7 Ultimate Ways to Reshape Beauty Business with Management Software

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Reshape your beauty business

Running the salon business profitably and effectively is an important task. 

Always remember there is always room for improvement.  Definitely, there are many methods to promote your Salon business. However, assuring strengthening the customer base, automating tasks, and cutting costs. 

Business Management Software is the right approach to be implemented in the business. The primary reason is that it satisfies the different business needs. It assists businesses and companies to fulfill their corporate goals. Improving supply chains, tracking sales, customer interaction and resource management are some of those.  

The Cloud-based management software revenue has surpassed the database management software and has the leading solution in the competitive market. Indeed, its growth is not slowing down anytime soon. Although, it is analyzed that it will reach $80 billion by 2025 in terms of revenue. 

Stats CRM

Source: superoffice.com

It can be seen that the Customer Relationship Management System drives the technological investment holding 44% of planning to increase the IT budgets in 2021 till 38% in 2020. It is not only to keep up with the competitors, however but also to increase sales and brand loyalty. Comparative to its usage in 2008 (12%), the usage of this SaaS-based solution has grown to 87%. 


From these statistics, it is evident that adding the management system to the business is assured, a worthy investment in your Salon. To convince you more, here, in this article we are highlighting the tactics on how it is helpful for you!

How is Business Management Software beneficial for your Salon business?

#1. Make your customers happy

Being in the Salon business, it is vital to look after customer satisfaction and customer retention rates.  Obviously, it is more advantageous and easy to retain the existing customer than to get new-customers.  Here’s how you can do that!

  • Build a Loyalty Programs

Every business does this, why cannot you?  Allow the existing customers to earn rewards to bring in family, friends, or others and make the customer journey rememberable. Additionally,  you can provide them free products, discounts on services, assistance- anything for customer acquisition at the Salon door to improve relationships with customers. In a similar manner, you can provide discounts to new clients to reduce their fear of being unknown to improve customer loyalty

  • Approach different customers like children and men

Provide economical prices on the normal haircuts that all visit the barber for. Use some part of your Salon only for children- not it will support the stressed parents to have some time to relax while they are having their hair cut done.  The only thing to take into consideration is that the area meant for children has to be nearby (ear-shot or within sight) of your clients.

#2. Shape your Customer Experience

Every customer comes to your Salon to make themselves feel good. That is- how they are looking; the hair color, its style, and the cut. Not to forget, it is also important to convert them as loyal customers. Feel comfortable and welcome in the environment, being pampered and some level of human contact is also essential for your customers. To make it happen, customer service and customer-support need to be the best. 

Begin with customer experience. That is to say, your Salon looks- the vibe, and ambiance when they visit the Salon and experience the services for more customer engagement. Most of all this is related to cleanliness, scent, music, lighting, decor, etc. Give these aspects a priority. In most cases, consider approaching a Salon business professional and an interior designer to give a good feeling to your space. 

The next thing that you can do is to assure that they are aware and have adequate training regarding customer experience. All this can begin with how they are presenting themselves and how they are dealing with the customers when walking in. 

Consider yourself as a client and think about their experience, it is better if only the customer-centric approach will be followed. Are you greeting the customers when they are visiting your Salon? Do they hold a quick check-in? Are they in their comfort zone when waiting to get served? 

In the treatment room or chair, the customer needs to be valued. However, in the checkout and next services or so, carry on the same level of service, considering their happiness as an ultimate goal.

#3. Leverage Cross Channel Marketing

There are several techniques to bring in new customers. It all begins with the beauty service promotion and salon marketing campaigns for customer success. You can do all- from offering discounts to new ones to promotions in the local media outlets to giving rewards to those customers who are referring to family or friends. Keep on reading to know how to bring customers to your Salon: 

  • Maintain regularity with Social Media

Spend some time promoting Salon on salon media platforms, post twice a week at least. The finished looks, snapshots of events, and Salon interactions can be added. Everyone likes to have a beautiful makeover. 

  • Social Ads, Social Posts promotion

Promote unique yet quality posts for more exposure. Also, you can place a targeted Instagram or Facebook ad for a particular area. Assure to use filters for targeting the demographic correctly. 

  • Use text marketing, and email for salon customers

Check out the automated and mass text message marketing and email marketing option to make the Salon client interested. The efficient ways to communicate are; formulating occasional newsletters, promos, campaigns, etc.

  • Use the proactive method to review

Mostly prefers to know about the business before booking an appointment. There is no other way than to look after the reviews from the existing customers. Actively explore customer feedback on all important platforms and encourage your existing customers to join the platform by link sharing. 

  • Ask your existing customers regarding Referrals

Allow your current customers to give your Salon recommendation to their family or friends. But, assure that they are having a link to the website and are following you on social media. In addition, you can also provide them with a small stack of your Salon business card. Never estimate the power of word-of-mouth advertising. Yes, it is a slow process, but it will be advantageous in the near future. Regardless of what techniques you are using for Salon marketing, the main aspect for Salon success is remaining persistent and consistent. 

#4. Provide new services 

The customers like diversity and need to be stimulated with the unique discounts. For accommodating, have a deep glance at the new Salon offerings. Find out the methods to make what you have great, however, check the new product or service. 

Changes in the current salon services mean improving the color or finding the requirement of texture treatments. Also, it translates into having more professionals for offering hair extension services, chemical straightening services, or knowing when to discontinue the service. 

The best method to have stock of what the Salon provides is a survey using the customer data. Know from your customer what they are liking much regarding the Salon. Additionally, reach out to customers to improve your services or to know which services they most liked. You can ask the below questions:

  • Which salon services do you think are most helpful?
  • Which type of services do you want us to offer?
  • What are your reviews about the salon services given by us?
  • How can the services be improved?
  • Do you feel comfortable here? Can we do anything if you are not feeling so?
  • Share your views about the tools and products we have?
  • Would you give our referral to your friend?

#5. Keep a check on the Salon expenses

It is advisable to look after your Salon investments for effective Roi. Do not forget that every single penny saved is nothing but a contribution to your bottom line and boosting your Salon lifetime value. Read on to know you can check the Salon expenses:

  • Inventory Management

Do not overstock the Salon inventory. Many business management software is providing the functionality of Salon products in the inventory. You need the option to fix thresholds to re-order extra products, therefore, you can provide priority to the high selling products and fix a lower bar for fewer selling products.

  • Do not over-staff

Reduce the number of employees to only the required. Hire only that much that is needed in the busy season or for business growth. Although, you do not cut back as it might influence the customer service. Do not make the processes easy for better use of the employees you hold. 

  • Consider downtime for your leverage

Use the Salon team by capitalizing the downtime to the best. Specify small daily operations for all to complete among the customers. The Salon operations like stocking restroom supplies, smock, and towel folding, trash removal, dusting, etc. can be achieved simply when all pitches in. 

  • Less Office Chores

Allow Salon management software to reduce the need for several receptionists. As many clients prefer to book online for their appointments, assure that you have a suitable solution that is simple to manage and use. Also, the software makes balancing worksheets and ordering products a simple task, in less time. 

#6. Set the Salon product pricing

If you are a Salon owner or a salon suite or a booth renter, it is important to fix the service pricing.  However, it is a challenging task.  It is difficult to ignore the emotional side of what you are doing, instead offer the services to customers to look and feel their best. 

Though, for salon business success, it is imperative to consider your business as a different entity that must get nurtured on time. Here the Salon management software came as a rescue. 

Know what your competitors are charging for service as per your Salon expertise.  Additionally, consider the Salon overhead by adapting 20% as the base profitability. Always remember that a Salon requires not only to produce income but just to run successfully to survive.  If your charges for products or services are less, then, essentially, you are giving away the services. 

#7. Invest in the Salon Staff

The last but not the least way to improve your beauty Business profitable outcome is via Education. Of course, it is an expenditure to you and your Salon team as well. Keep an eye on the latest Salon processes, techniques, trends and remain consistent. Also, you can check out the advanced knowledge or training for the service providers. 

For the management and reception team, consider workshops and business classes.  Always remember your assistants.  Make a mentoring program to assist them in learning the customer service nuances while improving their skills. 

Despite making training or education a priority in the Salon, it is better to remain relevant.  It is an important investment in your Salon team and business.  Of course, if you have learned, then, you have grown as well. 

Concluding Remarks

If you want your Salon to achieve the desired heights, you must create better aspects (marketing, product offerings, customer service) to capture the market share. Find out the things that are not working out (outdated products, broken/improper equipment, outdated scheduling template, etc.) and eliminate or fix them. And, yes, the management software is here to help you out! Check out the blog to know how the solution helps you for Salon Business to boost success rate. 

Do share your thoughts regarding this article. If there is any query, comment below. Thanks for reading!