With its smooth transitions and easy data migration, there is minimal downtime, providing an uninterrupted and superior experience for salons.

#20. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Fresha offers cross-platform compatibility for accessing its features from different devices, but the integration process may be time-consuming. Salonist comes out as Fresha’s alternative as it offers an interrupted experience, allowing users to easily access its features from multiple devices. It offers you the flexibility to manage your salon’s operations from any device.

#21. Staff Performance Tracking

Salonists emerge as superior choices when it comes to staff performance tracking. Its advanced tools track the attendance and performance of your employees. The software also provides you with detailed insights into analyzing their customer feedback, shifts, and targets completed. On the other hand, Fresha also offers basic staff performance records, but the insights offered are not as accurate and deep as those offered by Salonist.


Hence, the decision to switch from Fresha to Salonist is correct and beneficial for your salon business. That’s because it is not just about shifting from one platform to another but incorporating dynamic and agile software. These top 20 reasons are why Salonist is much better than Fresha for your business growth. It focuses on every factor that helps strengthen your existing clients and attract new ones with its robust and powerful features. Make Salonist, the reason for your business growth and development by experiencing a new standard of excellence.